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How to Remove a Hard-Wired Smoke Detector

By ChenDenny |

The importance of installing a smoke detector in the house is evident and well-known. Depending on the source of power, smoke detectors are divided into two categories which battery-operated and hard-wired. The battery powered smoke alarms with 10-year sealed batter-operared detector. Sometimes the hard-wired smoke detectors, because of some changes in ideal operating factors, goes bizarre and make irresistible noise. So it is important to know how to remove smoke detectors. Here we will discuss how to disconnect a hard-wired smoke detector by unplugging when it starts beeping continuously.

Can You Unplug a Hard-Wired Smoke Detector?

Before knowing the removal process of the smoke detector, let us know under what conditions it needs to be removed from its power supply. A smoke detector generally works fine under optimized surrounding conditions and beeps alarm when actually it needs to. During some unideal conditions, it starts beeping without any smoke and gives a false alarm. This inconvenience may cause due to the presence of dust which needs to be cleaned, dyeing battery which is needed to be replaced in case of battery operated smoke detectors and sometimes due to some malfunctioning or outdated detector. The most important point to consider before removing any smoke detector to ensure whether the alarm is genuine or false.

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How to Remove Your Smoke Alarm

Before removing we have to ensure the power source from which the detector draws its power and it should be cross-checked thoroughly. If it is battery operated then there is a no cause to worry and just by removing the batteries the detector can be disable the smoke alarm. And in case, if it is a hard-wired detector, it is recommended to keep the manufacturer details and an installation manual handy before proceeding for the removal.

How to Remove a Hard-Wired Smoke Detector

Step 1. After having possession of the manual, you may need some instruments and tools like a multimeter and a screwdriver to operate.

Step 2. As the detectors are installed on the roof, the next step is to arrange for a base which will provide a platform for you to stand and work on the detector. For example, you can stand on the top of a firm table or it is even better if you can arrange for a ladder.

Step 3. The detector now required to be removed from its mounting arrangements generally a bracket. Now you have to reach out to the detector by using whichever facility you have arranged and try to rotate it, in the direction in which it will loosen. Generally, it opens up when rotated in the anticlockwise direction.

Step 4. After removing slowly bring the detector out and check whether any wire is attached to it or not. If no wire is found to be attached then it is a battery-operated detector and can be turned off just by removing the battery.

Step 5. If you found any wire attached to the detector, that means it is a hard-wired one and utmost precaution must be taken for removing it. To start with, you need to first get down from the platform on which you are standing to operate on the detector. Straightaway go and turn-off the main power switch which will disconnect the power supply to the detector.

Step 6. After ensuring power blockage to the detector climb on the platform, and check for the type of connection between the wire and the detector. The connection will either be a screwed nut-based wired connection or a plug or socket arrangement.

Step 7. If the wire is attached with the help of a nut then unscrew it with the help of a screwdriver remove the wire and fix the nuts to its desired place to avoid misplacing it.

Step 8. If it is plug and socket type connection just press the screwdriver against it and the inserted tab will come out of the socket automatically.

When you need to Replace the Smoke Detector

A smoke detector is desired to perform its basic function all the time. But when it gets old, it becomes less efficient. Generally, smoke detectors start behaving weird after nearly 10 years of working, so needs to be replaced. If a smoke detector works fine even after completing 10 years of working, then also it needs to be replaced just to be on the safer side. The check test buttons provided on the detector may be only ensuring the components are in good condition but not the detector. To know more about the smoke detector you are currently using it is always advisable to call a technician.

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