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All about Clipsal Smoke Alarm

By HopeCharlotte |

The slow-burning fire can be one of the most common risks in a house, which can lead to unfavorable consequences. To protect your home, installing the Clipsal fire tech smoke alarms can be a very reliable option. It helps in bringing the situation under control by warning you about the smoldering fire before it becomes impossible to escape due to the increasing flames of fire. These alarms can be connected either by wires or wirelessly. It assures that if any of the installed alarm detects smoke, it will activate all the signals present. The Clipsal smoke system helps give more significant warnings so that it will not be a problem for larger homes.

Overview of Clipsal Smoke Alarm

To protect your life's most valuable priorities, such as family, friends, and home, installing a smoke alarm can be beneficial because it will help you stay out of any risk regarding smoke and fire. These excellent quality electronic devices can assure the early detection of smoke and prevent any future troubles. All Clipsal alarms are manufactured with the latest photoelectric detection technology, which helps in detecting the smoke from reeking fire. All types of Clipsal smoke detectors are suitable for any domestic environment.


The Clipsal smoke alarm comes with a handful of features that make the product different from others. Here are some of the outstanding features mentioned below:

  • Options available for both flush-mount and surface-mount.
  • Comes with a stylish design exclusively suitable for modern housing.
  • Maximum protection provided with the help of inbuilt photoelectric technology.
  • Comes with a rechargeable lithium battery with ten-year survival.
  • DC battery of 9V is included as a backup.
  • Sturdy design for top-notch performance and resistance.
  • The loud alarm sound provides a better indication as compared to others.
  • The remote control of the smoke alarm can be tested quickly and safely.

Is Your Clipsal Smoke Alarm Chirping? 

It is mainly due to two reasons that your smoke alarm might be beeping or chirping.

Low battery

  • The battery of your smoke alarm needs a replacement if it beeps every 40 seconds.
  • Press the hush or test button if you decide to replace the battery to snooze the product for 10 hours.

False alarm

  • In case of a false alarm, or buzzing of fear without any smoke. Look into the signal which has activated on its own.
  • While the alarm continues to beep, look for the red LED light 
  • If the alarm stops beeping before you have recognized the sound, look over the place where the red LED light is situated, which flashes every 2 seconds.
  • Clean out air and dust totally out of the product. If you encounter the same problem after that, call the electrician to check.

How to Reset the Clipsal Smoke Alarm

Every machine comes up with processors that might have an internal error; most common among them is the error for the weak battery. After replacing the battery, the process of resetting happens automatically, but sometimes it doesn't and has to be done manually to eliminate the error.

To reset the AC battery, follow the steps mentioned below:

  • At the circuit breaker, turn off the power supplied to the smoke alarm.
  • The mounting of the smoke alarm should be removed and disconnected from the main.
  • After un-mounting the smoke alarm, remove the battery.
  • The rest button should then be pressed and be held for 15 seconds. A beeping sound may come from the signal before going silent.
  • After resetting, reinstall the battery and reconnect it to the main power and then switch it on.

To reset a DC unit, follow the below-mentioned steps: 

  • The battery should be removed first.
  • The test or the hush button should be pressed for 15 seconds. The group will beep for a few seconds before going silent.
  • The battery should then be reinstalled; after the reconnection, the battery will make a buzz.

How to Maintain Clipsal Smoke Alarm

Once a month:

  • Press or hold the battery for 3 seconds until the unit makes a sound.
  • Continue to press the reset button for another 10 seconds to activate all the interconnected alarms.
  • Repeat the same test, while turning off the main power to check the backup battery.
  • The smoke alarm should indicate that the battery should work correctly if it does not change the unit immediately.

Every three months:

  • Clean the smoke alarms to keep them dust-free and away from insects or spider webs. Cleaning will reduce the chances of false alarm and make sure that the internal sensing chamber works appropriately.
  • A cloth with insect repellent spray should be used to wipe the smoke alarm so that it also works as an obstruction from bugs.
  • The testing of the smoke alarm should be done after the cleaning procedure.

Every year:

  • The button present at the side of the unit should be pressed, or the alarm should be pulled off to recognize the 9V backup battery.
  • For efficiency of the product and to avoid frequent replacing, change the backup battery to lithium, which serves for a lengthier purpose.

Every ten years: 

  • Every smoke alarm comes with a duration of a maximum of 10 years, irrespective of whether it continues to work after ten years. It is recommended to replace the smoke alarm precisely after ten years from the date of manufacture.
  • A professional electrician should be consulted for the replacement of the smoke alarm.

Why is maintenance so important?

It becomes essential to replace the smoke alarm because it is a crucial device that provides safety in-home or any residential area. Smoke alarms are installed so that the owner gets a warning even if there is a reek of fire being smoldered so that the people residing nearby have enough time to evacuate the place and move out safely.

It becomes vital to keep on frequently checking that the machine is working correctly or not. There are other electrical accessories in one's home, which sometimes face technical problems and require frequent maintenance for working correctly and effectively. The probability of false alarm will be reduced if the smoke alarm is maintained and checked frequently.   

From the above context, it might be obvious to you that smoke alarms play an essential role in one's life. Every house should have at least one smoke alarm in the most active area of the house. The Clipsal smoke alarm proves to be very suitable for residential purposes because of its affordable price and easy to install procedures.

From installation to maintenance and then to replacement becomes an essential part when smoke alarms are installed. If done correctly and periodically, there won't be any issue regarding malfunctioning. The location of the smoke alarm requires consideration. One should avoid installing a smoke alarm in areas which could result in nuisance tripping and cause a false alarm. It is recommended by professionals to install smoke alarms in every bedroom, interconnecting them to provide maximum protection.

The quality of the manufactured product should not be doubted because it is designed by combining quality with style. The product is modern, with an edgy finish and superior style.   

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