X-Sense Mini Smoke Detectors

FAQs for Mini Smoke Detectors

  • What are the differences between the XS01, XS01-WR, and XS01-WT?

    XS01: A standalone smoke detector that can quickly and accurately detect smoldering fires. However, it cannot be interconnected or connected to Wi-Fi via the app.

    XS01-WR: A wireless interconnected smoke detector that can be interlinked with up to 24 X-Sense wireless alarms. If one detector is triggered, all detectors will alarm, delivering earlier alerts.

    XS01-WT: A smart Wi-Fi smoke alarm that can be connected to Wi-Fi via the app. It sends alerts to your phone and lets you know what's going on in and around your home, even when you're away.

    RC01: RC01 remote controller only works with XS01-WR (interconnected) smoke detector.