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How Many Smoke Alarms Do I Need in My House

By WenSue |

Different smoke detectors that are available in the market serve the sole primary purpose which is the detection of fire. Just like it is essential to know what type of smoke detectors you need; it is also crucial to know where you need to install them to detect fire quickly and accurately. Therefore, the most asked question is how many smoke detectors do I need? Here we are going to discuss how many smoke alarms you need in your home and where you need to install them. 

How Many Smoke Alarms Need in Your Home?

National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) has published some requirements regarding the installation of fire alarms in your residential area. These regulations are for getting proper protection. Therefore, one must know them. According to the National Fire Protection Association (NFPA), you need to install fire alarms in the following places:

  • All sleeping rooms and don’t forget guest rooms
  • Within 21 feet of normal traveling, install fire alarms outside each sleeping area
  • Install fire alarms on each side of a door that separates levels of a dwelling
  • If your house is bigger than 1,000 square feet per level, mount fire alarms on the ceiling at every 500 square feet of floor space. The fire alarms should be 30 linear feet apart
  • If your house has vaulted ceilings, fire alarms installed to protect the upper floor will also protect high ceiling areas of the lower floor
  • Since 2007, newly built homes need to have interconnected alarms/detectors.
  • Detectors can give false alarms if you install them in the kitchen, attic, and garage or furnace room

If you don’t understand the more technical wording, here is an easy way to understand:

  • Install a fire alarm for every room
  • One alarm can cover multiple rooms if you place them outside sleeping areas within 21 feet from its door.
  • If there is a door to an upper floor or the basement stairs, install one detector on each side of the door
  • Install a sensor every 500 square feet if you have a house that is bigger than 1,000 square feet. Also, make sure that the detectors should not be more than 30 feet apart.

Now that you know how many smoke alarms you should have and where to place them, we recommend you get X-sense smoke detectors or combination smoke and carbon monoxide alarms because they provide full security and protection for your family. And install these alarms in specified locations. 

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