The Best Floodlight Cameras

Security cameras throughout your property is never a bad idea. Floodlight cameras efficiently monitor the activity within your property and can notify you of any guests visiting your property. Camera systems for surveillance have evolved over the years and are presently available with innovative features and designs.

The various specifications and unique details of different floodlight cameras can make it difficult for the average consumer to select an appropriate model that fits their needs. This article will explain what you should look for when buying a floodlight camera for your property as well as the key features you should keep in mind when scanning the product details.

The Best Floodlight cameras

1. Arlo Pro 3 Camera and Floodlight

The Arlo Pro 3 is a fairly bright security floodlight camera that comes with zooming features enabling the viewing and recording of videos in high definition 2k through HDR modes. The innovative viewing and recording features are capable of producing undistorted and clear images in night or day settings. Recharging is powerfully designed to allow for a long-lasting battery of up to 6 months with a single full charge. The long battery span ensures versatile use and minimal battery maintenance that would only require recharging a couple of times per year. The Arlo Pro 3 is also capable of direct connectivity to surrounding Wi-Fi internet without the need for any extra equipment. Simple Wi-Fi configuration for the floodlight cameras guarantee a convenient and clutter-free setup. In terms of brightness capabilities, the floodlight camera can produce a brightness of up to 2000 lumens or 3000 lumens through the included charging cable with magnetic features.  Through the weather-resistant and wireless features of the Arlo Pro 3, the floodlight camera is easy to install and delivers much flexibility and quality for the best camera angles throughout the property year-round. A diagonal view of up to 160 degrees and camera recording with full color and night vision, makes the Arlo 3 Pro an ideal floodlight camera for many environments and situations. Additionally, smart features that come integrated with alerting systems, can quickly notify people of any unusual activity through sirens for immediate action.


  • 160 degrees of rotating for a wide range of angles and views
  • Night vision can be colored or in traditional black and white
  • Wireless design for added convenience
  • Weather-resistant build that is perfect for outdoor use
  • Lighting features for security
  • Easy to setup and configure

2. Floodlight Ring Camera featuring Echo Show 5

The floodlight camera is hardwired to feature a high-quality camera video of 1080p and HDR along with colored night vision capabilities. The high-definition security camera is designed with integrated movement-detection LED floodlights that activate by when detecting any physical movement in its surroundings. The 3D movement-detection is linked to the intrinsic security-sounding siren that is capable of triggering an alarm with 110dB. Conventional security details of the floodlight camera include upgraded noise reduction and high-positioned Bird’s eye view, that enables camera viewing from elevated positions through the use of the available Ring application. The floodlight camera views can also be accessed through added voice control with Alexa-capable devices. The security is further improved on with the real-time sounding features that can detect motion and pinpoint activity through the 3D movement detection. Accessing the security details can be located on the Ring app and is all connected through a Wi-Fi network of stable and solid dual-band connections of either 5.0 or 2.4 Ghz. Installing the hardware outside the property and setting up the Wi-Fi connection is easy and requires minimal equipment  to get it running.


  • Dual-way speakers and microphone for wireless communication
  • Movement-activated alarms that notifies property owners of any visitors
  • High definition video and quality that can be accessed on-demand at anytime
  • Compatible with Alexa devices for wireless voice control features
  • Super bright floodlights with motion-control features

3. Geeni Sentry Wi-Fi Wireless Smart Security Camera

The Sentry Smart Security Camera from Geeni is a wireless floodlight camera with security features that are capable of Wi-Fi connectivity. The security camera is able to fully capture and record in detail its surroundings through the high definition live streaming. The floodlight camera monitors properties through wide angle views and lenses at a 1080p video quality. The video recording also comes with bright captures using the floodlight along with the included night vision feature, which makes this security camera ideal and versatile for effective use throughout many different environments. The dual-way audio speaker comes included with a built-in microphone that easily allows for seamless communication. The dual-way integrated speaker makes it easy to inform or communicate with visitors, guests, or unwanted intruders on your property. The communication feature can allow the property owner to wirelessly address any visitors at their front door through the speakers and can even be added with voice control through Alexa-capable devices. Since the security device functions wirelessly, the camera and security features can be accessed through the Geeni app over Wi-Fi for convenience and easy use. The surveillance system of the camera is easy to install and is capable of notifying the property owner of any unusual activity by sounding alerts that are triggered by movement detection sensors. Additionally, the Geeni Sentry is able to  view and record 9 different camera angles and feeds simultaneously from a desktop, tablet, or smartphone. The durability of the surveillance camera is high quality since it is designed with the IP65 weather-resistant technology and makes the device well-suited for outdoor use. Also, the camera is built with hard wiring, which means it does not run on charged batteries.


  • Motion-activated alarms that detect movement around a property
  • Compatible with Hey Google and Alexa for wireless voice control
  • Wireless design for convenience and easy use
  • Weather-resistant design that is made to withstand outdoor elements
  • Two-way microphone and speaker for wireless communication with visitors

4. X-Sense Spotlight Camera

The spotlight security camera from X-Sense is designed for outdoor use and comes with dual-band connection of 5.0 and 2.4 Ghz for Wi-Fi. The wireless feature ensures for real-time camera recordings that are solid, stable, and smooth in motion. The video captured on the security cameras are streamed without delay and are capable of supporting a 2560x1440p or 2k screen resolution for highly-detailed, sharper, and clearer views for maximum capture of detail throughout a property. The camera includes two sets of highly bright and illuminous spotlights that are designed to be movement-activated or application-maneuvered. Since the spotlights can be controlled, this ensures  fully-detailed camera views at a wide angle range of 156 degrees and clear recordings at night. Integrated with a PIR feature sensor, the security camera can seamlessly send alerts and notifications to the property owners smartphone when detecting any unusual movement or unwanted visitors.  Designed with IP66 water-proof, the camera system is resistant to outdoor elements like the rain, heat, sunlight, and cold. The camera system is designed with high quality materials which make it durable and ideal for year-round outdoor use. The functionality design of the camera is styled in the way that it can be easily controlled wirelessly through a desktop or mobile device and is compatible with voice control through Alexa and Google Assistant.

X-Sense outdoor security camera

X-Sense S21 Outdoor Security Camera

  1. Dual-band 5 and 2.4 Ghz Internet Connectivity through Wi-Fi
  2. PIR detection sensors that send notifications to mobile device of any visitors
  3. Bright spotlights with movement-detecting sensors
  4. 156 degrees of wide range for wide range of viewing angles
  5. Smart home features for wireless voice control through Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant
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5. Amcrest Camera and Floodlight

The Smart floodlight camera system from Amcrest is built with robust design and optimized for high performance. The floodlight camera records videos at a high definition quality of 1080p resolution at a rate of 30 frames per second.  Featured with a wide viewing angle of 114 degrees, the camera system ensures that the video captures every angle throughout a property. Through the integrated dual-way speaker and microphone, the audio can be utilized for communication on both ends for the property owner and any visitor. The camera is accessed wirelessly and is connected through the Wi-Fi internet. A security siren capable of a sound of 110dB is triggered when the security mechanism of the camera identifies any unusual activity or unwanted visitors within the property or environment. Also, the bright floodlight can be operated manually or optimized to detect movement to trigger the alarm. The security details and features can be accessed on a mobile device or desktop through the Amcrest application. Notifications sent by the security system of the camera includes emails and automatically displays options for reviewing any suspicious recorded video. Recorded videos and images can be accessed in the Amcrest app and stored in the Amcrest Cloud or directly in a Micro SD card of class 10 with a storage capacity of up to 256GB. Additionally, the Amcrest camera device is designed with innovative IP65 technology for durability and resistance to the outdoor elements like rain and dust. The integrated LEDs ensure clear video footage at an astounding 2000lm.


  • Wide camera viewing angle of 114 degrees for full coverage of an area
  • Wireless camera that functions over Wi-Fi for fast and convenient use
  • Movement-detecting mechanism that notifies and alerts the property owner of any visitors or trespassers
  • High definition 1080p video quality with 30 frames per second

What to Consider When Choosing the Best Floodlight Camera

1. Power Source.

Decide on whether you will need wireless or wired floodlight cameras. Floodlight cameras that are wired usually do not require a nearby power source but will need a central or main video recording gadget to be wired to. Wired cameras can be wired to smartphones, computers, or tablets. Due to the required wiring configurations, professional help on the installation process is necessary. Wireless floodlight cameras usually need a nearby outlet whether inside or outside and may require you to drill a hole in your wall for the power cord to access an outlet indoors. There are also some wireless floodlight cameras that are battery-powis ered and will not require an outlet other than for occasional recharging. Wireless cameras are generally easier to set up since they only need to be mounted then configured to connect to the Wi-Fi and other devices.

2. Brightness and Coverage

Ensure to select a floodlight camera that is equipped with the sufficient amount of coverage for your property or environment. This means determining whether you will need cameras for outdoor or indoor use and check to identify whether the included floodlight is bright enough for your specific area especially at night.

3. Resolution and night vision

The key and main features you will want to look at when selecting floodlight cameras include features like night vision and decent quality for video recording resolution. This basically means that you should prioritize the quality of the camera footage and features that add value to the security aspects by making it easier to access and identify the recorded videos from the camera. The resolution is generally the video quality at which the camera records videos and captures images. A decent resolution ensures clear images and well-detailed footage. Night vision features are crucial for capturing sharp footage in dark settings outdoors and during the evening.

4. Audio and speaker quality

Built-in speakers and microphones are key to clearly hearing any noise and identifying the situation indicated by floodlight cameras. Dual-way audio speakers prove to be highly beneficial and convenient in the sense that you are able to communicate to any visitors on your property through the camera.

5. Motion and movement detection features

An ideal floodlight camera comes integrated with motion detection capabilities that is triggered by any motion to initiate video recording. Recorded footage during the event is saved and stored in a cloud or directly into a mirco SD card.

6. Smart Home Capabilities

Floodlight cameras that are innovated with smart home features are versatile and can prove to be highly efficient and convenient for use. Smart home features include wireless voice commands or compatibility with multiple devices. Floodlight cameras can be configured to respond to voice commands through Amazon Alexa or Google Assistant for effortless control over the camera system.

7. Additional features

Extra features that improve the quality and performance of the camera system like integrated sirens or improved software interface allow for more customization and options to control the camera and its features. In selecting an ideal floodlight camera system, additional features that improve the user experience and maximize convenience are a few details you should consider since they can prove be beneficial depending on your needs, budget, and location of your property.

8. Installation

Installing floodlight cameras are generally fairly simple especially with wireless variants since they usually only need to be mounted and connected to Wi-Fi. Some floodlight cameras will require extra work in setting up and installing since hardwiring can sometimes be difficult and complicated. Easy installation is beneficial in the way that it can save you much time and effort into setting up a camera system. This also includes configuring the software and application of the camera system to your device. Also, it is recommended to ensure that the floodlight camera you select is compatible with your devices and equipment.

Picking out the right floodlight camera is not that difficult if you know the key specifications and details to look for. Considering you know what you want in a camera system and you understand the details that ensure the best or most optimal performance, you can easily find a decent floodlight camera for your specific situation. The handful of great camera floodlights mentioned above are a few solid options that offer optimal specifications at fair prices. Regardless of what you are looking for in a floodlight camera, there is guaranteed to be one out there to satisfy your needs.

FAQs about Floodlight Cameras

1. Why Use a Floodlight Cameras?

Cameras are generally the first line of defense in security throughout a property. They capture footage as evidence and store them for reference and review. Floodlight cameras are designed to continuously monitor and record activity on a property so that property owners are notified when there are visitors. The advantages of floodlight cameras are countless and they prove to be efficient and effective surveillance systems. Decent cameras are now more innovated than ever with additional features like alarm sirens, motion detectors, and even real-time communication through dual-way speakers.

2. What is the storage capacity for a floodlight camera?

Some floodlight cameras utilize a Micro SD card for saving and storing footage. Micro SD cards can store 64Gb or more of data. There are some floodlight cameras that allow for unlimited Cloud storage, but require a subscription of small monthly fees. The footage recorded from floodlight cameras are converted into individual  video files that are around 3.2mb each. This means that 10 short videos in a day will equate to 32mb of data.