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How to Disable a Smoke Alarm

By WenSue |

How to turn off fire alarm when you are cooking or get the false alarms in your smoke detector safety system. All you need is to temporarily disable smoke alarms for cooking or the wrong alarms. Know about the types of smoke detectors in home safety system and how to temporarily disable smoke alarm with simple steps.

1. Why the Smoke Alarm Keeps Beeping 

Of course, it is essential to see if there is something wrong when your alarm beeps. It could be unfortunate fire incidence, or maybe you forgot to turn on your exhaust. So here, your signal has all the right reasons to let you go crazy. On the contrary, it may beep falsely in a chirping voice. 

The battery is in the device: You have to be very vigilant in removing your battery pull-tab. You will do this after providing your device with the AC power.

Improperly closed drawer: The battery comes in contact with the terminals when its drawers are correctly closed. So, your smoke alarm can disturb you unduly if your drawers are not fully closed.

Dying battery: Whenever the devices have a low battery, they will signal it by making small chirping beep once every minute. Here the problem can be solved by replacing the dying battery with new ones. It may not necessarily be the case with all the devices, so just work on the one with a dying battery signal.

Obstructed battery terminals: Battery's contact with the terminals should be adequately secured and closed. However, if there is an obstruction due to any reason, you have to remove it for restoring the alarm's proper functioning.

Other devices are hampering its performance: There can be other applications or instruments that can force the smoke alarm to give false chirps. They can be security alarms, carbon monoxide alarms, any other monitors, etc.

Inconsistent changes in the home temperature: Whenever there are some irregular fluctuations in the room temperature, they are detected by the sensors of the alarm, and it can start irritating you for no reason. You can quickly get rid of these issues by observing the root cause. Some common problems can be the thermostat settings. You can check if its set at a very high or very low temperature. Smoke from burnt food or steam from a hot shower can also ignite the smoke alarm. So, you can change its location. All you have to keep in mind is that hot air from any source, i.e., open window, stovetop, washroom steam, neighbour's campfire, can awake the sensors. So, keep a check on the warm air sources and restricting them.

Time for expiration has arrived: Your smoke alarms have a working life of eight to ten years. If you are not sure how often you should replace smoke detectors, you have to check the manufacture and expiry date. Once its expiry has approached, you need to buy the same smoke alarms for your home sfaety system to replace the old smoke detects.

2. How to Temporarily Disable the Smoke Alarm 

Once your smoke alarm starts disturbing you with false alerts. Instead of putting cushions on your ears or hiding under the blanket, it is time for you to gear up. Yes, gear up for taking some small measures to get rid of this problem, though it may be temporary. But this brief relief will be soothing enough for your constantly chirping and screeching ears.

The smoke alarm can be reset: 

Before you reset your smoke alarm, you need to switch off its main power supply from the circuit breaker. These help in avoiding any electric shock. Now, this is the case with the ceiling fixed hard-wired devices. In case it is battery powered, simply remove the battery and operate. 

After this, you have to press the reset button for about a good 15-20 seconds. After this, you can put the batteries in place and plug back with the circuit breaker supply. 

The device should beep once after reset. But if the noise doesn't stop, then you have to switch over to the next step. 

Batteries can be replaced:

You have to disconnect the power supply as before, and then remove the old battery with the new one. Make sure you fix and place it as the old ones were in charge. You should set a reminder in your notebook to change them every six months. As simple as that, timely battery replacement can save you from much trouble and frustration. 

Cleaning up your device:

If your smoke alarm is continuing to beep even after inserting a fresh battery, then remember that some other things may awake the sensors besides smoke and that is dust and debris. The beeping could also happen as the result of some hindrance around the alarm. It possibly can be the consequence of any cobwebs, spider webs, etc. So, once you open it for any battery replacement or resetting, just get a blower and remove any dust, etc.

The silent button can be tried:

You can check your still disturbing smoke alarm by testing the "silent" button. In case of some problem with the button, the alarm will again beep even after removing the batteries.

Consulting the manufacture's website for troubleshooting:

Now, if nothing is working, you can open the webpage of the manufacturer or contact their customer care for getting through your restless alarm.

The expired device can be finally replaced with a new one:

A perfect smoke alarm is essential for alerting you against any unfortunate firing, or smoke incidence. But a false chirping alarm is no more than handling a cranky child. The continuous beep can be controlled by resetting, replacing the old battery, or by dusting. The unsettling uninterrupted faint sound can be settled with the new device. The replacement options of smoke alarm, you can get the 10-year battery smoke detector from X-sense. It offer high-performance photoelectric smoke alarms, carbon monoxide alarm