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Smoke Detector Placement in Bedroom

By HopeCharlotte |

Fire accidents due to negligence or outdated electrical equipment are regular happenings in households nowadays. However, a smoke detector or a fire alarm can reduce the fatality chance to the half. Moreover, a carbon monoxide detector in all the master bedrooms and common areas will offer the performance as an additional security kit.

Here in this topic, we have discussed the necessary types of smoke detectors for your house, particularly the bedroom area. Furthermore, we have explained the suitable places for the installation process of those security alarms.

Why need Install Smoke Detector in your Bedroom

Security issues come first whenever someone wants to automate his/her home. Multiple smoke detectors in every important place of the house, especially in the bedroom, can evade countless accidental situations. Moreover, a well-maintained smoke alarm with improved technology is one of the best supportive means during a fire accident. Besides, it activates at the slightest sign of smoke.  Therefore, early smoke detection can be helpful to avoid further disasters in your home.

As an association to raise consciousness on fire safety, the National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) has acknowledged the use of several smoke alarms in the riskiest parts of a house. However, if you want to be sure about the correct placement of smoke alarms in your home, check out the following sections to know more about installing alarms.

Smoke Detector Placement in Bedroom

Firstly, it is crucial to decide on the rooms, passages, and other portions of your house where you need to install smoke alarms. Nevertheless, choosing an appropriate position on the wall for these alarms is far more critical than that. Otherwise, optimum performance will be affected.

Now let us talk about the perfect alarm placement. Always remember to set up the alarms in such a position so that there is at least a one-foot gap between the alarm and the ceiling. This instruction is applicable for bedrooms and other frequently used places in your house.

Moreover, do not install the alarms near the cooking accessories. Additionally, avoid placing them beside the doors or windows of your house. The ventilators of the air-conditioner or any other pipe and channels are not suitable places for the fire alarms. Make sure to keep those places out of your alarm placement list. It is not recommended because anytime, a flow of air can hamper the actual alarm activity.

The Types of Smoke Alarm for Your Bedroom

Here we will introduce a perfect smoke alarm for your bedroom. Also, we will give a rough idea about the features of this alarm.

The X-Sense Smoke alarm for bedroom is an exclusive smoke detector that can offer a top-notch service throughout the year. Its highly competent lithium-ion battery has ten years of potential life-energy, which ensures frequent monitoring even though the house goes through a power-cut.

Moreover, the heavy-duty photoelectric sensor of the X-Sense Smoke alarm checks the source of smoke thrice before the final notification. So, the false alarm probability is comparatively low. Also, the all-purpose multi-layered LED light system of this alarm is highly useful to supervise the severity level of emergencies.

Home safety measure is a fundamental part of the home automation system. So, we recommend, after you finish through all the essential ‘Smart Home’ procedures, do not miss out the security device installation.

On that note, fire accidents mostly happen when you are not aware of the early sign of smokes. As a part of it, using a smoke detector in all the bedrooms can be a rational decision. Hopefully, this article will provide you all the vital info on placing smoke alarms in the bedroom.

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