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Protect your home from fires, floods, intruders, and more.

  • FS31 Interconnected Smart Smoke Alarm Kit
  • SWS54 Smart Water Leak Detector Kit
  • WS01 Water Leak Detector
  • XS01-WX Wi-Fi Smoke Alarm

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X-Sense’s new Wi-Fi connected smoke alarm (model XS01-WT) looks identical to the interconnected model XS01-WR we reviewed in 2020, but it adds a key feature that alarm lacks: Wi-Fi connectivity, with all the trimmings included.

It can perform automatic self-testing of its battery and power connections, and it can be silenced through the app. The X-Sense doesn’t integrate with any other smart-home platforms, but the company says a second-gen model will.

The X-Sense Wireless Interconnected comes as a set of three, six, or 12 separate smoke detectors with a range of more than 820 feet each, so they can cover small and large spaces safely.

This X-Sense smoke and CO detector features built-in photoelectric and electrochemical sensors for detecting smoldering fires and CO levels in your home. The battery is made to last for 10 years, and the alarm meets UL Standards.

This smoke detector has a 10-year battery life (lithium battery), an LCD display, and a dual sensor. When the battery is dying, the unit emits an end-of-battery-life signal so you know when it is time to replace.

A great option for those who can’t hardwire a smoke alarm (or those who might forget to change the batteries).

Wir persönlich sind mehr als zufrieden mit dem X-SenseWLAN-Rauchmelder. Die verarbeiteten Materialien machen einen soliden und hochwertigen Eindruck.

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Wireless technologies allow for constant innovations in our home safety products.
Self-developed apps are convenient and ensure protection of personal data and privacy.
Strict quality controls of every detail to ensure the most reliable and durable products.
We offer a 5-year warranty, a 60-day money-back guarantee, and lifetime technical support.
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