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Ring Smoke Detector Review and Buying Advice

By ClayboxXsense |

Ring smoke detector is a smoke detector that alerts you about the smoke alarm on your mobiles or tablets.  Sometimes, you are not able to listen to the smoke alarms due to some other noises or you are not at home and out for some shopping or some work and your place catches fire. In such cases, a ring smoke detector alerts you about smoke on your smartphone or tablet. On this page, we are going to give a helpful guide for buying the product and we will also give some reviews about the product.

Overview of Ring Smoke Detector

Ring smoke detector sends you real-time notification on mobile or tablet whenever your smoke detector detects smoke or carbon mono-oxide. You just have to connect your existing smoke alarm with Ring alarm base station for foolproof protection

Let's discuss some important features of Ring smoke detector. Ring smoke detector notifies you about smoke whenever your installed some detector detects smoke or carbon mono-oxide. Keep in mind, this device is designed to work with UL-listed smoke and CO detectors which are maximum 10 years old or less. Thus it cannot detect any smoke, fire, and carbon mono-oxide itself. You can install it yourself as its setup requires a few minutes and no tool. To manage a ring smoke detector there is an app available that is installable on your smartphone or tablet. It comes with 3 years of battery life and ts battery is replaceable. If you want our professionals to monitor it will cost you only 10$ per month.

Customer Reviews:

1) "Giving it 4 stars out of 5. It's a good idea but still, there is a lot to improve. Best for house protection. There is no difference between a test and a real alarm, so you will have to shift into a test mode to test your smoke alarm."

2) "I thought it to be the best replacement for the Lifeshield system. When I ordered it, I got a full kit to replace all sensors. The setup process is so easy. But I wasn't able to connect the base with any other devices. So I decided to get support via email. I was hoping for a quick response but that didn’t happen. This was frustrating. "

"After a several-day search and waiting for the support I decided to throw this device and then Danielle contacted me and put me online with Nick. Nick is a tech support guy, he tried to solve the issue over an hour by telling me to try different devices but nothing worked. We also tried by disconnecting other devices which may cause interference but all in vain. As a result, I gave up but I wanted this kit to be installed at my house. I already have installed Ring Cameras which are working perfectly."

"After that, I waited for Danielle to contact me and tried whatever I could to make it happen. My working alarm is from Lifeshield and I got to know that I had two repeaters that were not installed. They were preventing the communication of sensors with base. When I turn them off, my whole kit was connected and I have never faced any further problems. My review is that all the problems I faced were due t the old kit I had installed before. The support team of Ring was very professional even when I wasn’t behaving well. Thus I will give it 5 stars out of 5."

3) "We are from a rural area. It has a volunteer fire department. As the alarm is turned off, the device called listener trips the alarm and the monitoring company calls the fire department and dispatches them. The volunteer fire department costs us $800.00 if once dispatched. No matter there is a fire or not. One day nearly it was 10 p.m. and we were home. The alarm beeped due to warning of battery replacement, the monitoring company within no time dispatched the fire department. Within no time we disarmed the system and contact the monitoring company to cancel the alarm. The lady refused to cancel. We begged and pleaded by repeatedly explaining that it was just a battery replacement warning alarm but he hung up… Yes! She hung upon us. Soon the fire department showed u and w apologized to them about the alarm. They went back but we paid $800.00 bill a week later.  We simply dismantled the listener and threw that in the garbage. We put our complaint to Ring by email and message so they may know the fault of the listener. We also put a complaint against that rude and stupid lady of monitoring company. No one contacted us yet. "

What to Look for When Shopping

1. Smoke and CO:

You would like a detector that handles both smoke and carbon monoxide gasoline throughout a single device. there’s virtually no point in forgoing carbon monoxide fuel detection in any fire alarm you install these days, and every one the alarms we examined guide each kind. observe that, as discussed above, clever batteries and smart listeners do not surely detect smoke or co immediately, so you’ll be given to ensure the actual alarms in your own home do aid varieties of detection in case you prefer to tour that course.

2. Detector Sensitivity and Accuracy:

It’s very difficult to scientifically test how nicely a smoke/co detector does its number one activity without actually burning your private home down. that stated, simulating smoky conditions can display a touch approximately how sensitive a detector is. as nicely, you will don't forget the consensus about the underlying era for the duration of a smoke detector. the nest protect, as an example, uses a photoelectric cut up-spectrum sensor this is taken into consideration superior to the ionization sensor utilized in many older devices and which is more vulnerable to false alarms.

3. Notification Variety:

A noisy siren is expected, however, voice alerts are pretty available: they no longer handiest let you know what sort of threat has been detected, but also offer you with a warning to its area and can even tell you approaches to answer (whether or not that's commencing a window or calling 911). color-coded lighting fixtures on the alarm itself are any other plus. and, of direction, speedy push notifications in your telephone are a demand within the clever alarm area.

more than one user: glaringly you're safest if pretty one man or woman gets a push alert that there's a fire inside the residence. Search for a device that supports a couple of users via a name for the participation system.

4. Interconnectivity:

Some gadgets aid an interconnectivity function, so if one alarm pops, all the opposite alarms inside the house will explode also. this will be a huge advantage if you've were given a virtually huge domestic and worry you will probably not hear an alarm going off elsewhere in the house. we didn’t check interconnectivity features in our assessment because we examined unmarried alarms for my part, so take a look at specs when buying if this option sounds useful.

4. Smart Home Hub Aid:

In case you would love to integrate your fireplace alarm with the remainder of your property, bear in mind whether or not it's supported through a critical smart domestic hub. the nest protects is sincerely tied to the nest surroundings, however, Alexa, smart things, and home kit options also are available. note that we had lackluster effects with several of those hooks—and albeit you are doing connect the alarm for your smart home hub, the last phrase usefulness of this connection are often confined.

That stated, whilst paired with a realistic thermostat, a few smart smoke alarms can cause the thermostat to percent up your HVAC machine, simply so smoke isn’t pulled into your ventilation and circulated all around your house

We have covered maximum information about Ring smoke detector in the form of how it works, its installation process, its features, and the reviews of customers. We hope you will find this information helpful for buying your ring smoke detector.