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Ring Smart Smoke Detector

By HopeCharlotte |

Smokes detectors are very helpful and life-saving in terms of warning you from fire. The detectors allow you to take necessary actions in such circumstances. But sometimes you are not at home and you may want your detector to notify you about any fire incident. Ring smoke detector serves this purpose by notifying you on your tablet or smartphone. On this page, you will get to know about the Ring smoke detector in detail, including its features, pros and cons, home automation, and security plan offerings as well. Therefore, keep reading.

Overview of Ring Alarm Smoke and CO

If you have heard the name for the first time, the Ring Alarm smoke and CO listener is a product that sends notification of smoke and CO on your smartphone or tablet, when it is placed within 60 feet of your smoke and CO detector

You may be wondering why not buy a smart smoke and CO detector instead of adding this to the system. This is helpful if you already have a smoke and CO detector but it doesn’t send notifications on your phone. Simply put, you don’t have to install a new detector to get notifications about smoke and CO levels in your home; you can retrofit your existing smoke and CO detector with a ring smoke detector.


  • Battery life:
  • The battery of the Ring alarm smoke and CO listener will last nearly three years according to the Ring company that manufactures it. However, according to some reviews, it may not last three years.

  • Smart sensor:
  • The smart sensor will do what the Ring smoke detector is known for, identifying the T3 & T4 standard patterns of alarm and alert you that there is smoke or CO in your home, even when you are far away.

  • Professional monitoring:
  • If you want that when your Ring smoke detector goes off you will get professional assistance, this is possible now with ring smoke detector by choosing Ring professional monitoring. 

  • Smart app:
  • The ring’s smart app is an amazing feature that you can get. This app allow you to control everything in your house from your mobile. Moreover, you can connect Ring Alarm Smoke & CO Listener to the app.


  • Good for people with hearing issues:
  • The Ring Alarm Smoke & CO Listener is perfect for those having traditional smoke alarms, and who are hard of hearing. The people with hearing issues can’t pick up sound emitted by traditional smoke and CO alarms. Thus, the Ring Alarm Smoke & CO Listener can be a lifesaver as it sends notifications on the phone which such people can easily understand.

  • Low cost:
  • At $34.99, this is a low-cost option for you to get a smart smoke detector by connecting it with your traditional smoke and CO alarm. If you can’t buy a smart alarm, this is best for you.

  • Simple installation:
  • To use Ring Alarm Smoke & CO Listener, you must have the Ring security system. Setting up the Ring Alarm Smoke & CO Listener is very easy and it quickly connects with the security equipment of Ring. Thus, you don’t have to call any professional for this purpose and you can easily do it yourself.


  • Battery life:
  • According to the Ring Company, the battery life of the Ring Alarm Smoke & CO Listener is three years, but some customers are not agreed to it as some reviews say they have to replace it before this timeframe. 

  • False Alarms:
  • The drawback of the Ring Alarm Smoke & CO Listener is that it can’t differentiate test alarms form the actual ones. Therefore, if your smoke detector self-checks itself or chirps if it senses steam or is out of batteries, you will get false alarms.

  • Works with Ring Alarm security system:
  • The Ring Alarm Smoke & CO Listener works only when it is connected with a Ring Alarm security system. Thus, if you don’t consider purchasing an entire security system, this might not be for you.

    Ring Home Automation and Security Plan Offerings

    To use Ring Alarm Smoke & CO Listener, you need to have a Ring alarm security system. The Ring provides much equipment in home automation such as lights with cameras, smart locks, etc. you will notifications on your phone if your Ring Alarm Smoke & CO Listener is turned on. Moreover, as mentioned above, if you have elected professional monitoring from the Ring Protect Plus Plan, professionals will visit your house to make things right.

    For professional monitoring, Ring Alarm offers two options:

  1. Ring Protect Basic:

This plan costs $3 per month or annually it costs $30. This plan offers you the advantage of saving video, capturing a screenshot, and checking video history of the last 60 days. If your security system includes a camera, it would be a good option for you to have this plan for good video storage.

  1. Ring Protect Plus:

This plan costs $10 per month or annually it costs $100. It includes all the features that basic plan includes and on top of that, it offers to monitor all the devices of Ring Alarm, including Ring Alarm Smoke & CO Listener.

Smoke & CO Listener vs. Smart Smoke Detector

If you want to have a smoke detector that can connect with other Ring products, First Alert Z-Wave Smoke/Co Alarm would be a good option for you because the Smoke & CO Listener is just an alternative to installing a new smart carbon monoxide and smoke detector.

Similarly, if you don’t own a house and just moved into a house of rent and you don’t  have option to install a new detector, or you want the notifications on your phone because you are hard of hearing, then you should opt for Smoke & CO Listener. Otherwise, you can buy a new smart smoke detector at just $5. 

If you want a smart smoke detector that can notify you on your smartphone, you should go for First Alert Z-Wave Smoke/CO Alarm. But if you already have a smoke detector and you want a smart one, you can connect Ring Smoke & CO Listener to your detector. But for this, you must have a Ring security system as well. 

Ring offers Ring Protect Basic and Ring Protect Plus Plan for you which offers $3 per month or $30 annually, and $10 per month or annually $100 respectively. You get many features with these plans such as capturing a screenshot, video saving, or video history come under the Basic plan and professional monitoring comes under the Plus plan. The Ring smoke detectors as well as the Ring Smoke & CO Listener both are a good equipment for your security systems. Choose the one that suits you.