Stay at Home Safety: 10 Common Safety Hazards Around the Home

Home is where we feel secure and relaxed. The reason is we think it is our shelter, and it is the place where you can get maximum security for the family. But the truth is that not all homes are well equipped to face the common safety hazards. It is vital to do anything and everything to keep your home and family safe.  But if you know the enemy, it is easier to tackle them. Likewise, it is mandatory to understand the common safety hazards that can happen anytime. Understanding these hazards will help to plan accordingly for safeguarding your home. Let us look at home safety and the top ten causes for accidents you need to be prepared. 

The Common Safety Hazards Around the Home

So let us look at home safety and the things which can pose threats to the security of your home.

1. Fires

Without fire, we cannot live, but we need to know how to handle the fire. Every year in the US alone, over 3,500 people are losing their life because of fire accidents. A fire can be caused by unattended candles and even if you leave electronic items plugged in for many hours. Hence you cannot be able to abstain from using those appliances or stop doing whatever you usually do. But you can adapt simple prevention and fire control methods for maximum safety. Below are the things you can do to stop the devastation from fire.

  • Fire Alarms - Installing the fire alarm in every room of your home is essential. Nowadays, you can get wireless and smart alarms that can be controlled using your phones. This will alert you in case of any fire breakout. If you are living in a large house, think of installing interconnected fire alarms. 
  • Buy and keep fire extinguisher - The fire extinguisher is a helpful tool to control and extinguish the fire of small size. You need to understand the way to use and handle the fire extinguisher. You need to keep them in those areas where the occurrence of fire probability is higher. 
  • Never leave the candles unattended 
  • Unplug the unused electronic appliances

2. Carbon monoxide

Carbon Monoxide is a real threat to your life. The reason is it is virtually impossible to detect since it is colorless and odorless. Low exposure to CO can cause headaches and dizziness but inhaling more CO can cause impaired vision, vomiting and even it can cause death. 

Safety Measures

  • Install CO detectors in all rooms of your home.
  • Regularly get the inspection service from professionals for home appliances.

3. Poisoning

It is hard to believe, but the data says that every year more than two million people become victims of poisoning hazards. It can happen from personal care products, detergents, medicine, and many daily used items. But no need to worry. If you give proper care and handle those things diligently, nothing will happen.

Safety Measures

  • Medicines can save your life, and the improper dosage can take the life out of you. Hence keep the medication correctly and out of the reach of kids.
  • Paint also causes poison, so keep them out of the reach of teens and children.
  • Keep detergents, personal care items, and chemicals in a safe place and handle them with care.

4. Falls

The falls are the most common things we can see in almost every home. Out of five older adults, one is prone to fall and get significant damages, including head injuries. Hence proper maintenance and care are needed to avoid these accidents. Therefore look at home safety measures below. 

  • Make sure your home has stable staircases with adequate lighting and flooring. 
  • Use fix mats to get a grip on the steps outside of the home.
  • Clean and remove the slippery substances from the floor.

5. Choking

Kids are prone to die with the choking problem each year. It is the 4th most significant cause of accidental death in the USA. To keep your kids safe, you need to ensure all the below provided safety measures are implemented. 

  • Regularly inspect the toys and pay attention to the loose parts and fix those. 
  • Keep the small and hard foods, toys, and other substances out of the reach of kids. Because kids tend to put all the things inside their mouth. 
  • Always provide the food by making them into small pieces while serving kids. 
  • Buy a baby monitor to keep a tab on their activities. 

6. Cuts

It sounds funny if I tell you cuts can take your life. But it is a fact, the small and sharp equipment can even cause death. It is more dangerous for children than adults. Follow the below home safety measures against the cuts.

  • Always close the trash cans.
  • Store the kitchen tools properly from the reach of kids.
  • Keep blades and scissors in the safe boxes.
  • Point forks and knives down to avoid the cuts. 

7. Drowning

Drowning can happen anywhere. It is not necessary to occur in swimming pools and other significant water sources. For kids, a bucket of water is enough to cause drowning. Hence follow the two simple prevention measures to keep your kids safe. 

  • Put away buckets by making empty and keep them in an upside-down position.
  • While bathing children, pay complete attention because many babies die in the bathtub because of sheer negligence. 

8. Burns

Burns may not seem like a big issue, but sometimes it can cause many problems. It is more common if you are using stoves and dishwashers. But you can ensure no one in your family suffers from burns if you follow the below steps. Sometimes it will not cause deadly injuries, but it may cause severe pain. 

  • Latch the dishwashers properly.
  • Use back burners on the stove to prevent burnings. 
  • Stoves are the most common way to cause burns but using the stove knob covers will prevent those problems. 

9. Strangling

Strangling is also a way in which many babies and infants are losing their lives. Even window curtains and small wires can cause strangling. So, if you are a parent of little kids, you must make sure the below steps are followed. 

  • Keep window and electronics cords out of the reach of your kids. 
  • You need to trim or remove window cords to prevent kids from tangling themselves. 
  • If you are unable to redecorate, you can install blind cord wraps to keep your kids safer. 

10. Stoves

Even stoves can cause more problems for every member of your home. It doesn't matter whether you are using an electric stove or gas stove; both can cause problems. A lot of people have burned their hands on a hot stove or while trying to touch the oven without a proper mitt. You need to follow the below precautions to avoid burning. 

  • You need to use trivets beneath the pans whenever you are removing the pan from the stove. 
  • Ensure that the stove is switched off after you finish cooking. 
  • Keep the handles of pan and vessels facing away from the front edge of the stove. It will avoid the chances of food knocking off from the vessels accidentally. 
  • Proper maintenance of the stove helps to reduce the chances of catching fire. And always don't leave an oven unattended.

I am sure after having a close look at home safety precautions provided above. You can confidently tell that your house is an unpenetrated fort!