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The Best Combination Smoke and Carbon Monoxide Alarms

By WenSue |

Safety is an important concern to not make compromises on while building or setting up a home or office. Nothing is important as our lives are. Each nation has implemented its own rules and regulations in every sector to ensure the safety of their citizens. It is not just industries and multi-storeyed offices that are prone to fire and smoke accidents. Such accidents may even occur in our houses due to little carelessness. We don’t need to take a chance over the safety of our beloved ones and that is when combination smoke and carbon monoxide alarms play their role.

Here in this article, we are presenting the best Combination Smoke and Carbon Monoxide Alarms of 2020 available in the market.

What Is A Combination Smoke And Carbon Monoxide Detector?

Combination smoke and carbon monoxide alarms are safety equipment worth investing in. You can live and sleep peacefully by equipping a Smoke and Carbon Monoxide Alarm at your home. It protects your family and house from the dangers of fire and high carbon monoxide levels by giving you alerts in cases of any danger.

Combination detectors protect against both smoke and carbon monoxide. These detectors are equipped with photoelectric and ionization technologies to detect the dangers of fire and carbon monoxide levels.

Combination smoke and carbon monoxide detectors are available in conventional models as well as smart models. Conventional models are not internet-connected whereas smart models are. Most of the smart models can be connected to your phone. These smart detectors can be controlled using your phone. You will get danger and low battery alerts on your phone even if you are away from home.

Why Do You Need  A Combination Smoke And Carbon Monoxide Alarms At Your Home?

A Combination Smoke and Carbon Monoxide Alarm is essential to protect your house and beloved ones from the chances of accidents due to fire and increased CO levels. They are essential in homes with appliances such as the furnace, water heater, room heaters, air conditioners, grills, and many other electric appliances.

Some electric appliances such as room heaters, backup generators, and air conditioners would release carbon monoxide in some cases of misfunctioning. You cannot identify the accumulation of CO in a room without the help of a detector. Even the slightest variations of CO levels in the atmosphere can take up our lives. Likewise, a short circuit from an electric appliance is far enough for your house to catch up with a fire.

Therefore, Combination Smoke and Carbon Monoxide Alarms are important safety equipment to protect your house from the chances of fire and CO accidents.

Best Combination Smoke And Carbon Monoxide Alarms

1. Kidde

Kidde is a popularly known brand for manufacturing safety alarms, safety accessories, fire extinguishers, and many more. They present a worry-free safety alarm equipped with photoelectric sensors and electrochemical sensors for identifying the dangers of fire and carbon monoxide levels.

The voice warning system of this smoke and carbon monoxide alarm comes along with a Smart Hush feature. The Smart Hush feature allows you to test alarm circuitry and temporarily silence nuisance alarm in a single button. The alarm clearly discriminates the hazard, announcing whether it is smoke or high CO levels. It is powered by a non-replaceable Lithium battery with a very large life span. You might not need to replace the battery for the next 10 years.

This alarm automatically activates if attached to a mounting bracket. And therefore, it is very easy to install. No need for any professional supervision. You can attach it over any surface, wall, or ceiling.

This safety unit will chirp twice every 30 seconds once the time is up for a replacement.


  • Smart Hush Feature.
  • Self-activation.
  • Powered by non-replaceable 10 years sealed Lithium battery.
  • Red LED.
  • End of Life Warning.

2. First Alert

First Alert is a very established brand in manufacturing safety equipment. The company was initiated in the year 1958 by creating a smoke alarm. They have come a long way by establishing reliability, trustworthiness, dedication, and quality as the cornerstones of the brand.

The battery-operated safety alarm with voice and location is a perfect choice to keep your family safe. The voice alert of the alarm tells you the type and location of the danger. You can pre-program up to 11 locations in your home. The photoelectric sensor of the alarm detects smoke while the electrochemical sensor detects carbon monoxide levels.

This safety alarm is equipped with indicator lights to display the presence of smoke and carbon monoxide and an 85-decibel siren to produce a clear and loud warning.

You can easily use the alarm with a single test and silence button.


  • Indicates the location and nature of the threat.
  • Battery-powered.
  • Easy to install and setup.
  • Easy to access battery drawer.
  • End of life timer.

3. X-Sense

X-sense is a leading home safety brand in the market. Their products are known for its best user experience formulated from continuous innovations. The reputation of the brand is very convincing with 60+ granted patents, distribution to 48+ countries, and over 10,000,000 devices sold.

This safety alarm from X-sense has a real-time display that shows accurate CO levels. It is powered by a Lithium battery that is reliable at least for 10 years of operation.

This two-in-one protection safety equipment alarms you about dangerous CO and smoke levels. It has a powerful alarming sound of about 85 dB volume. The alarm has a 360-degree monitoring system equipped with air vents to ensure immediate detection of smoke and CO.

In addition to the LCD screen, this alarm has a 3 color LED indicator to update alarm status. This makes it very easy for you to monitor danger signals. You can easily test the alarm weekly and also silencing the alarm is very easy with the single Test/Silence button. This alarm can be easily mounted on any wall or ceiling with its mounting bracket without the need for any rewiring.


  • LCD screen.
  • LED indicator light.
  • Powered by Lithium battery reliable for 10 years.
  • Easy to install and use.
  • 360 degrees monitoring system through air vents.

4. Google Nest

Who won't trust a safety device from Google? Google presents a very advanced and smart safety alarm. Without any doubt, it is one of the very best combination smoke and carbon monoxide alarm of 2020.

The Nest Protect smoke and carbon monoxide alarm id designed in the United States following all the standard quality checks. What makes the Nest alarm standout is its possibility of connecting with your smart devices. By using this feature, you can get phone alerts in case if anything dangerous is happening at your home. You can install the Nest application in your phone and control the functions including silencing the alarm.

This alarm tells you the exact problem and the location it is occurring. The Split-Spectrum Smoke Sensor is very effective in discovering fast as well as slow-burning fires.

These Nest alarms are available in two versions; powered by 120V wire and by batteries. They are known to last longer for at least 10 years.


  • Phone alerts.
  • Split-spectrum smoke sensor.
  • Nest application in your phone allows you to control the alarm.
  • Fast detection.
  • Tells the type of danger and location.

5. Ring Alarm

First of all, this is not a safety gear that would detect smoke and carbon monoxide levels of your home. Instead, this is an add-on to your existing combination smoke and carbon monoxide alarm.

This equipment helps you in connecting UL-listed smoke and CO detectors with your phones. It helps you get alerts on your phone if you are away from home. Ans you can easily control the listener installing Ring application on your phone. Definitely, it is a great strategy to reduce fire and CO accidents.

You can easily set up this smoke and carbon monoxide listener without the need for any professional supervision.


  • Phone alerts.
  • Compatible with UL-listed smoke and CO detectors.
  • Easy to set up.
  • Easy to control using Ring application on the phone.
  • Replaceable battery with at least 3 years of life.

There is plenty of cheap combination smoke and carbon monoxide alarms available in the market. But always go for a quality alarm from a trusted seller. This way, you will be able to be safe for a long time without worrying about replacement.