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The Best Carbon Monoxide Detectors for 2020

By WenSue |

Carbon monoxide is a poisonous gas that claims hundreds of lives each year. Hence, a carbon monoxide detector is important to keep you and your family safe from this silent killer of a gas.

But with the plethora of carbon monoxide detectors in the market, it can be hard to choose the right one for your needs. So, we’ve rounded up our best carbon monoxide detectors list for 2020. Read on to see which safety device is best suited for your home!

Types of Carbon Monoxide Detectors

Carbon monoxide detectors sense rising levels of carbon monoxide around the environment it’s placed in. The detector sets off an alarm once it senses a harmful gas level. This typically happens at carbon monoxide levels of 40-50 ppm and above. The most common types of carbon monoxide detectors as below:

  • Battery-operated – These are the basic detectors that need batteries to operate.
  • Digital – These detectors use digital screens to show you the exact carbon monoxide levels in your environment.
  • Hardwired – These detectors are wired within your electrical grid. If electricity in your home goes off, your hardwired detector won’t work, too.
  • Smart – These are detectors that sync with your home safety systems. They can also run diagnostics once they’re synced to an app.
  • Dual-function – These detectors are multi-functional. They can sense smoke and fire apart from carbon monoxide.

The Best Carbon Monoxide Alarms of 2020

1. X-Sense Carbon Monoxide Alarm

X-Sense Carbon Monoxide Alarm has an LCD screen which shows you accurate levels of carbon monoxide in your room. It uses a replaceable alkaline battery and works on low power consumption. The unit typically lasts for 10 years with proper use. Prominent features of the X-Sense alarm include:

  • Electrochemical sensors
  • Test/Hush Button
  • LED screen and indicator lights
  • 85-decibel alarm loudness

X-Sense Carbon Monoxide Alarm costs $46.99 each.

2. Kidde C3010 Carbon Monoxide Alarm

Our next device from Kidde is a battery-operated carbon monoxide detector. It has a sealed battery with a working life of 10 years. Kidde C3010 uses electrochemical sensors to detect dangerous carbon monoxide levels. Other features of Kidde’s alarm are:

  • Self-activation when placed on the mounting bracket
  • Test/Reset button
  • LED lights (Green for normal operations, Red for alarm, and Amber for Error)
  • Event Memory indicating high CO levels within the past 2 weeks

Each Kidde C3010 costs $45.99.

3. Google Nest Protect

nest protect smoke alarm

Google’s Nest Protect is our best overall carbon monoxide detector. It’s a dual-function smart detector that can safeguard you from both carbon monoxide and smoke. Nest Protect connects to your phone, so you can hush and test alarms quickly. Its key features include the following:

  • 10-year Carbon Monoxide Sensor
  • Split-Spectrum Sensor for smoke
  • Self-tests and Sound Check speaker
  • Friendly human voice

You can buy Nest Protect for $119 each.

4. First Alert Photoelectric Smoke & Carbon Monoxide Alarm

This device from First Alert has dual sensors that detect both carbon monoxide and smoke. It also features an easily-mountable slim design with a sleek white finish. The alarm is powered by a 10-year lithium-ion battery. Salient features of First Alert’s alarm include:

  • Electrochemical sensors for carbon monoxide levels
  • Photoelectric sensors for smoldering fires
  • 85-decibel siren silenced by a single button

First Alert Photoelectric Alarm retails at $69.95 each.

5. Arikon Smoke and Carbon Monoxide Detector Combo

This device from Arikon detects carbon monoxide through electrochemical sensors. It also uses a photoelectric sensor to detect smoke and fire. Arikon’s detector runs on 3 1.5V AA batteries. It also has a power-saving LCD display that only lights up when high levels of carbon monoxide are detected. Other features of the Arikon Detector include:

  • Green LED lamp flashing every 35 seconds during normal operations
  • Easy-to-install design (comes with rubber stoppers and screws)
  • Testing button

You can purchase Arikon Smoke and CO Detector for $22.99 each.