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The Best Smart Water Leak Detectors

Wed, Feb 15, 2023

Damaged pipes and leaky faucets cannot only skyrocket your water bills, but can cause major damage if left untreated. Smart water leak detectors can help you identify plumbing problems before they become worse.

How does a smart water leak detector work?

This type of smart device has a built-in sensor that sends a signal and/or audible alarm when a water leak is detected. Most models have a leak detection sensor located on the bottom of the unit. Most of the models we tested have alerts when there is a leak, but they may also send push notifications to the app and/or email.

Where should a smart water leak detector be placed?

Smart water leak detectors should be placed where water leaks are likely to occur: near toilets, around pipes, under sinks, around pipes behind toilets and under sinks, and near appliances such as washing machines, dishwashers, and water heaters. Some models of detectors can also be placed under appliances. Also, it's a good idea to place sensors in areas of your home that have experienced water damage, including attics.

Are smart water leak detectors worth the money?

Smart water leak detectors can save you money by catching water leaks before they become a big problem. Once a leak is detected and alerted, you should have plenty of time to shut off the water supply or make quick emergency repairs. Some insurance companies also offer discounts to homeowners who install water leak detectors.

Top Best Smart Water leak detector

1. Phyn Smart Water Sensor

The Wi-Fi-enabled Phyn Smart Flood Sensor doesn't offer any integration with smart platforms like Apple's HomeKit, Amazon's Echo, or Google Home. Instead, it runs through the Phyn mobile app, which sends out smart alerts when water is detected.

For the most part, the sensor did a good job of reporting any leaks, but a few times it took a long time to get the alert. It also plays an audible alarm tone, but it's too weak in another room with a closed door. The only way to stop the sound is to press a button on the top of the device, which can be difficult to reach depending on where you place it.

The device is about the size of a hockey puck, so it's too big to fit under appliances. Instead, you can purchase Phyn extension nodes to ensure complete coverage in tight spaces.

2. Govee Wi-Fi Water Leak Detector

Compared to some of the other leak detectors we tested, the Govee Wi-Fi Water Leak Detector is very easy to set up. There was no Wi-Fi connection on the first try, but on the second try, the device was set up in 60 seconds.

While the setup was pretty smooth, the notifications were overly cumbersome. The leak detector sends near-instant alerts over Wi-Fi, but my phone was never notified while it was connected to data. Overall, Govee's water sensor works pretty well if you have a stable internet connection. But if you're away from your home network, you probably won't be able to get them.

The Govee Home app is easy to operate, but it doesn't provide as much information about the sensor (like temperature, humidity, and battery life) as other smart water detectors. One of the app's best features is the ability to go in and turn off the audible alarm once a leak is detected. Most of the water leak detectors we tested don’t offer this feature, but turning off this sensor’s deafening siren sound is necessary.

3. Ring Alarm Flood Sensors

If you have a Ring Alarm System, the Ring Flood Sensor is the perfect leak detection device to integrate with your home security setup. An alarm system is a requirement to use a flood sensor, which is why we only recommend it for homes with an existing Ring system.

The tiny, round unit is flat enough to fit over sinks, refrigerators, toilets, and other places where leaks can occur. It doesn't come with an extension probe like some other leak detectors, so make sure it fits your intended space before buying.

Once in place, it works like magic, sending smart alerts to your phone or tablet in time for it to come into contact with water. It can also send you notifications when the temperature drops, alerting you to any potentially frozen pipes. Currently, Alexa doesn't integrate with Ring's flood sensor push notifications. The sensors are managed through the Ring app, which also requires two-factor authentication.

4. Wasserstein Wi-Fi Water Leak Sensor

There are a few reasons why Wasserstein's Wi-Fi Leak Sensor earns our Best Value pick. While it's not the fastest at sending reminders, it's still capable of sending notifications over Wi-Fi and cellular data in under 20 seconds.

The setup process is very simple. There is a scannable QR code in the user manual that directs you to the Wasserstein app, follow the prompts, and have the leak detector up and running in less than a minute.

Wasserstein's leak detector comes with a probe, which is a useful addition if you want to slide the sensor into a small space, like under or behind a washing machine or dishwasher. It also comes with a wall anchor so you can hang the bulk of the leak detector nearby and place the probe where a leak might occur.

5. X-Sense Wi-Fi Water Leak Detector

X-Sense Wi-Fi Water Leak Detector, Smart Water Sensor Alarm, Water Detector Alarm, 1640 Feet Transmission Range, Kitchen, Basement, Bathroom.

Real-time notifications: Push water leak alerts will be sent to your phone when a water leak is detected, so you can be alerted quickly even when you’re not at home; you can share the device with your family members so they too can check it anytime, anywhere.

KNOW FROM ANYWHERE: Once triggered, the water alarm sensor and base station will simultaneously sound at up to 110 decibels—loud enough for everyone to hear; simply silence the alarm via the app, or press the base station or water leak sensor mute button on.

High Sensitivity: This water leak detector is equipped with 2 top sensor probes and 4 bottom sensor probes, detects water leaks and floods; detects the lowest water level 0.015 inches (0.4 mm), provides early warning of water damage, LED flashes red.

Wireless and Sleek Design: No wiring or setup required. Measuring only 1" (29 mm) in diameter, this water sensor alarm is small and compact, fits anywhere, and blends nicely into any home decor; 5-year lifespan with 3-year replaceable batteries (included).

IP66 Waterproof: The IP66 waterproof rating allows for long-term use in wet areas, such as near common household water sources such as dishwashers, water heaters, or washing machines; its durable construction and rust-resistant exterior coating allow for long-term use.

Customize your needs: real-time application reminder, device test function, low battery warning, sharing function enabled; "Remind Me Later" function allows you to temporarily mute the system, timer settings are 10 minutes/30 minutes/2 hours/6 hours/12 hours option.

What to do if your Wi-Fi connection isn't great

Depending on how close the leak sensor is to your Wi-Fi setup, it may be having issues communicating with your internet connection, which could hinder your ability to receive leak alerts.

If this is the case, we recommend using a mesh Wi-Fi router to strengthen the connection. The Google Wi-Fi trio comes with a router to connect to broadband and two nodes to extend the Wi-Fi signal. It's simple to set up, guides you through the best placement of nodes for the best performance and coverage, and is suitable for both apartment buildings and single-family homes.

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