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The Cost to Install Smoke Detectors

By ChenDenny |

Smoke alarms or carbon monoxide detectors have become common in households. Depending upon your preferred brand, type, and installation charges, they come at different prices. The cost to install them may range from $65, on average, and may keep on increasing according to your requirement and it's brand. However, in general, they may not make a big hole in your pocket and often fit your budget.

How Much Does It Cost to Install Smoke Detectors in your Home

It costs around $150 to $200 if you want to get hold of a newly hardwired smoke alarm or detector installed in your residence by a reputed and licensed electrician. The cost also depends on the area where you reside. The various other factors that determine the cost are the number of smoke detectors you want to have installed, the detector’s type, and lastly, the amount of work required to install the detector.

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The estimated cost for the installation is determined by how much time it takes for the completion of the job in addition to the types of materials used. The installation several smoke detectors significantly reduce the cost per unit, since most of them will get installed at a mere distance of few feet away from each other or from one room to another room.

The Factors of Smoke Detector Installation Cost

Various factors affect the installation of a carbon monoxide detector or smoke alarm.

  • Location: The detectors should be installed in places that come in contact with smoke floors such as windows, ducts, panels, kitchen, etc. It should be more than 4 inches from the wall. However, it is advisable to install each unit in the central area of your house.
  • Requirement: Battery operated smoke detectors do not depend on electricity and can perform on the own with the help of batteries alone. Thus, their installation does not need to be near a power source, and it could be by making a bracket or mount on a wall/ceiling.
  • Installation: Installation of different smoke detectors is different, but in general, battery ones and hardwired ones are both simple to install. The process involved look getting the right place, making markings for screws, drilling holes, and screwing the play to the ceiling/wall. Replacing an existing smoke detector is also simple. It involves removing the old tractor and see whether the new one uses the same plate or not. For a new hardwired installation, the electrician will connect the wires, install the plate, and ensure it is functioning correctly.

1. The Type of Detectors You Should Choose

Ionization Smoke Detectors: successfully detects particles even before the fire becomes visible and comparatively cheap. But it provides false signals sometimes for issues like emission of paint fumes and does not successfully detect a smoke or fire every time.

Dual Smoke Detectors: Successfully detects the presence of smoke as well as carbon monoxide. Sports a higher chance of signaling false fires and smoke which may become problematic.

Photoelectric Smoke Detectors: Signals lesser false alarms and it detects smoldering fires successfully. But it takes a longer time to detect specific varieties of smoke fumes and comparatively more expensive.

2. How Many Detectors You Need

As a general rule, the more the number of detectors, the more will be the cost of your project. The number of detectors you need to be installed depends upon the floors of your house, the size of your home, and the number of rooms, etc

Place one smoke detector in:

  • Every single bedroom
  • Every single bedroom
  • Outside of all the various sleeping areas
  • On every floor/lever of your residence in addition to basements.

Place one carbon monoxide detector in:

  • On the entrance (door) of every bedroom.
  • On every floor or level of your housing, as well as the basement.
  • Inside each bedroom which has an appliance that operates on fuel.

3. The Level of Difficulty

The greater the number of difficulties that the electrician faces, the higher will be the cost of installation in addition to wastage of time as well as labor.

  • High Ceilings - Higher ceilings are an issue with this as it requires a ladder and additional tools to reach to the top. It also leads to slow installation time.
  • Installation Process in a Fully Furnished vs an Unfurnished House - Sometimes, if your house has not been furnished, the main installation tampers with your wall paint and other house aesthetics. For a wall that is not painted, the electrician needs to cut holes and make the changes. If you have an unfurnished house, then it is preferable to install your smoke detector near the fire appliance. For a furnished house, it is not an issue if the detector is at some distance from the smoke emitter.
  • The necessity of Installing a New Circuit Breaker – There is no necessity for smoke and carbon monoxide detectors to be present on different dedicated circuits because of the fact that a solo detector does not require a high amperage. Therefore, the number of detectors also depends upon your house's circuit system. If your circuit system is completely full, then the electrician will necessarily have to install a new circuit, which could lead to more time and money.

4. The Electrician That You Need to Hire

If the electrician that you hire has more experience and is more qualified, they will typically charge more. This is because of the fact that a highly-experienced electrician will do the job perfectly for the very first time, which in turn will save you lots of money.

The additional cost also offers you peace of mind. In simpler words, if you opt for a higher-paid electrician who has extensive knowledge as well as experience in the field, you can comfortably be sure of the fact that the installed smoke and carbon monoxide detectors will function perfectly, thereby guaranteeing you yours as well as your family’s safety.

When searching for electricians with a high-pay, choose only the one who:

  • Has got a suitable license which is insured by Colorado.
  • Has ample experience in installing smoke and carbon monoxide detectors.
  • Offers referrals of previous customers without any hesitation.
  • It is associated with a reputed company that has been a prestigious establishment for more than ten years.
  • Has top-tier reviews on BBQ, Google, etc.

As more and more fire generated appliances are being produced and used in households, people are willing to purchase such detectors to save their lives. Smoke detectors and carbon monoxide detectors both have become very common. Although the costs vary due to various reasons, these are likely to fit in everyone's budget in general. There are cheap as well as expensive ones. All types are available in the market, and hence, people can choose whichever suits them. These are useful as they can save you from fire, your property and could save your neighbors too.

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