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HFS07 Smart Smoke Alarm Kit
HFS07 Smart Smoke Alarm Kit
HFS07 Smart Smoke Alarm Kit
HFS07 Smart Smoke Alarm Kit
HFS07 Smart Smoke Alarm Kit
HFS07 Smart Smoke Alarm Kit
HFS07 Smart Smoke Alarm Kit
HFS07 Smart Smoke Alarm Kit
HFS07 Smart Smoke Alarm Kit
HFS07 Smart Smoke Alarm Kit

HFS07 Smart Smoke Alarm Kit

Protect your home from fire with this smart smoke alarm kit and find out what’s going on around your house with the X-Sense Home Security app, compatible with XS03-iWX smoke alarms.

7-Piece Kit


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HFS07 Smart Smoke Alarm Kit


  • 7-Piece Kit
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Learn More about the X-Sense HFS07 Smart Smoke Alarm Kit

Base Station
Keeps your smoke alarms and sensor devices connected and gives you full control of home safety in your property.
ProConnected Smoke Alarm
Interconnect these XS03-iWX devices to build a whole-home fire safety network, so you can rest assured that you will not miss any fire alert.
  • Base Station
  • ProConnected Smoke Alarm

24/7 Fire Safety Protection

Keep your devices connected with the latest LoRa technology, providing you with the earliest possible warnings of fire hazards.

Interconnected Safety

Pair multiple XS03-iWX smoke alarms with the X-Sense SBS10 base station to create a fire safety network. If one device goes off, all the other Alarms will too!

Instant App Notifications

Receive instant notifications on your phone from the X-Sense Home Security app when any of the interlinked Alarms go off.

Test/Silence at Your Fingertips

Use the app to easily mute an unexpected alarm, without the hassle of having to reach for the Silence button on the device.

Easy Installation

Download the X-Sense Home Security app and create an X-Sense account using a valid email.

Add your base station to the app by following the in-app instructions.

Tap the + button in the app, scan the device’s QR code, then follow the in-app instructions to add the device.

Once done, you will receive instant notifications of any unusual situation from your phone.


Base Station



Max Connectivity

Up to 32 sensors and 6 remote controls

Power Supply

AC 100-240 V, 50/60 Hz or USB Type-C 5 V/2 A

Backup Battery

1800 mAh Li-ion battery, 12-hour power supply

Radio Signal Range

Up to 1 ¼ miles (2 km, without obstruction)

Operating Temperature Range

32-104°F (0-40°C)

Operating Humidity

Up to 75%

Smoke Alarm



Power Supply

Replaceable 3 V CR123A lithium battery

Operating Life

10 years

Battery Life

1 year

Sensor Type


Coverage Area

215–430 sq. ft (20–40 m²)

Operating Temperature

40–100°F (4.4–37.8°C)

Operating Relative Humidity

≤ 85% (non-condensing)

Alarm Volume

≥ 85 dB at 10 ft (3 m) @ 3.2 ± 0.3 kHz pulsing alarm

Silence Duration

About 9 minutes

Operating Frequency

915 MHz (US), 868 MHz (EU)


X-Sense Home Security (both Android and iOS supported)


Can it communicate with other alarms from the Link⁺ series?

No, the XS03-iWX only can be interconnected with other devices of the same type (XS03-iWX) via the X-Sense SBS10 base station.

Is there a cost for the app?

You will receive push notifications via the X-Sense Home Security app free of charge.

How do I add more users to the X-Sense app in order to enable them to monitor the alarms on their phones?

Go to “Device Settings” and select “Device Sharing.” Add your family and friends to the system by entering the email addresses of their X-Sense accounts. This will allow all users to receive notifications and enable them to control the devices in their app.

Can I add additional smoke alarms after I have set up the system?

Yes! You can pair up to 32 smoke alarms with the same base station to provide full protection for your home. For more details, please refer to the user manual.

Can this smoke alarm work without being paired with the base station?

Yes. If the alarm becomes disconnected from the base station, it still works as a standalone smoke alarm. You will see "Offline" marked on the app's device list and receive a push notification in this case.

How long will the battery of the X-Sense XS03-iWX smoke alarm last? Can it be replaced?

Although the device itself has a 10-year lifespan, its battery only lasts for one year. Once it nears this point, the device will send a low-battery reminder to prompt you to replace the battery.

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HFS07 Smart Smoke Alarm Kit
HFS07 Smart Smoke Alarm Kit
HFS07 Smart Smoke Alarm Kit
HFS07 Smart Smoke Alarm Kit
HFS07 Smart Smoke Alarm Kit
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