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Handheld Carbon Monoxide Detector

Mon, Aug 15, 2022

What is Handheld Carbon Monoxide Detector?

A gas detector is a device that detects the presence of CO gas in an area, usually as part of a security system. The professional detector can continuously and accurately monitor the CO gas concentration in the surrounding environment. This type of equipment is used to detect gas leaks and is connected to a control system so the process can be shut down automatically.

When the CO gas concentration reaches the alarm level, an audible alarm will sound. The alarm value concentration can be set freely. Automatic shutdown in 10 minutes without any operation. With a wide measurement range, ambient temperature can be measured in 2 temperature units (°C and °F).

This CO detector has a large LED backlit screen, users can easily deal with harsh environments such as darkness, and it is easy to read, making users not limited by time and place. Using ABS engineering plastics, high toughness, stable wear resistance, low power consumption, high precision.

The CO gas meter is small in size, light in weight, professionally designed, comfortable in the palm of your hand, easy to carry and operate.

Gas detectors can be used to detect flammable, flammable and toxic gases, as well as oxygen depletion, etc. This type of equipment is widely used in industry and can be found in places such as oil rigs to monitor manufacturing processes and emerging technologies such as photovoltaics. They can also be used for firefighting.

Handheld Carbon Monoxide Detector Recommended

X-Sense XC01-WR Wireless Carbon Monoxide Detector

X-Sense XC01-WR Wireless Carbon Monoxide Detector

  1. Digital LCD clearly displays real-time CO concentration levels and battery power.
  2. 10-year sensor life with replaceable batteries provides uninterrupted 24/7 protection.
  3. Detects CO threats accurately with the advanced Figaro electrochemical CO sensor.
  4. Easy to install onto any wall or ceiling without hardwiring.
  5. Meets safety standards UL 2034 (US) and EN 50291 (EU).
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