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Smoke Detector Tester

Thu, Jun 18, 2020

Just installation of Smoke Detectors in Office Buildings and Homes will not ensure that the particular premises are sounding safe and secure from Fires. Regular checking and Testing of these Smoke Detectors for their Efficacy and Efficiency must be a part of General Safety Practices which should be done on a timely basis. These safety practices will ensure that your installed Smoke Detectors are working properly and will help you to protect from an unknown threat from Fire Accidents by Timely and Early detection of Smoke being Generated. That's where the Smoke Detector Testers come into action.

Why You Need to Test Your Smoke Detector?

In these Modern Times at our Home where we are already surrounded by so many Energy and Heat Generating Electrical devices, Electrical Wires, Electrical Gadgets, Inflammable Chemicals, and Electrical Appliances you cannot predict When and How a Fire Accident may take place. So for the safety of our Homes and in particular for the Safety of our family members, it is of utmost importance to install Smoke Detector and Fire Alarms in your Homes and to check for their proper functioning Smoke Detector Tester must be a part of your Home Safety Items. Regular Testing of Smoke detectors not only ensures safety from a mishappening but also early detection of Fire will give ample time to help you and your family to evacuate to a safe place. You cannot rely solely on the Electronic Devices for its Efficacy and Efficiency because they are prone to get Electronic Defects over time for example Batteries may Die or other parts of the Smoke Detector may stop working because of regular usage so it's very important to Test the Smoke Detectors regularly. It's one of the ways to ensure that your Home and Family members stay safe from an Unknown Threat.

How Often You Need to Test the Smoke Alarms?

With a vast number of options available for smoke detectors functionality testing, choosing the one will depend on how frequently you are testing detectors, the height at which the smoke detectors are installed, detectors apart from the ones you are already testing, and what test equipment you already own.

Test Your Smoke Alarms with Smoke Detector Tester

1. Solo 365 Smoke Detector Tester

This is the latest and very innovative tester for functionality testing of smoke detectors. It offers faster, simpler, and cleaner testing by delivering smoke through Solo ES3 smoke cartridges. Other Key features include Auto Start because it has got a Proximity sensor which initiates test automatically, Flexible Head for easy testing, LED Auto torch to use in Darkness, Fast detection feature, non-pressurized, non-hazardous smoke cartridges and additional ASD Adaptor.

2. Solo ES3 Smoke Cartridge

Known for its compact size to use with Solo 365. Key features include Non-Flammable, non- pressurized, and non-hazardous, rapidly activating detector and its compatible size.

3. Solo 330 aerosol dispenser

This is the most popular detector tester which works well with Solo A10, Solo A10s and Solo A5 smoke detector test aerosols. It delivers fast and reliable practical testing of smoke detectors. Some of the features which are key to this particular dispenser are - it is compatible with the detectors of a vast range, it also conserves smoke so that it actively starts functioning and this makes it economical to use with every test, for better suspension of ceilings the solution is loaded on a spring, there is a presence of a see-through cup for testing so that the LED in the detector can be clearly seen, On Angles, the frame is being used in a swing mode, is also compatible to use with an aerosol present in the C3 solo Carbon Monoxide.

4. Solo 332 Aerosol Dispenser

It's an ideal tester to be used for detectors having a large diameter because of the presence of increased cup size. The delivery in a controlled manner helps in testing safely with minimum dirt. Key features are conserved smoke, UL and ULC Listed product and its also Solo C3 compatible.

5. Solo Smoke Aerosols

Compatible with Solo 330 and 332 Dispensers it delivers smoke particles to the detector under testing making conditions similar to smoke from the fire itself. Key features are UL certified and compatible to use with Solo 330 dispenser.

The last method employs the same principle as that employed by the Aerosol Smoke Method but here you can use devices like Solo 360 or Testfire consisting of a transparent bowl at the end of a long arm which ensures that you don't have to climb a ladder. These devices generally have an electronic command panel so that you can release smoke inside the recipient in a well-controlled manner. Further, this helps that everything remained a lot more contained. You also need to know that Testfire and Solo 360 depend on proprietary smoke cartridges rather than allowing you to insert a regular smoke can.

So from the above discussion it is cleared that the installation of Smoke Detectors and Fire Alarms is a must in every home as general standard safety procedures, and to ensure the proper functioning of these smoke detectors we must also include Smoke Detector Tester as a part of Safety Items. These safety precautions will help you to prevent you and your family from any kind of threat and specifically from the threat of Fire Accidents. So choose your Smoke Detector Tester Wisely.

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X-Sense XS01-WT Wi-Fi Smoke Detector

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  2. Continuously checks its battery status and Wi-Fi connection.
  3. Allows you to silence any annoying alarms via the app.
  4. Upgraded photoelectric sensor significantly increases the alarm’s sensitivity.
  5. Easy to install the smoke alarm and connect it to Wi-Fi in a few minutes.
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