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The Best Smart Smoke Detectors for 2020

By HopeCharlotte |

The part smoke detectors play in ensuring the safety of any building is unmatchable. Still, these fire alarms are doing their job at best, but in the era of technology, today' s technology becomes outdated for tomorrow. As a result, smart alarm detectors have been introduced in the home safety field. A smart smoke detector changes the way your home security works. Hence, we are providing the list of top smart smoke detectors to make your decision easier. 

What is Smart Smoke Detector?

The smart smoke detectors work in a similar way a traditional smoke detector work. The smart smoke alarm also comes with the same photoelectric and ionized sensors but with added smart features. In the standard alarms, you can only get to know the occurrence of fire and but the smart smoke detectors come with features such as sending a notification to your phone, self-testing features (it monitors the battery), etc. 

Are Smart Smoke Detectors Worth it?

The regular smoke alarms available at your service at as low as $5, but for getting a smart smoke detector, you need to pay $100. But what are the benefits you get for additional bucks? Of course, the more additional dollars inevitably comes with advanced features. You can get facilities such as getting notifications on your smartphones, silencing the siren without reaching the detectors. Adding to this, you can integrate all of the alarms into a single system without the needs of wires. 

Common Types of Smart Smoke Detectors

Let us look at the different types of smart smoke detectors. 

1. Ionization Smoke Detectors Vs. Photoelectric Smoke Detectors

Ionization detectors work rapidly when it comes to detecting fast-burning fire. The photoelectric smoke alarms, on the other hand, quicker in warning about smoldering fires. The photoelectric smart alarms trigger false alarms from buildup dust, but ionization alarms cause false alarms from steam. 

2. Hard-wired Vs. Battery-Powered

The smart smoke alarms can be hard-wired or battery powered. The main difference is hard-wired smoke alarms interconnect all the alarms with the help of wires, and if one detector goes off, the rest follow suit. On the other hand, battery-powered is easy to use and can be easily interconnected without wires' need. 

Let us look at the best smart smoke detectors which make your buildings safer.

The Best Smart Smoke Detector 2020

1. Google Nest Protect Smoke & CO Alarm

The smart smoke alarm Google Nest Protect is one of the best choices for installing smart smoke on your premises. It offers a more sophisticated, flexible, and most reliable smoke alarm. It incorporates all the features to keep your home and family safe.

In this, you have both the options to choose from. You can either opt for hard-wired or battery-operated smart alarms as per your preferences. The great news is whatever you prefer, you can get the options to interconnect without the wires. By providing this feature, you can interconnect all the Nest Protect products and communicate with each other with ease. 

Nest Protect Smoke & CO detector uses a photoelectric sensor. However, it is capable enough to identify fast-burning and smoldering fires. This is made possible with the advanced smoke sensor 'split spectrum sensor.' The best thing is it can detect both smoke and CO efficiently. 

You can locate the exact place of fire occurrence, and if you get a false alarm, you can turn it off by simply tapping your screen of the smartphone!


  • Warns both fire and CO
  • Provides exact location of fire
  • Available with both hard-wired and wireless
  • Inter connects all alarms
  • Uses Advanced Split Spectrum Sensor

2. First Alert OneLink Safe and Sound

First Alert is in the business from 1958 and known for its innovations. It is the smart solution to integrate all your smart home devices to enhance security and efficiency.

This device uses the hard-wired connection method, and you can easily connect to your home's power supply without the rewiring. In the event of a fire, it sends the notifications to your smartphones instantly. The best thing is you get the features of Alexa without the need for echo devices. You can control all smart devices such as smart bulbs, smart door locks, etc. 

Adding to this, you can enjoy your favorite music since it is available with Bluetooth speaker options. Hence, it is easier for you to connect all your Bluetooth enabled devices and enjoy music. 


  • Available with Alexa feature
  • Bluetooth enabled speaker connection
  • Can control many smart devices
  • Hard wired connection
  • Provides the exact location of fire

3. Roost Smart Battery

Roost Smart Battery is not a smart detector. However, if you already have a conventional smoke detector, you can turn it into a smart smoke detector. Hence, if you want to replace your existing smoke alarm with a smart smoke detector with less price, purchasing the Roost smart battery is the best way.

The one thing you need to make sure is your existing smoke alarm is a battery-powered rather than hard-wired. The Roost smart battery provides a long-lasting life of five years. You can establish the connection through the WiFi network. Then, it sends out notifications whenever the alarm goes off. In case of getting a false warning, you can simply snooze the alarm with just a tap. 

If you are on vacation, you have the option to send the notification to other smartphones. It makes sure to send the notification to the assigned person, whether it is a neighbor or friend. To know the life of the battery, you will get information.


  • Turns standard smoke detector into the smart smoke detector
  • The best budget smart detector
  • Five years of battery life
  • Life indicator to show replacement time
  • WiFi-enabled connection.

4. Samsung SmartThings ADT Smoke Alarm

If you already have ADT Security Hub in your home, Samsung SmartThings ADT Smoke Alarm is the perfect choice for you. The Samsung alarm is easy to operate and install, and it works entirely wirelessly. 

If it detects high temperature or smoke, it produces sound, and at the same time, it sends a notification to your ADT Security Hub. After this, it sends the information to your phone, or it initiates ADT professional monitoring services. 

And to make it more attractive, you have the option to integrate other smart devices such as smart cameras, smart bulbs, smart bulbs lock, etc.


  • Best choice for ADT Smoke Alarm
  • Wireless connection
  • Interacts with ADT monitoring services
  • Help to integrate smart devices
  • Easy to install 

5. Onelink Smoke Detector and Carbon Monoxide Detector

Onelink Smoke Detector and Carbon Monoxide Detector comes with a photoelectric smoke sensor and an electrochemical CO sensor. These sensors enable it to detect both smoke and Carbon Monoxide to increase your security level. It sends the voice alerts via your phone and lets you know the exact location and type of threat you are facing. 

The detector supports Amazon Alexa, and as a result, you can control all types of smart devices, including smart bulbs, smart door lock, etc. It is compatible with Apple Home kit, and you can use it with both android and iOS platforms. The battery comes with five years of life, and you can easily replace it. 


  • One device for both smoke and CO detection
  • Dual sensor.
  • Notification about exact location and type of threat
  • Alexa enabled device
  • Five years of battery life. 

What to look for when shopping a Smart Smoke Detector

Smoke & CO - It is better to buy a detector that alerts both smoke and CO to save space and maintenance.

Detector sensitivity and accuracy - Select the smart smoke detector that provides more accurate alarm with less false warnings. The Split Spectrum Sensor gives accurate results, and it is available in Nest Protect. 

Notification variety - Apart from the loud siren, the voice alerts are quite significant, if your budget permits look for the colored lights alarm and the one which shows the exact location and threat level. 

Multiple users - Look for a device that provides the option to alert various persons for added security. 

Interconnectivity - The interconnection is the best feature that is needed for enhanced security. 

Smart home hub support -  To integrate smoke alarms with the rest of the alarms, consider the system enabled by the smart home hub.

Indeed, the need for at least one smart smoke detector is needed if your home is small. But when you own the bigger premises adding multiple smart smoke alarms is necessary. The reason is you need to take whatever it takes to safeguard the things which belong to you. 

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