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SimpliSafe Smoke Detector Review 2021

By ChenDenny |

Every home or office needs safety measures, and smoke detectors are the basic need to get protection against fire. SimpliSafe is one of the top manufacturers of home security devices. In this article, let us look at the SimpliSafe smoke detector, including its key features, advantages, disadvantages, and the better alternative for this product at the end.

Overview of SimpliSafe Smoke Detector

SimpliSafe is simply a reliable brand, and the SimpliSafe smoke detector is one of their top products. It has excellent sensors to detect the slightest particles of smoke and alert the users about the danger. This device is fast to detect any flame particles and alert you effectively. As a result, it provides more time for you to get out of the building in case of real danger. This device lets you about the threat both visually and with sound, and it provides increased security. In the below section, let us do a more detailed SimpliSafe smoke detector review.

SimpliSafe Smoke Detector

Key Features

The below features of the SimpliSafe smoke alarm are making them one of the best in the home safety business.

Wireless connection

The days of connecting the devices with the wires are gone; now, you can connect your alarms using the Wi-Fi connection. This helps to get better control over the device by connecting to a smartphone app.

Great Photoelectric sensors

The quality of the sensors used in a smoke alarm needs to be given high importance. Based on the efficiency of the sensor, the device can detect and alert about the danger. This device comes with a Photoelectric sensor that easily detects the flames and small particles of fire and alerts you within a few seconds. This alarm system's response time of this device is quicker than most of the rivals. And hence, it gives more time to move out of the building safely.

Long battery backup

The battery backup should be given more importance while purchasing a smoke detector. This device comes with an excellent battery backup, and it saves you from replacing the battery frequently. The battery in the SimpliSafe smoke detector lasts at least 24 months, and sometimes you can see it lasting up to 26 months.

Replaceable battery

The SimpliSafe smoke detector device uses one CR-123A Lithium 3V battery, and it is included in the device. This battery gives a long battery backup, as we already discussed. The replacement process is smooth; you just need to open the battery compartment panel and insert the battery. That's it.

Silence/test feature

The device comes with a test/silence button; it is useful to test the device's functioning regularly and silence the alarm. Sometimes, you will get a false alarm, and you can press this button and silence the alarm. However, this action prevents the smoke detector from beeping for the next ten minutes. If there is any smoke preset after 10 minutes, it again starts alarming.

How to Test SimpliSafe Smoke Detector?

The SimpliSafe smoke detector device comes with a testing button. In smoke detectors, one has to regularly test the functionality of the same to ensure it is working as expected. This device needs to be tested on a weekly basis. You can test this device with the test button by pressing and holding the same for 4 seconds. Once test mode is activated, the sensor's siren starts sounding, and the LED will continuously and rapidly flash. You will get 3 beeps and then pause and 3 beeps, and this pattern will continue. In case this sensor is connected to the SimpliSafe alarm system, its base station also starts making a sound.

If you get beeps three times and flash with yellow light three times within 43 seconds, it means the smoke detector is not functioning normally. And it has to be replaced or repaired. And if it is not allowing to test properly, you must replace or repair it. This is the only way one can test the device.

How to Install SimpliSafe Smoke Detector?

To install a SimpliSafe smoke detector on a ceiling or wall, you need to follow the below steps:

  • First, rotate the unit anticlockwise and remove the mounting bracket.
  • On the wall or ceiling, mount the bracket. The required wall anchors and screws are included in the package.
  • Till the mounting bracket clicks into the place, push and turns it clockwise. To ensure it is securely attached, pull outward on the alarm.

Battery Installation

Installing or replacing the battery is effortless; you need to follow the below three simple steps to achieve your goal:

  • First, open the smoke detector battery compartment.
  • Then, insert a new 3V lithium battery and ensure positive and negative ends are aligned correctly.
  • Once your installation is proper, the smoke detector will make a chirping sound to confirm it is inserted properly.

Why Is My SimpliSafe Smoke Detector Beeping?

The SimpliSafe smoke detector beeps in three situations. First, it will beep if it detects any smoke or fire particles in the surroundings, and it is the primary objective of the smoke detectors, and you know what to do next. Sometimes, it will start beeping if it detects kitchen smoke or other false alarms. In this case, you can turn it off and silence the device. If it is beeping with red color, it indicates the presence of smoke or fire elements.

The device also starts beeping in the test mode. This can be turned off using the silence button. In testing, if it beeps with yellow light, it indicates the malfunctioning of the device, and you need to repair or replace it immediately. Another scenario when this device beeps is when you insert or replace the battery, but it beeps only once.

The Alternative to SimpliSafe Smoke Detector

If you are looking to try another device with almost the same features, here is another suggestion. You can compare these two devices and decide the best one as per your requirements.

X-Sense XS01-WR Wireless Smoke Detector

X-Sense is another reliable brand in alarm and home safety devices. X-Sense XS01 -WR is one of the top-selling products. It uses radiofrequency wireless technology to transmit & receive messages. This device can be interconnected with other alarms, and if one alarm goes off, the rest will follow suit. The battery life and sensor life are five and ten years, respectively. The upgraded photoelectric sensor is capable of sensing the threats effectively and minimizing the false alarms chances. Since the connection happens without the hardwire, you can install it on the ceiling or wall without much difficulty. Furthermore, it meets the EN 14604 (EU) standards.

X-sense XS01-WR Wireless Smoke Detector

Key Features:

Wireless connection

The best feature of this smoke detector is the wireless connection; Now, you can become tension-free from the complications associated with hardwired alarms and enjoy the wireless connection. This battery-powered smoke alarm lets you interconnect the alarms without rewiring. As a result, the installation becomes smooth, and anyone can install this smoke detector without any professional assistance.

Extended battery life

In many smoke detectors, battery life is a major concern. Generally, in most smoke alarms, you can get a life span of one year. But it is not the case with this device. XS01 uses one 3 V lithium battery, and it provides a whopping five years of service. It is energy-efficient, eco-friendly, and easily replaceable. The uninterrupted protection is available to you with a long-lasting battery and its low battery indicator.

Advanced Sensor

It is equipped with an advanced photoelectric sensor. This sensor helps to respond and alert to smoke and fire breakout incidents quickly, and hence you will get more time to respond and take the necessary actions. Adding to this, it also helps in reducing the probabilities of false alarms to a larger extent.

Excellent test mechanism

To ensure the safety of your home or other building, you must regularly test the device. And this is easy in the case of X-Sense XS01 smoke detector. To test whether the device is working properly or not, you just need to press this button. It also acts as a silence button if it beeps in non-emergency or false alarm situations.


  • Effective wireless connection.
  • Effortless to install this device and connect to a network.
  • The wireless connection technology helps to interconnect the alarms easily.
  • Long-lasting battery with a lifespan of five years.
  • Easy replacement of lithium battery.


Smoke detectors are necessary for every building these days. And Simplisafe smoke alarm is one of the best smoke detectors available in the market. It comes with all the features that make your life easy and tension-free. But these days, who just see and purchase a product without comparing it? Hence, we hope that the SimpliSafe fire alarm review and X-Sense XS01 review will help you compare the best and choose as per your needs and budget. Without a doubt, if you choose, anyone out of these two will provide a secured environment with minimal maintenance. So, why are you waiting? Procure the one which impresses you more out of these two and get much-needed peace of mind.

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