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The Best Smart Smoke Detector in 2020

By ClayboxXsense |

This is an era of technology where new inventions are being made almost everyday. Likewise, old smoke alarms still do their work, but smart smoke detectors have changed the way we used smoke alarms in the past. In this article, we are going to discuss smart smoke detector, is it worthy or not. Moreover, you will get to know what are the best smoke alarms that you can find in 2020 to protect your family and your home.

Is a Smart Smoke Alarm Worth it

Both regular smoke detectors and smart smoke detectors work the same. You can buy a regular smart detector at as low as $5 and a smart one at $100. What comes with an increment in the price? Well! You get notifications and alerts to your Smartphone. And similarly, you can make it silent using your phone instead of climbing up and reaching the detector. In addition to convenience, smart detectors offer wireless interconnectivity, such that all detectors are connected to each other.

If you are fond of smart devices, you would want to buy a smart smoke detector too. But one thing to consider is that you don’t interact with your smoke detector much anyway. Thus, these features are a sort of luxury, not a necessity. However, it all depends on you whether you want it for you or not.

The Best Smoke Detectors in 2020

Let’s have a look at some of the best smoke detectors that you can find in 2020. The list is given below:

1. Nest Protect

Nest Protect is a member of the Nest family by Google. This means that you can use the Nest Protect with other Nest products as well. And it is also compatible with the Home app of Google. It features a “split-spectrum” sensor. This sensor enables the smoke detector to test itself if it is working accurately or not. Moreover, it double-checks readings and makes sure it is an emergency before it alerts you. It also comes with a motion sensor and a “Pathlight” to light up your way. As it is a smart smoke alarm, it sends notifications to your phone along with beeping. This way you don’t have to climb up to press the button and shut it off, but you can now easily do it with your phone. It is the smart smoke detector that is exactly what it should be.

2. First Alert OneLink Safe and Sound

This smart smoke detector is more or less similar to the Nest Protect. Such similar features include app control, notification of low battery, customizable nightlights, and others. It features a speaker and Alexa and you know very well how it would work. You can now ask it to play music or you can ask questions with no need to have an Echo device. It can work with HomeKit. Moreover, you can set voice alerts instead of beeping. This allows it to provide specific information.

As hardwired smoke detectors are recommended by most states, this smart smoke detector is the best choice because this First Alert Smoke Detector is hardwired.

3. Roost Smart Battery

Roost Smart Battery smoke detector is a blend of both new and old smoke detectors. Being designed as an average smoke alarm, it also provides features of a smart smoke detector. For instance, its battery can connect to a Wi-Fi system of your home and send notifications for alarms and also remind you if the battery is low. Its battery can last 3-5 years.

4. Ring Alarm Smoke and CO Kit

If you want complete home security, Ring Alarm Smoke and CO kit would be your first choice. It features home security, voice assistant, smoke detection, and more. This Ring kit works well with your current smoke and carbon monoxide detectors. You can connect a “Listener” device if your detector is not 10 years. This will monitor your smoke detector and will connect it to Ring app for disarming alerts, and more.

The kit also comes with a keypad, motion sensor, and range extender. To provide you complete home security, it also features a base station that connects everything. Ring cams can also be added if you want. For Alexa, you get an Amazon Echo Dot in the kit that outfits your house very well.

5. Kidde Wireless Interconnect Smoke Alarm:

If you want a smoke detector at an affordable price, Kidde Wireless Interconnect Smoke alarm is what you need. Even though it doesn’t come with all the features that other smart smoke detectors have, but it covers plenty of features to enable you to operate it easily. This smoke detector features wireless connectivity and lights. To make sure, your smoke detector is working efficiently, you can use its test button. Moreover, it also has a battery indicator and a hush mode that keeps those alarms that are unnecessary, quiet. You can easily open it with a twist, and it also comes with a locking pin that prevents kids and others from messing with it.

6. SmartThings ADT Smoke Alarm:

This smoke detector is a fusion of ADT smoke alarm and Samsung SmartThings products. Or in other words, an ADT smoke detector that works well with Samsung SmartThings gadgets. It enables the smoke detector to send alerts to the phone. Thus, you can also control the detector by apps just like other smart smoke detectors. However, you can also fit it into the security system of ADT and use monitoring services of ADT. But if you don’t have ADT devices then you have to buy a starter kit. This smoke alarm will enable you to add monitoring services to your smoke detector.

Final Thoughts:

There is no doubt a lot of difference between a traditional smoke alarm and a smart one. A smart smoke detector can make your life easier and calmer because instead of keep chirping and beeping, your smart smoke detector sends you notifications on your mobile. Thus, you can operate it easily wherever you are.

Moreover, voice alerts can also be more helpful. And you may also like the lights that a smart smoke detector comes with so that you don’t have to set a separate light in the hallway. Similarly, a motion sensor that is integrated into the smart smoke detector is also a good thing to have.

Although, smart smoke detectors seem cool but all those features come at a cost. Some may feel that these features are not necessary but more of a novelty. And when you have to pay an extra amount, you might hesitate to buy at $100-$200. Moreover, if you want a smoke and CO detector that comes below 50, you might like First Alert Z-Wave smoke and carbon monoxide detector. Though it doesn’t come with extra features but it does its work of detecting smoke and CO very well. In the end, it depends on you, what you want and how much do you have.