The Best Outdoor Security Cameras

Home surveillance system seems like a drastic, and expensive endeavor to take on when it comes to protecting your home. However, with increasing crime rates and having access to rather affordable technology, installation of outdoor security cameras does not appear to be such an odd decision. The outdoor security cameras give you a sense of security that make you safe and comfortable at home and when you are away from the home, you are satisfied that what you worked for so hard is well protected.

This page will discuss the best outdoor security cameras that you can rely on when installing in your house. Furthermore, we will move on to discuss how exactly these outdoor security cameras work.

Do I Need Outdoor Home Security Cameras?

Outdoor security cameras have become the best way to monitor your homes. With advancing technologies as it is a convenient and affordable method which lets you observe the surroundings of your house. It even comes with the features to observe the outside movements on your smartphones and send your alert notifications for moving objects in its frame. The outdoor home security cameras prevent break-ins, robbery and theft which most of the people fall victim to.

Outdoor home security cameras give you a sense of comfort and peace of mind because not only do they alert you, they can be helpful in proving useful information to catch the culprits. In is often noticed that the perpetrators often dismiss the idea of targeting houses with security cameras to move on to an easier target.

Although a complete home surveillance system is agreed upon by experts for full proof security but still only the installation of the outdoor security cameras are a lot more affordable and still provide a lot of protection.

The Best Outdoor Security Cameras

1.      Ring Spotlight Cam: Best overall

The company Ring is well known for its doorbell cameras which is also installed in the Ring spotlight Cam. They make use to smart technology and slim and compact design to manufacture this camera. This little device is efficient when it comes to seeing, hearing and speaking to people who are on your property via your smartphone. Without doubt, it falls in the expensive category but, its unique and friendly features compensate for it that convince the user that their money was worth spending on this because this camera is a mini all in one security system.


  • It has a built-in spot light which helps to illuminate the environment
  • It contains 110 Decibels siren to alert the homeowners
  • It is easy to install for the users
  • Although an expensive security camera, it has an important feature of two-way talk
  • It has a short battery life but running it on solar or hardwiring can improve its efficiency
  • Ring spotlight Cam’s motion detection feature enables it to start recording as soon as the camera detects motion


2.      Google Nest Cam Outdoor: Best for smart homes

Google Nest cam Outdoor is one of the best outdoor security cameras which offers the feature of continuous recording if you add a Nest aware Subscription. Similarly, the additional feature that you get with this security camera is the distinction of animals from humans to decrease the number of false alarms that alert you. Google Nest security camera asks for additional cash and subscriptions in order to explore all its features fully which makes it fall in the expensive range of security cameras.


  • The major feature that Google Nest Cam Outdoor has is that is can run with Alexa and Google Assistant which in tern are running on all your devices.
  • It includes motion and activity alerts but without a siren
  • The two way talk and smart home integration comes with a two-year warranty
  • It offers good pixels imagery with a 130 degrees wide angle lens

3.      Arlo Pro 3: Best video

Arlo pro works best with a set of two to three security cameras installed at all the access points of your property. It provides an interactive security system that enables your home to be a safe place. In includes a base station and in built sirens in the cameras. However, the storage is not available with this security camera and you may need to attach an external storage device with the base unit.


  • Arlo Pro 3 gives no hassle in the setup and allows you to install the camera permanently at a focal point.
  • It is an expensive security camera but its small sleek design and wireless smart technology is convenient for many homeowners.
  • Arlo Pro 3 works as effectively inside as outside with 2k video resolution capability.

4.      X-Sense Outdoor Security Camera

X sense is a outdoor security camera that provides outdoor security that provides lighting outside as well as serves as recording camera device when the motion sensors in it detect movement. Its spotlight is a great benefit because they provide clear images even in the night time.

X-Sense outdoor security camera

X-Sense S21 Outdoor Security Camera

  1. It offers 2k HD video resolution with a 121 degrees wide viewing angle.
  2. It has two way talking with a built-in microphone and speaker.
  3. It has a 110 db siren and a built-in spotlight
  4. Its human detection and PR detention features reduce the chances of false alarms
  5. This camera it Wi-Fi compatible so that you can operate it at a distance.
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5.      Blink Outdoor: Best battery life

The best part about Blink Outdoor is that it gives you very affordable subscription packages for cloud storage. However, it has limited storage capacity of about 1440 five second lips. This camera is not water proof but water resistant that it can tolerate occasional rains.


  • Blink is a very small and smart camera with a two-year battery life.
  • Although it has a short recording duration, it is wireless which means it is not restricted to hard wiring
  • It has IP65 weatherproof rating so it can withstand extreme temperatures.

How Do Outdoor Security Camera Work?

The outdoor security cameras usually connect to your home network via Wi-Fi and you can access them from anywhere using the mobile app. They record the video footage on your smart phone. Some make use of Bluetooth, ethernet or z-wave. The cameras using Wi-Fi are easier to install and keep running because they do not require wiring and those operated on battery can be placed absolutely anywhere. Many of them have rechargeable batteries. Moreover, Bluetooth operated cameras can also be easily installed to the distance from where Bluetooth can be operated. 

How to Choose Outdoor Security Cameras?

When you choose which outdoor security cameras suit you the best, you look at some important features:

  • You need to determine exactly with areas outside your home or the access points that need protection
  • You need to decide how much is the budget you are willing to spend on the outdoor cameras. They often range from $100- $500.
  • Another important thing you need to determine is the power source. In case you opt for battery operated cameras, they can be placed anywhere and those who are wired need a power source.
  • The features that you would like to enjoy also vary from one camera to another whether you need to record clips of footages or you need continuous recording.
  • The security factor is of a major concern because the cameras can be hacked, so always consider for two-way authentication to reduce the risk of hacking.

What is Two-way Audio?

Two-way audio is when your outdoor security camera has a microphone which allows you to hear and a speaker through which you can talk through the camera. This two-way communication can be done by the homeowner through an app to hear what the person on the other side is saying and then respond to it. It is applicable for both android and iOS models.

The two-way Audio feature is common for indoor cameras where you can press a button and talk but is a new and unique feature being offered by the outdoor security camera itself.

How Do Security Cameras Store Video?

The security cameras record the video that can be various ways. Many cameras come with free cloud storage but is limited so various subscription packages are available for more cloud storage. Moreover, the video clips can also be over written or deleted. It gives you the margin to download important footages in case you need it.

Another great way to store the security camera footage is to store it in a micro SD card. Yet again some cameras offer the feature of shifting the camera footages via USB cable to another device.

Some cameras offer the plan of CVR- Continuous Video Recording- where the security camera is continuously recording 24/7 up to 30 days.

In the end note, expenditure on a good security camera with all its features is worth the amount because of the various benefits they provide. The secure environment they create where an intruder alert can update you, reduces your time worrying about the security of your house.