What To Do for Fire Safety

What to Do in the Event of A Fire

  Have a family escape plan and practice it with your family.
  Don’t panic; stay calm. Your safe escape may depend on thinking clearly.
  Notify every member in the residence of the fire.
  Get out of the house as quickly as possible. Do not stop to collect anything or to get dressed.
  Feel the doors to see if they are hot. If they’re hot, do not open them – use an alternative escape route.
  Stay close to the floor. Smoke and hot gases rise.
  Cover your nose and mouth with a cloth (wet if possible). Take short, shallow breaths.
  Keep doors and windows closed. Open them only if you have to in order to escape.
  Meet at your planned meeting place after leaving the house. Carry out a head count.
  Call fire police as soon as possible from outside your house.
  Never go back inside, until a member of the fire service has told you it is safe to do so.
  Contact your local fire service to get more ideas on making your home safer from fires.