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Why Is My Smoke Alarm Blinking?

By ChenDenny |

Security and automation systems have become a household name in the modern lifestyle. There are plenty of reasons why you need a smoke detector for home security and why to switch to technological advancements. If you also have a smoke alarm system in your house, you might have come across the incidences when there was the blinking of smoke alarms. So, it is essential to know the possible reasons behind it. For that matter, keep reading, and you will know everything you need to.

Why Your Smoke Detectors Blink?

It often happens whenever you enter your room, look at the ceiling, and you notice that the smoke alarm is blinking and showing the red light. The blinking of the alarm blinking is one of the common problems in residences. The blinking may be an indication of the efficiency of batteries and power supply. If the sign of red-light blinks like a flash, it shows that it is operating correctly. But if it is flickering for a short duration like for a minute or two, it is normal. However, if the blinking happens more frequently, it indicates that the alarm is working in a hurry-up mode.

What Does the Green Light Mean?  

It usually happens that your smoke alarm tends to show green light in the detector; this is the indication that your smoke alarm is operated by the AC power supply. In case, the alarm is going out, that might be due to an interruption in power. You should check the position of wiring to prevent any problem. 

In the history of UNITED STATES OF AMERICA, the yearly data show that 485 citizens had lost their lives when their houses were on fire. Some 2305 people got injured in the accident. You may avoid such an accident if you install a well efficient working smoke detector and alarm by the professional electricians. It may save you, your families, and your dear homes too.

You should not be one of those people who may get into trouble. For the purpose of installation, you can consult the free services of Lon Lockwood Electric, who are experts at installing smoke detectors and carbon dioxide detectors for your security.

How to Fix Smoke Alarm Blinking Issue

The United States of America passed the law in 2011 that all the houses should install the carbon monoxide detectors for their overall security. As carbon monoxide is a silent killer of poison, the results are frightening. The reason for installing combination smoke and carbon monoxide alarms in your homes is for your security and to inform you that the carbon monoxide is present in the air at high levels, which may cause accidental poisoning. The ways of entering this gas into the houses can be unnoticeable, but it is dangerous. The smoke detectors are very helpful in informing you to move safely to another place when you are in danger. This device is essential for your home safety; on the other hand, it can be very frightening when you are in the danger zone, it will make a noise, but it will not beep the alarm. To avoid such a situation, you should know the precautionary measures you can take when the carbon monoxide detectors are set to toot. Here we are discussing the three common reasons to fix the smoke alarm properly.

1. Battery Issue:

The main issue which you can face for the battery is its blinking and chirping. The reason for this problem is that it is dirty. The working of the detector depends upon the level of carbon monoxide levels present in the air to a certain degree. Usually, there are three different kinds of sensors in the smoke detectors. These are biometric sensors, electrochemical sensors, and metal oxide semiconductors. These sensors may prove efficient when they react to the carbon monoxide present in the air. If the detector finds a sufficient amount of carbon monoxide, the response can lead to setting off the alarms.

The small air filters are present in the smoke detectors, which can permit air to pass through. If the area of passing is blocked with the dirt and dust particles, it can affect the efficiency of smoke alarms. When the detector detects the problem, the device will start giving noise giving you the intimation that there is something wrong with it. To avoid this situation, you should clean your device by removing dust particles and dirt on the inner side and outside too. A carbon monoxide detector should be cleaned with a moist cloth.

2. Resetting of Alarm:

You should leave the house with your family when your alarm detector is going in a sequence of four successive beeps; this is an indication that there is carbon monoxide in your home. In this situation, you should reset the smoke fire alarms. Even after resetting the alarm, if it does not work correctly, you should replace the instrument with the new one because your alarm may have expired. Some devices are not so expensive, so there is no difficulty in replacing them.

3. Environmental Conditions:

The carbon monoxide detectors depend on the condition of the environment and the air to pick up the carbon monoxide in the air. The main reasons which can affect the working are humidity, steam, and reflection. You should check the temperature of your house, make sure that the temperature is uniform, and no air is passing through. It is often noticed that alarms are efficient in average temperatures.

So, to ensure the security of you and your home, the installation of smoke alarms and detectors is essential. The things you need to keep in mind are the conditions of the environment, the charging, and the resetting of batteries. Stay safe and secure with a smoke alarm working at its maximum potential.

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