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How to Reset Carbon Monoxide Alarm

By ChenDenny |

The Carbon Monoxide Alarm is built to keep you safe with your environment. This small device is vital for homes because it detects the presence of CO and it is the fastest way to prevent carbon monoxide poisoning. On the following content, we discuss what is the carbon monoxide detector and how to reset Carbon Monoxide Alarm when you need it.

What is Carbon Monoxide?

Carbon Monoxide which carries the sign (CO) is a gas particle that is invisible to the naked eye. It is considered a dangerous gas that can cause body poisoning because of its incombustible characteristics. It is commonly produced when the fossil is burned such as wood, coal, charcoal, natural gas, oil gasoline, and kerosene.

signs of carbon monoxide poisoning

The presence of carbon monoxide can occur in gas or oil appliances that are not working properly. These malfunctioning appliances such as a furnace, a clothes dryer, an oven, a water heater will have traces of carbon monoxide that can seep through the cracks of appliance installations. It is riskier for combustion to occur when there is no proper ventilation that can destroy the CO properties.

Why you Need Reset Your Carbon Monoxide Alarm?

As the carbon monoxide can cause injuries and deaths. To prevent the CO poisoning, it require that it must install a carbon monoxide detector on the family safety system. While the carbon monoxide alarms is going off, or the detector is beeping or chirping. You need to check out what cause this problem occurs and what if it is going off false alarm. As following the tips for you to check the CO alarms:

carbon monoxide detector fasle alarms

4 beeps followed by a pause: – This means that you should evacuate and seek fresh air immediately as there may already be carbon monoxide in the area. Contact your local police and fire department so that they can get to the scene immediately

1 beep after every minute:– This means that the batteries of your unit will need to be replaced. Your unit may have been with you for a long time and have not had a recent battery replacement. In this case, you can source the batteries that are compatible with your alarm and reset them when they have been replaced.

5 beeps after every minute: – This means that your unit, the carbon monoxide alarm, will have to be replaced. It has reached its limit of use and will no longer be able to function as a reliable alarm. In this case, you need to consider buying an entirely new unit to replace it.

How to Reset Carbon Monoxide Alarm?

Carbon Monoxide Alarms are built to detect CO in the air, causing sound when the particle exists. There are several manufacturers of an alarm which means that the placement of its reset button may also be different from the rest. Thus, you should keep your manual for safe keeping.

Step 1. Your carbon monoxide alarm naturally has a reset button that is manually operated. Some may automatically reset on their own. Again, in this case, you may want to consult the manual, conduct online research of your unit’s model or contact the dealer or manufacturer directly.

Step 2. When you have found the location and reset feature, you can manually press the button and the sensor should start working again. You can do this after replacing the battery after testing its sensitivity.

Step 3. For those alarms that automatically reset on their own, it usually resets within 10 minutes after any of these situations.

Step 4. If all situations tend to fail on you, then it may be best to consider replacing CO alarms that tend to malfunction. This is a typical scenario for older carbon monoxide alarms that have been installed for a very long period.

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