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What Batteries Do Smoke Detectors Use?

by ChenDenny Wed, Apr 29, 20

In terms of power supply, smoke detectors use different types of batteries. Your smoke detectors must have appropriately installed batteries so that your smoke alarm can perform its function accurately. Otherwise, your smoke detector will give false warnings or no signal at the time of real danger. As different types of batteries are available in the market, here, we will discuss what kind of battery for smoke detector should you use and how often should you replace the battery. 

The Types of Smoke Alarms Battery

9V vs. AAs Batteries:

Previously, smoke detectors used 9V batteries. Though these were a better choice back then, now most smoke detectors use two or three AA batteries. AA batteries have three times more energy than a 9V battery. If you are using these batteries, make sure that you check them consistently and also replace them every six months. 

Why Choose a 10-year Battery Smoke Detector? 

Although 9V and AA's batteries are good enough, you need to replace them every six months. As far as the battery options are concerned, one option is the use of a smoke detector that comes with a built-in battery that you don't have to replace. Choose an X-sense 10-year sealed battery smoke alarm that comes with a built-in battery and has a 10-year life-span. This means that you don't need to replace the battery repeatedly as it is a hassle-free smoke detector in terms of battery. 

X-Sense SD01 Smoke Detector

  1. LED escape light provides a safe exit path during an emergency.
  2. The advanced photoelectric sensor can quickly detect dangerous smoke levels.
  3. 10-year sealed-in high-capacity lithium battery power.
  4. Simple and easy to install onto any wall or ceiling without hardwiring.
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How Often Should You Change the Battery?

Apart from the 10-year sealed battery smoke detectors, you should change the battery of your smoke detector every six months. However, installation location, temperature, and how well your smoke alarms are cleaned affect the life of the battery.

Most smoke detectors use 9V and AA's cells, but 10-year sealed battery smoke alarms are also available. You need to replace other batteries every six months. But feel free for 10 years straight when you are using 10-year sealed battery smoke alarms

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