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How to Disable a Smoke Alarm

By ChenDenny |

A smoke alarm is a fire-prevention device that automatically detects and gives warning of fire. Sometime this smoke alarm could be a reason for your headache because of a false alarms in your smoke detector. Nuisance or false alarm is normal for them who have a smoke alarm in their house. False alarm happens if your smoke alarm malfunctioning or it's active at the time of cooking or any other activities that can create smoke. A simple click or a complicated serious of actions could require to disable a fire alarm depending on the brand or model. So, it is important to know how to turn off the smoke alarm before continuous beeping and creeping sound makes you lose your mind.

1. How to Turn off Your Smoke Alarm

The annoying sound of your hardware smoke alarm can take your sleep away but don't forget that alarm is there for your safety. Before identifying a false, check your house well to make sure there is no danger. Also, wise move like stopping smoke alarm at the time of cooking can save you from false alarm. How to turn off the smoke alarm? The answer may be not that easy as hitting the alarm with a stick but we have a few pretty simple steps to save your day.

2. How to Disable X-Sense Smoke Alarm (Sealed Battery Operated)

Battery operated smoke alarm like X-Sense 2-in-1 smoke and CO alarm comes with High-capacity lithium battery. It can detect both smoke and CO levels in your surroundings. Its loud buzzer can produce over 85 dB volume. So, it will be very annoying if you don't know how to stop at the time of the false alarm. You can deactivate this unit by using a simple tool, such as a screwdriver.

  • Firstly, for a battery-powered unit, remove the battery and operates after switch off the power supply from the circuit breaker.
  • Secondly, press the reset button and hold it for 15-20 seconds.
  • Lastly, plug back the circuit breaker again after placing the battery in place.
  • After this procedure, the device should beep once.

SC07 2-IN-1 Smoke + CO Detector with LCD
  • Real-time display of accurate CO concentration levels on the LCD.
  • Detects both CO and smoke levels in the environment.
  • High-capacity lithium battery for 10 years of reliable operation.
  • FIGARO® CO sensor for high sensitivity, accuracy and reliability.

3. How to Disable First Alert Smoke Detector (Hardwired)

First Alert 9120B comes with an ionization sensor to give an earliest possible warning to keep you safe from flaming-fire. Nevertheless, it will give you false alarm like other devices in certain situations. So, if you have one of these devices you should know how to disable it without damaging the device.

Step 1: Manage a ladder to reach mount First Alert 9120B. Find the "Test/Silence" button at the side of the detector. Now press and hold the button for at least 10 seconds.

Step 2: Trip the circuit breaker or remove the fuse of the connecting fuse box of the electrical junction box. This junction box is wired with the First Alert 9120B Smoke Detector. It will disable the smoke detector. To restore the power, you have to trip back the circuit breaker or plug back the fuse.

Step 3: Blow air against the side of the smoke detector to remove the smoke close to the sensor. It will help the sensor to get back normal. As a result, the alarm will stop beeping.

4. How to Turn Off Kidde Smoke Detector

Kidde is one of the well-known manufacturers of the fire alarm. It's become their legacy to produce an innovative solution for fire hazards to save property and people. Their hardwired AC operated alarms and sealed battery operated are among the best product in the market. However, as like others these alarms are also prone to the false alarm. Don't need to worry. The following steps can save you from the annoying noise.

  • Kidde smoke detectors come with the HUSH feature that enables you to desensitize the alarm circuit up to 8 minutes. You should use this feature only for regular activities like cooking.
  • Use the HUSH feature of alarm initiating unit will stop other interconnected units for wireless or hardwired alarms.
  • "Test/Hush" button is used to desensitize the alarm. If the smoke is not too dense, pushing the "Test/Hush" button will stop the alarm.
  • The alarm will restart after 8 minutes since desensitizing. If combustion particles are still present in the air, the Alarm will sound again.
  • If the smoke is too dense, you can continuously use the HUSH feature until clear the combustion particles from the air.
  • To end the hush period of the alarm, simply push the Test/Hush button.

5. How to Reset Your Smoke Alarm

At the time of cooking or any other activities that can create smoke or ride off a false alarm, you have to disable smoke alarm temporarily. Let's know about the simple steps to temporarily disable the smoke alarm.

1. Reset Smoke Alarm

To avoid an electric shock at the time of resetting the smoke alarm, you have to switch off the power supply from the circuit breaker.

If it's a battery powered unit, remove the battery and operate. Now, press the reset button and hold it for 15-20 minutes. After that place, the battery and connect the power supply again.

It should solve the issue. Even so, beeping doesn't stop, you have to go for following steps

2. Replace the Batteries

Cut the power supply of the fire alarm before replacing it like before. Now remove the old battery and place the new one like the older one. Changing the battery every 6 months is a good idea. It can solve the false alarm issue to some extent besides many other troubles.

3. Clean your device

Dust and debris could be a reason for repeated beeping and creeping. If your fire alarm is still beeping even after replacing batteries, then the sensors could be awaking because of dust particles. cobwebs, spider webs, etc. So, at the time of changing the battery, you clean the battery by using a blower.

4. Check the silent button

You have tried all the steps mentioned above but the alarm still beeping. Now you can check the "silent" button. If there is any issue in the silent button, the alarm will repetitively beep even after changing the batteries.

5. Taking help of manufacture's website to troubleshoot

If nothing can solve the problem, you can visit the manufacture's website to contact their customer care to ride off your restless alarm.

6. Replace the expired device

A well-functioning smoke alarm is essential to fight against any unfortunate firing event even so lives with a false alarm is annoying. Resetting alarm, replacing the battery, or dusting can solve the issue. None of these might work when your firm alarm is expired.

Under this circumstance, you can replace your smoke detector with 10-year battery smoke detector from X-sense. It offers highly performed carbon monoxide alarm and photoelectric smoke alarms.

There could be many reasons behind a false alarm like changes in the home temperature, Dying battery, expired device, etc. If you accurately find out the reason behind the false alarm, it will be easy to solve the issue. Disable smoke alarms can only save you from annoying beeping and creeping sound. So, knowing all the above mention steps and implement on time can make a happy living with a smoke detector.

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