Smoke Detector Too Sensitive: How to Fix It?

Smoke detectors play an essential role in providing security to people, property, and facilities. To offer protection, modern fire detectors must be able to detect fires as soon as they are started. However, sometimes, the smoke detector becomes too sensitive. If your smoke detector too sensitive and sound the alarm for no reason and if you have no idea how to fix it? You are here at the right place as we are going to discuss how to fix this problem.

The Common Reasons for Smoke Detector Too Sensitive

When a security system is installed, on some occasions, it starts rings for no reason. It is because of smoke alarm too sensitive. These can cause a lot of inconvenience for the alarm user, and what is worse, inefficient use of the security bodies.

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If a security system causes such problems and these are not correctly identified by the alarm installation company, it can cause great annoyance, both for the user and for the security bodies that are forced to go to a home.

Here are several reasons for poor smoke detector sensitivity.

1. Not closing properly when connecting the alarm

If when we leave our home or company, we leave the alarm activated and we leave a window that is close to a motion sensor, we have the alarming jump assured. Therefore, in addition to a security measure, before leaving we have to make sure that we have all the windows and entrances of our home or business closed.

2. Smoke detector is not cleaned

In case your smoke detector is not cleaned and tidy, it can cause such a problem. So you should make sure to have it cleaned periodically. Periodically clean smoke detectors with a vacuum cleaner to get rid of accumulated dust.

3. Too much humidity

If the climate has too much humidity, then the problem of smoke alarm too sensitive occurs. In this case, you should contact the mechanic and get it fixed.

Also, make sure to maintain the system properly, including changing batteries.

If there is any doubt as to whether the system is working properly or not, immediately contact the security provider to check the status of the system and the devices.

4. Other pollution

Because of other pollutants such as dust or other air pollutants, your smoke detector becomes too sensitive. For example, dust, vapor, or aerosols carried through the air into the measurement chambers of the smoke detector can produce a signal similar to that of smoke in a fire. These are misleading or false signals.

5. Too close to steam

Steam can cause many smoke detectors to set off false alarms and so it makes smoke detector too sensitive cooking. Some common sources of steam in the home are showers and humidifiers. If your smoke detector triggers a false alarm and is located near a source of steam, that may be the reason for the smoke detector too sensitive.

So, do not place the smoke detector near the kitchen, bathroom, or any other place where steam or dust can accumulate inside the detector chamber.

Can You Adjust the Sensitivity of a Smoke Detector?

Yes, you can adjust it on your own. It will reduce pesky false alarms. You need to remove its data card from the smoke alarm. Then, by using a screwdriver, you can adjust the sensitivity of the card. If you want to know the thorough process, check out the following section.

How to Adjust the Sensitivity of a Smoke Detector?

If your smoke detector too sensitive, here are the simple steps to adjust its sensitivity.

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Step 1:

First of all, remove the cover of your smoke detector. You can open it by using a screwdriver or it can also be opened if you will twist it counterclockwise. Once opened, find out the sensor which you will find on a circuit board. It looks like a curved plate made of metal.

Now clean the dirt accumulated settled on it and thus, you can increase the sensitivity if you want. This step is also vital for maintenance. You can also clean it by wiping that sensor using a cleaned cotton cloth dipped in the alcohol or use a cleaning solution of the lens. Once done put the cover back on it.

Step 2:

To adjust the smoke detector sensitivity, first of all, remove the screw from the smoke alarm system using a screwdriver. Pull out the cover plate by hand. Find out the data card which is installed on the circuit board inside the detector.

Pull out the card from the socket and place the tip of the flat-edged screwdriver against its tabs on the edges of the circuit card. Push the tabs appropriately as per the instructions given by the card manufacturer. Now, keep the card back in the socket and also place the cover back on it and reattach those screws.

FAQs on Smoke Detector Sensitivity

If you still have some doubts related to the smoke detector too sensitive, here we have prepared some of the Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs). Let’s check them out.

How Sensitive Is a Fire Alarm?

The photoelectric types of smoke detectors are very sensitive to the fuming fire that emits large-sized smoke particles. On the other hand, ionization smoke alarms are sensitive to the flames fire that emits small-sized smoke particles.

How Do I Test the Sensitivity of My Smoke Detector?

If you want to check the sensitivity of your smoke detector, you need to press and hold down the test button on your smoke detector. Then, it will take some time to begin but it will sound ear-piercing and loud sound when you press down the button. In case that sound is non-existent or very weak, you should change its sensitivity or if its batteries are dead, you should replace them.

How Do You Stop a False Smoke Alarm from Going Off?

To stop a false smoke alarm, press and hold down the Silence/Test button on your smoke alarm. It will stop the alarm immediately. To avoid such a situation in the future, it is advisable to keep your smoke alarm at a safe distance from your smoke alarm device.

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Thus, there are several reasons why the smoke alarm too sensitive. And if you think, your smoke alarm is also too much sensitive, you can adjust it by going through the above-mentioned steps.

We hope this article answered your questions about smoke detector too sensitive. However, if you still have questions or would like to know more, please visit our website, give us a call or drop us an email. We look forward to hearing from you!