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Where should I install my CO detector?
Where should I install my CO detector?

Ideally, a carbon monoxide alarm should be installed in every room containing a fuel-burning appliance,and one in everybedroom. 

 However, if the number of carbon monoxide alarms available is limited, the following guidelines should be considered whenchoosing the best places to install an alarm(s): 

1.If there is an appliance in a bedroom,a CO monitor should be installed. 

 2.Install an alarm in rooms containing a flueless or open-flued appliance. 

 3.Install an alarm where residents spend most of their time. 

 4. In a studio apartment, a CO alarm should be placed as far away from the cooking appliances as possible, but close to wherethe person sleeps.

 5.If the appliance is in a room not normally used (such as a boiler room), the CO alarm should be placed just outside of thisroom so that the alarm can be heard more easily.

 For more information, please refer to the user manual.

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