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Black Smoke Detector

Tue, Aug 16, 2022

Can a smoke detector be black?

Most smoke alarms come with a warning printed directly on them that says “do not paint.” Paint can restrict airflow and cause the alarm to have difficulty detecting a fire.

We advise not to paint the detectors for two reasons, the main reason is as you guys have already pointed out - the detector just won't work if the internal smoke chamber grill is coated with paint. Secondly the ABS plastic of the cover can be weakened by certain paints.

Can you paint smoke detector covers?

To paint the smoke detector covers, buy a small trim roller. Once the primer has completely dried on your covers, you are ready to paint them. Dip the trim roller in the paint pan, then apply it to the covers. Apply more pressure in areas of depression, sides & slits to make sure the paint gets in all the cracks.

Can paint make a smoke detector go off?

Strong Chemical Fumes - Cleaning agents and paint fumes, especially oil-based paints, can set off a smoke detector. Just like with smoke and steam, you'll need to air out the area and reset the device.

Do they make colored smoke detectors?

Aside from the eyebrow-raising Swarovski models, Pyrexx sells smoke detectors in just about every color combination imaginable, along with more rustic-looking woodgrain models. You can even go with smoke detectors designed to camouflage themselves into a high-concept ceiling design, if you so choose.

X-Sense SD19-W Wireless Interconnected Smoke Detector

X-Sense SD19-W Wireless Interconnected Smoke Detector

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