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Smoke Detector Cameras

By ChenDenny |

Hidden cameras are a great form of home security. Nowadays, people are now aware of home security cameras installed in the corners of houses. They are too obvious and can sometimes be unsightly in a room. Criminals and other unwanted guests are now aware that their every move is being monitored. Thus, homeowners are now turning to hidden cameras to protect their homes. One of the best ways to do so is by installing smoke detector cameras.

About the Camera in Smoke Detector

Hidden cameras are created in such a way that people won’t even know its presence in a room. They are typically designed to look like day-to-day home or office items to perfectly place it in the best angle or view. These are excellent to unknowingly supervise your home without other people being aware. These revolutionary hidden cameras typically come in unseemingly household items like wall clocks, sculpture, smoke detectors; sometimes even in stuffed toys or small items like pens.

Meanwhile, there are black-box cameras you can purchase. These are small cameras that can be placed inside any object, which allows for a one-of-a-kind security device you can position anywhere in your home or office.

You can get the type of security camera that best suits your needs and preferences. Whether it’s a black-box camera you can hide or a camera disguised as a household item - they all deliver great features such as access to the camera feed even when you’re miles away from your home or office.

Why you Need Hidden Camera in Smoke Detector

There are a variety of reasons why anyone would decide to place hidden cameras in a room or space. You can be a business owner and wish to keep an eye on your employees remotely without their knowledge. Furthermore, you can also be a parent and want to monitor your children while you’re out of town. These hidden cameras can also watch out for household employees such as babysitters, house helpers, and repair or service delivery personnel and make sure your family and your belongings are protected.

Moreover, you can simply use them to watch over suspicious people both in your home and office to catch them in the act. No matter what your purpose and goals are for installing security cameras, BrickHouse Security will help you through the process and make sure you select the most suitable camera for your space.

For these many reasons, various styles of camera housings are designed to suit every individual’s needs. These are often referred to as “form factors”. Security or surveillance cameras no longer come in bulky, obtrusive forms. They now come in unseemingly household objects like smoke detectors, wall clocks, and other decorative objects.

The Smoke Detector Camera Legality

One of the best and most popular types of hidden cameras currently sold is a smoke detector camera. It’s particularly an excellent type of a hidden camera because virtually every house has a smoke detector installed. Furthermore, they are highly unobtrusive and easily camouflages or blends in your home. No one would ever suspect a basic smoke detector to be a hidden security camera.

You might be wondering if these smoke detector cameras are actually functioning smoke detectors. Typically, they are not real smoke detectors although they might be designed and appear so. However, there are other styles that can actually serve as a real smoke detector. It all depends on which one you will select for your home.

Safety Note for Smoke Detector Camera

As previously stated, most smoke detector cameras are just dummies. This means that they are not truly functioning smoke detectors. Thus, you shouldn’t get rid of your working smoke detector in your house. In most states, it is even illegal to get rid of your smoke detectors. Most importantly, it is dangerous to not having a fully-operating and functioning smoke detector in your home.

Meanwhile, if you’re worried that having more than one smoke detector in your space might give away the presence of a security device, you can always position them apart from each other. However, if this isn’t possible, you can always select other types of hidden cameras that will also achieve the same results.

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