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How to Change Battery in Smoke Detector and Fire Alarm

Wed, Apr 29, 2020

Research shows that dead batteries cause twenty percent of failed smoke detectors are caused by dead batteries. It is essential to note that smoke detectors do not only detect smoke; they also function as alarms, chirps, and blinking lights. They run round the clock hence the need for well-functioning batteries. One must keep in mind how to change battery in smoke detector since, without a fresh battery, they can’t supply power for constant services.

Two Different Power Supply Options for Smoke Detectors

There are two different power supply options for smoke detectors. Both of these options work well. These two options are:

1. Battery-Powered Detectors

Batteries power many smoke detectors and fire alarms. These batteries don't require a lot of power, and hence, you don't have to worry about their maintenance more often.

Since the power supply option is battery-powered, and the battery has a limit, you need to be cautious enough to replace the battery timely. However, you can stop worrying about replacing the battery by purchasing a more reliable product, a 10-year sealed battery smoke detector for battery-powered detectors. This will help you protect your home and family and giving you peace of mind. We will discuss it in detail later.

2. Hard-Wired Smoke Detectors

The other option is the use of hard-wired smoke detectors. You wire these smoke detectors directly into your home's power supply. Moreover, hard-wired smoke detectors also use batteries, and these batteries work as an emergency power source if there is some problem with the home's electrical system. This ensures that you are safe all the time. Hard-wired smoke detectors require less maintenance and are also reliable.

What Batteries Do Smoke Detectors Use?

The functionality of your smoke detectors and fire alarms depends on the quality of the batteries used. The higher the quality, the better the function of your devices. 

9V vs. AAs Batteries

9V vs. AAs Batteries

If you are doing smoke detector battery change for the first time, you need to check the battery compartments of your device as to the required battery. However, 9V batteries are mostly the battery of choice for smoke alarms. Such kinds of batteries are essential for all types of electric devices that need voltage and current.

Meanwhile, newly-manufactured smoke detectors nowadays need two or three AA batteries. AA batteries usually have three times as much energy as 9V batteries.

10-Year Sealed Battery Smoke Alarm

To avoid the hassle of changing battery in smoke detector now and then, the 10-year sealed battery smoke alarm is an efficient choice. The device is equipped with sealed lithium batteries with a life span of ten years, thus providing ten years of continuous protection without going through steps on how to change batteries in smoke detector.The best option for you would be to go for the X-Sense as they offer quality combined with ease of use.

X-Sense SD01 Smoke Detector

  1. LED escape light provides a safe exit path during an emergency.
  2. The advanced photoelectric sensor can quickly detect dangerous smoke levels.
  3. 10-year sealed-in high-capacity lithium battery power.
  4. Simple and easy to install onto any wall or ceiling without hardwiring.
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How to Change a Smoke Detector Battery

A 10-year sealed battery smoke alarm gives you mental freedom as you don't have to worry about replacing the battery now and then. And it also comes with high tech features. We recommend you to buy X-sense whose features have been described above. 

But if you have other fire alarms and don't know how to change the battery, follow the following instructions:

Step 1. Remove the body: With a light-twist unclip, the cover of the detector. On opening, you will find a loud horn, the sensing chamber, and the battery.

Step 2. Replace the battery: Unclip the old battery and replace it with a new 9-volt lithium battery as most detectors use this one. Make sure the male and female terminals are correctly connected.

Step 3. Close the cover: Lock the lid of the detector into its place or replace it if you want.

Step 4. Test the detector: To make sure the battery is working, press the button on the top. The sensor will beep when you press the button. 


How do I know if my smoke detector needs a new battery? 

The chirping sound you hear from your device once every minute indicates a low battery, and you need to replace the batteries. 

What happens when a smoke detector battery dies? 

As you may know, the functions on the smoke detector are insufficient if the battery is weak and is even useless when the battery dies. Smoke detectors can’t provide signals and blinking lights if the battery is dead. Also, the functionality of your smoke detector affects the functions of your fire alarm. Hence, doing the steps on how to change fire alarm battery will be unnecessary. 

How long should batteries last in a smoke detector? 

One of the processes on how to change the battery in a smoke detector is determining the battery life. Usually, smoke detector batteries last for six months and must be replaced by then for best functionality. For a 10-year sealed battery alarm, you need not replace the batteries instead of replacing the entire alarm after ten years have passed. 

Do you need to change batteries in hardwired smoke detectors? 

Hardwired smoke detectors run on electricity; but also have a backup battery. Backup batteries must be replaced every six months, and the device should be replaced after ten years. 

Final Words

Having a smoke detector at home will only be a life-saver if it functions to its full potential. Apart from familiarizing with the batteries used and how to replace fire alarm battery and how to change battery on smoke detector, make sure to replace them regularly. This ensures that you are getting your money’s worth from purchasing these devices and securing your family’s safety. 

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