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Combination Smoke Detector and Carbon Monoxide Detector Alarm with Display | 10 Year Sealed Battery Operated | Easy Installation, Auto-Check, SC01

2-in-1 Protection

Built with dual sensors, the X-SENSE alarm can detect both smoke and carbon monoxide at once with a large built-in LCD display showing real-time CO concentration in the surrounding air.

10-Year Battery Combination Alarm

The 10-year battery lifetime ensures uninterrupted, 24/7 protection for the safety of you and your entire family. Protect your home from both invisible, odorless, deadly carbon monoxide and fire with this 2-in-1 combination alarm.

When the LED indicator flashes RED, an alarm will sound, indicating one of the following four modes:

  1. Smoke Alarm Mode: flashes red with 3 long beeps every 1.5 seconds.
  2. CO Alarm Mode: flashes red with 4 quick beeps (every 5.8 seconds for the first 4 minutes, and every 60 seconds after 4 minutes).
  3. Test Mode: flashes red with 2 sets of 3 long beeps, followed by 2 sets of 4 quick beeps.
  4. Silence Mode: flashes red once every 5 seconds (no beeps).


The LED indicator flashes GREEN to indicate the following three working modes (no beeps):

  1. Standby Mode: flashes green once every 60 seconds.
  2. Exiting Alarm Mode: flashes green once per second for 5 seconds.
  3. Exiting Silence Mode: flashes green 3 times.


When the LED indicator flashes YELLOW, it is important to check the working status of the alarm. There are three possible scenarios:

  1. Low Battery Warning: flashes yellow with 1 beep every 60 seconds.
  2. Smoke Malfunction Warning: flashes yellow 1 or 2 times with 2 beeps every 40 seconds.
  3. CO Malfunction Warning: flashes yellow 3 or 4 times with 2 beeps every 40 seconds.
Practical LCD Display
1.The display will indicate real-time carbon monoxide (CO) concentration in the surrounding air, as well as the remaining battery life and working status of the alarm.
2.If a CO concentration of 30-999 ppm exists for a certain time period,the screen will be backlit blue, and the LED indicator will flash red 4 times every 5.8 seconds.


    Technical Specifications

    Power Supply: 10-year sealed lithium battery

    Smoke Sensor Type: Photoelectric

    CO Sensor Type: Electrochemical

    Product Life: About 10 years

    Safety Standards: UL 217 & UL 2034

    Alarm Noise Level: 85 dB at 9.84 ft (3 m)


    Package Contents
    1. 1 × Alarm Unit
    2. 1 × Mounting Bracket
    3. 3 × Screws
    4. 3 × Anchor Plugs
    5. 1 × User Manual
    6. 1 × Warranty Card
    7. 2 × Carbon Monoxide Safety Stickers


     Built-in 10-Year Battery

    The sealed 10-year lithium-ion battery provides continuous power for the alarm, saving on energy. Also, there is no need to ever worry about changing out the battery during the lifetime of the alarm. A convenient end-of-life signal lets you know when the unit should be replaced.
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