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First Alert Carbon Monoxide Detector

By HopeCharlotte |

We all know about fire and smoke but carbon monoxide gas that is produced by the combustion of coal, wood, charcoal, kerosene, etc is a deadly gas that can't be detected by just senses. Therefore, it is important to install carbon monoxide detectors in your home. First Alert carbon monoxide detector is one of the best CO alarms. On this page, you will know about the Firat Alert carbon monoxide detector, how to set it up, and what its alternative is. 

First Alert Carbon Monoxide Detectors and CO Alarms

To detect CO, you must have carbon monoxide detectors in your home. According to the National Fire Protection Association, you should install CO alarms in every bedroom, on every level, and sleeping areas so that you can stay protected. The First Alert carbon monoxide detectors and alarms feature electrochemical sensors to detect CO.

The First Alert manufactures a variety of CO detectors in terms of power supply. 

1. Plug-in-Operated:

The First Alert offers plug-in CO detectors that are, as the name implies, plugged into the household outlets. Most plug-in detectors also consist of a backup battery to provide protection when there is no power supply. Also, they are easy to use with a single test button. 

2. Battery-Operated:

The battery-operated carbon monoxide detectors and alarms are easy to install and use. Moreover, they provide protection 24/7 without the need for any power supply. You can mount them on the wall or ceiling. Make sure you check and replace the battery every 6 months and test the CO alarm every month.

3. 10-Year Sealed Battery:

If you don’t like the idea of replacing batteries every six months, you can buy a sealed lithium battery detector that offers a battery life of 10 years. Thus, you get hassle-free protection for 10 years.

How to Activate the First Alert Carbon Monoxide Detector

Before installing the First Alert Carbon Monoxide Detector, get the pair of labels, self-adhesive, that come with the First Alert CO alarm. Write the phone number of a qualified technician and the emergency responder on both labels. Place one of the labels near the CO alarm and the other one outside in the fresh air where you plan to get in the emergency when the alarm sounds.

Make sure you activate the CO alarm before mounting it. Activate the battery by toggling the switch to ON position. You can use a small tool to activate the switch. Once you have activated it, it will not turn off. All segments including Horn chirps are on, during activation. 

The next step is to test the First Alert Carbon Monoxide detector by following the "Weekly Testing".

If you want to deactivate the First Alert Carbon Monoxide alarm, you need to insert the tool below the edge, then after breaking the tab toggle the switch to the Deactivation Mode. As the battery of this CO alarm is non-replaceable and is sealed, you need to install a new alarm after 10 years. 

But you must keep this in mind that if you deactivate the alarm, it won't be activated again and it can't detect CO levels. 

You can place the First Alert Carbon Monoxide alarm on a tabletop or you can mount it on a wall. The choice is yours. 

Why First Alert Carbon Monoxide Alarm is Beeping?

The First Alert Carbon Monoxide alarm beeps differently to convey different messages. Therefore, you must know the beep pattern for a specific reason. 

  • If your CO alarm beeps four times following a pause, this indicates that the air is polluted with CO and you must immediately go into the fresh air and call 9-1-1 for help. 
  • If the First Alert CO detector is beeping once every minute, this suggests that the battery is low and you must replace it. 
  • If the CO alarm beeps 5 times every minute, you must replace the alarm as it's life is coming to an end. 

The Alternative to First Alert Carbon Monoxide Detector

The X-Sense is one of the best Carbon Monoxide detectors that work best at protecting you from the damage of CO. The X-Sense provides reliable, accurate, and up to date CO alarms with the latest technology.

The X-Sense CO alarm features an LCD digital display to indicate battery and CO levels. The X-Sense CO detector features the Figaro electrochemical carbon monoxide sensor that detects CO level in the air accurately. 

It is a battery-operated CO alarm that you can easily install on the ceiling and wall. It comes with a replaceable battery that needs to be replaced after 10 years. 



First Alert CO alarm is one of the best carbon monoxide alarms that protect you from the deadly effects of carbon monoxide. The First Alert manufactures CO alarms that are powered by different sources such as battery-operated, plug-in, and 10-year sealed lithium battery. 

If you are looking for the alternative of First Alert CO alarm, X-Sense CO detector is the best option to consider. 

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