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Kidde Smoke Detector

By HopeCharlotte |

Kidde smoke detector is one of the best brands in providing security to your home against home fires. The popularity is due to the high quality of detectors it produces and the wide range of options to choose from.

They offer different models with diverse options in terms of the power sources, sensors types and connectivity. We shall look at the different power options for Kidde detectors, possible causes that may trigger alarms in the absence of fire, and how to go about them. Finally, a comparison with its rivals in terms of features, design and price range.

Overview of Kidde Smoke Detector

The Kidde smoke detector comes in a wide range of variations in terms of the power source, sensor types, and the aspects of hardwired and wireless options.

1. Power Source

This brand of detector offers different options in terms of the power source. They include the 10-year lithium powered types, 10-year battery sealed options, replaceable battery options and AC powered types. The batteries come with front and back-load options. Most of the batteries have 10 years warranty, and the detector will alert you when it becomes low and needs change.

2. Wire Options and Sensor Types

Kidde detectors offer AC hardwired options with and without backup batteries. There are also wireless options that use Radio Frequency technology in transmitting messages. There are also single and dual sensor type options available. The types of sensors include the ionization and electrochemical for smoke and carbon monoxide detection, respectively.

The types with dual sensors, battery backup options, and wireless connectivity options are easy to install and will serve you efficiently even during power outages.

How to Stop Kidde Smoke Alarm from Beeping

A Kidde smoke detector will beep if there is a fire in the room. Besides that, it will beep in adverse environmental conditions like extreme temperature and humidity. Other reasons like a loose battery and dirty chambers could also cause beeping.

The beeping can only stop once the issues are fixed. Below are some reasons for Kidde smoke alarm beeping and how to fix them.

Reasons why the Kidde smoke detector beeps

1. Loose/improperly placed battery

Before you look out for an improperly placed or loose battery, first ensure it is the recommended battery powered of smoke detector. Secondly, the battery expiry date should be 4 to 5 years ahead. Ensure the battery fits in perfectly, and it’s making good connection with the battery connections.

Finally, for Kidde models with front-battery load options, ensure the compartment of the battery is closed properly. Loose neutral wires can also cause chirping in interconnected units.

2. Dirt in the alarm sensor chamber

Accumulation of dirt inside the sensing chamber can cause beeping. Dust and small insects make the large composition of dirt in the detector. This calls for regular cleaning in the inside and outside of the detector.

Ensure you remove the detector from the mounting bracket as outlined before cleaning. The inside of the detector should be cleaned with a vacuum cleaner to remove all the dirt around the alarm perimeter. The interface of the detector should be wiped with a damp cloth

Reinstall the detector after cleaning and test if it is working properly by pressing the test button and checking the green LED light. If the detector does not resume working properly, then you will have to replace it.

3. Environmental conditions

Humidity, condensation, temperature and steam are some environmental conditions that interfere with the normal functioning of Kidde detectors. This, however, affects them when they are at their extremes.  Installing your detector in the recommended positions like away from fans, near open windows, and the correct height from the floor will help you avoid some of the environmental conditions.

The most favorable room temperature for smoke alarms is between 40 and 95 degrees Fahrenheit. Carbon monoxide detector alarms have a range of 40 to 100 degrees.

Conclusively, the Kidde smoke detector brand offers a good range of power options, including backup batteries to keep you home safe at all times. In some instances, alarms are triggered due to extreme temperatures, dirt, and unfavorable humid conditions. Due to the advanced sensor technology in these types of detectors, they are less likely to trigger false alarms.

They are also audible and available at a pocket-friendly price range. The wireless models are also very easy to install without requiring the service of a skilled technician.

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