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Smoke Detector Blinking Red

Wed, Apr 15, 2020

A red signal is usually attributed to an alarming state, but it can signal other things that need attention. It is helpful to understand what these red flashes mean at different times and in different situations. This will not only reduce panic, but will also help to properly identify what it means and how to address it. This article will explain what smoke detector flashing red means, so you will be ready to respond to yours.

Why Is My Smoke Detector Blinking Red?

If your smoke detector has a blinking red light that flashes every 10 seconds, it means that it is reacting from the after-effects of smoke and is in a temporary desensitized state. When the smoke is no longer heavy in the air, the smoke detector should silence its alarm and the red light will start blinking. The smoke detector will automatically reset itself after 10 minutes and re-sound an alarm if the smoke is still detected.

If you want to manually reset the smoke detector so that the red blinking light will stop, you can press the test/silence button for a few seconds. If your device includes a keypad press “*72” or if your smoke detector is hardwired, look for a reset button to push and hold for 20 seconds. Wait until you hear the beeping sound again to ensure that it is back to its normal condition.

How to Reset the Smoke Detector?

Before you reset your smoke detector, you should be able to identify what it means. The reasons could range from a simple battery replacement, a faulty device, or your alarm being in a temporary desensitized state. Knowing this allows you to respond in the most efficient way possible, and whatever the situation is, one thing is for sure, your device needs your attention to function properly.

A quick tip to be prepared for this is to read your instruction manual after purchase. Yes, you know what we mean. This is the paper that we usually throw away after we have received the actual device.

1. Make sure there is no danger

Before you reach for your alarm, first make sure there is not a fire or danger in the area. Whether the smoke detector went off because you burnt something in the oven or because there is an actual fire present, you need to be certain that your environment is safe. After that, you can reset your alarm, especially when it has not stopped sounding.

2. Locate the test button for the device

To reset the detector, you need to push and hold the test button on your device. You may need to press longer than 5 seconds until you hear a beep or series of beeps, depending on the type of alarm you have. It helps if you have done this test reset right after purchasing the device so that you are familiar with it.

3. Consider replacing the batteries

If you are trying to reset your alarm but it continues to make a sound, you can try to replace the batteries. To take the batteries out, you will need to locate the compartment which is usually on the backside of the smoke detector. Once replaced, you can try to reset the alarm again to see if it works properly. To lessen these unwanted occurrences, you can do regular maintenance checks at least twice a year.

4. Reset hardwired smoke detectors

These detectors will not require batteries, but you should be able to reset your alarm in the same way by locating the test button. If your devices are interconnected, make sure you check them individually. Also, if your device has a silent mode feature, you can push the test button again to turn it back on.

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5. None of these work

As a worst-case scenario, it could be that your smoke detector is defective or has reached its expiration date. You will know this when you reset the device and it is unresponsive. This is something that you want to detect early on if you do a regular maintenance check. If this happens to be your case, you will need to replace the entire device with a brand new one.

As annoying as it may be when your smoke detector blinks a red light, you need to pay attention to what it means. This will keep your product in good shape and protect you and your home in the event of a fire.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What do the X-sense light colors mean?

The X-sense smoke detector will have 3 LED lights that represent a RAG (red, amber, green) status.

  • Green – The green light means that the smoke detector is powered ON and the device is operational.
  • Yellow – Typically, the yellow light indicates that the battery of the smoke detector is low thus needing replacement. However, it could also indicate that your device is no longer in good condition and malfunctioning. In this case, you might have already reached the end of the product’s life.
  • Red – X-Sense smoke alarms usually attribute this light to dangerous situations. The initial approach for this is to ensure that there is no smoke or fire in your home. Otherwise, it is best to evacuate immediately.

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2. How to Stop Smoke Detector Blinking red?

Once smoke is no longer in the air, your alarm should become silent and blink red indicating it is in a desensitized state. You can push the test/silence button to make the light stop blinking.

3. Why do smoke alarms chirp intermittently?

Your smoke detectors goes off with beeping sound, because they may need the batteries replaced. Those that are battery-operated can typically continue to beep at intervals for 30 days before it fully loses power.For hardwired smoke alarms, they may have a backup battery separate from the main electrical power that needs to be replaced. You should replace your batteries when you hear this chirping and be sure you replace them with the correct battery size and type of battery for the device. If you are not sure what your device needs, you should check the manufacturer manual or research it online.

In some cases, smoke detectors have a silence mode that could be a possible reason for your alarm to beep intermittingly. It usually will beep and stop after 8 minutes then go back into its normal state.

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