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Ring Security System Review in 2022

Thu, Dec 30, 2021

The home security system technology is evolving and it is becoming more efficient, user-friendly, and cheaper. Things like smart locks, cameras, and video doorbells are remarkable modern-day gadgets to secure a place. There are different tech giants, including Ring and X-Sense, producing the most reliable home security systems. Today, we will walk you through the much sought-after Ring security system review to help you make an informed decision.

Ring Security System Review

Who Should Read the Ring Security System Review?

Anyone who is looking for a highly reliable home security system should go through this detailed review about the ring security system. It should help you decide whether or not the Ring home security system fulfills your specific home security requirements. Before we move to the key features, cost, packages, and other details let’s take a quick look at this home security system.

What Is Ring Home Security System?

The Ring is a well-known home security service provider with its top-of-the-line home security system. They offer everything you might be looking for to protect your home. Primarily, the Ring home security system has a clear advantage over other home security solutions because of its quick and straightforward installation. It allows you to either self-monitor your home security or you can opt for professional monitoring by paying a very reasonable fee. We have tested this security system and it works flawlessly with the Ring doorbells, lights, and cameras.

Moreover, the ring security system also supports many other smart switches and door locks. The best thing to share in this ring security system review is the system’s great response to the voice commands of Alexa. If you are already a Ring user, this system would be an exceptional choice for you. However, it is still important to know more about the system before you invest in it.

Ring Security System Review: Key Features

The Ring security system is designed specifically for small homes, condos, and apartments. This alarm security system consists of five components, including a keypad, motion sensor, Z-Wave range extender, window/door sensor, and the base station. Moreover, there is also an installation set that contains hardware for two sensors and the keypad and mounting tape. The installation supplies also include a base station AC adapter and a cable and power USB adapter for the device keypad. You will also get a user manual and the alarm security system basic guide.

Take a look at the following key features of the Ring security system:

  • Whole-home coverage.
  • Easy installation.
  • Round-the-clock professional monitoring.
  • An app that offers complete control.
  • Without long-term commitments.
  • Works with Ring doorbells and cameras.
  • Real-time monitoring.

There are unlimited ways you can expand. You can link various compatible devices, including eero Extenders, third-party devices, and Amazon Alexa.

Ring Security System Review: Pros and Cons

Every home security device available on the market comes with certain advantages and a few possible downsides. Fortunately, the Ring security system has more pros and just a few possible cons for specific users. Therefore, the Ring security system review cannot be complete without talking about its pros and cons.


Take a look at the following key advantages that you will get with the ring security system.

  • Affordable price with no contract requirements.
  • Great range of security cameras that help you monitor activity around your home at long ranges.
  • Smart Neighbors App that shares the local security notification.

The Neighbors App also allows you to monitor the security of your home from a remote location. This home security system also supports many wireless protocols.


The ring home security system also has the following possible downsides that you must consider before buying.

  • Unavailability of the keyfob.
  • Limited security devices than a few other companies.

A few other possible drawbacks to share in this ring security system review can be the limited security system starter package and comparatively larger sensors.

Ring Security System Packages

You can buy the entry-level Alarm Security system for $199 that includes the base station, motion detector, contact sensor, range extender, and keypad. The range extender makes sure a solid components connection. This system can easily protect up to 1000sq. ft area.

Let’s have a look at the different Ring home security system packages:

Ring costs

The packages available above are according to the recent Ring security system package details. However, the availability and offer may be different in different areas.

Ring Security System Cost

The Ring home security system costs much less than most other self-installed home security systems on the market. You can get the starter home security kit at a base price of less than $200. Ring offers free self-monitoring without video. However, you can also add a video recording camera to your package for an additional $3. If you want professional monitoring from the Ring, it will cost you a monthly fee of $20.

Our Ring security system review recommends a free pricing plan for couples and singles. If you are a small family, Protect Basic would be the most ideal choice for you. For large families, the Protect Plus package would be the most suitable plan. The latest subscription plan from the Ring is called ‘Protect Pro’. It is the most expensive of all plans but comes with the most features including:

  • Cloud video cameras storage.
  • 27/7 year-round backup internet.
  • Local storage of video.
  • Alexa Guard-Plus emergency helpline.
  • Eero Secure Cyber-security features.

The selection of the right plan depends on your specific home security requirements.

Ring Security System Installation

The Ring home security system has a pretty much easy installation. You will find everything you require in the package for installation. You will easily find instructions, cables, and sensors in the box. After establishing the base station connection, you can set up your security device easily.

Follow these simple DIY installation instructions below:

  • Find Instructions

You can find installation instructions in the security system box and even through the app.

  • Identify The Hub

The installation begins with the base hub.

  • Use the Correct Wi-Fi Password

You will not find the “cancel” button if you mistakenly enter the wrong password. Therefore, you must type carefully if you don’t want to waste time.

  • Entry Code

You must use a 4-digit entry code for your keypad.

  • Placing Sensors

You must select the right place to place sensors. Such devices require a little time for installation.

If you experience issues, such as system secondhand, you should restore the factory setting. If you find difficulties in the installation or setting up the device, then you can also hire a professional installation service from the Ring.

The Best Alternative to Ring: X-Sense Home Security System

If you are looking for the most ideal alternative to the Ring, then the X-Sense home security system could be the right candidate. Let’s take a quick look at the X-Sense home security system.

X-Sense Home Security System

About X-Sense Home Security System

It is a DIY, extremely basic home security system that you can trust to protect your home. This security system comes with different operational modes, such as Home, Away, and Disarmed. You can tweak all these modes a little bit according to your requirements. The stylish hub, affordability, and easy setup of the X-Sense Home Security System make it a great competitor of the Ring Security System.

X-Sense Security System Packages

The great thing about the X-Sense Security System is that it will be a one-time investment. You don’t need to pay for monthly subscriptions or fees. This security system is available in a couple of packages, such as the 5-pieces model and 8-pieces mode. The 5-pieces model is available for $139.99, while you can buy the 8-piece model for $169. This price doesn’t include import and shipping charges though.

Why Stand Out?

The X-Sense home security system stands out because of its 1.25miles wireless range that is remarkable. Moreover, the device provides application data safety, stability, offering great value for your money.

X-Sense Home Security System

X-Sense Home Security System

  1. No additional contracts or subscription fees.
  2. Extensive wireless range of up to 1.25 miles using the latest Spread Spectrum technology.
  3. Fully compatible with Amazon Alexa.
  4. Internal backup battery keeps the system running during power outages.
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1. Is There a Monthly Fee for Ring Security System?

The free plan of the Ring home security system comes without any monthly fee. However, other Protect Basic, Protect Plus and Protect Pro plans do have a monthly fee.

2. Can Ring Security System Be Hacked?

Every device that connects to the internet can be hacked. However, the end-to-end encryption of the Ring home security system makes it one of the most secure security systems in the world.

3. Does Ring Call the Police?

Yes, they do. If you opt for professional monitoring, Ring will call the police whenever there is a need to.

4. Does Ring Work Without a Subscription?

No, there is no need for the Ring subscription plan to use their home protection system. You can easily view security cameras, answer doorbells, and watch real-time videos without any subscription.

5. Can Someone Disarm Your Ring Doorbell?

There are only a couple of ways to disarm the Ring doorbell. It can either be done using the alarm keypad or the Ring app. So, unauthorized persons will not be able to disarm your Ring doorbell.

6. How Long Does Ring Doorbell Battery Last?

On normal use, the battery of the doorbell will last between 6 - 12 months. However, it may deplete faster when the system is storing a lot of motion events on a daily basis.


Our Ring security system review concludes that this security system kit offers the most reliable professional monitoring at an affordable price. It offers support for many other Ring security gadgets and numerous switches and smart locks. It is still one of the most reliable home security systems even in 2021 continuously expanding smart home security integrations.

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