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Ceiling Smoke Detector

Tue, Aug 16, 2022

Installing smoke alarms on the ceiling or wall?

1. Flat Ceiling

Smoke alarms should ideally be installed in the centre of the ceiling. It is recommended to position the alarm at least 300mm away from walls and light fittings/decorative objects . This is because air does not circulate effectively in corners, and objects like light fittings can obstruct smoke and heat from entering the sensor chamber.

As hot smoke initially rises and then spreads out, smoke alarms should be located on the ceiling. This is so that smoke can reach the detector's sensor chamber as early as possible. If it is not possible to install the smoke detector on the ceiling, the unit can be installed up to 575mm below it. A heat detector should also be located directly on the ceiling; however if this is not possible, the unit can be installed up to 125mm below it.

2. Sloped Ceiling

With a sloped ceiling the position of a smoke or heat detector needs to be measured vertically from the peak. Smoke alarms can be installed within 600mm and heat detectors can be installed within 150mm of the peak. Again, it is important to try and position the detector as central to the ceiling as possible.

Required Detections In A Unit

  1. All units are required to have working smoke detectors in all sleeping rooms (Battery Operated or Hard Wired. Battery operated smoke alarms are permissible in older units)
  1. New construction dwellings (ground up) are required to have Hard Wired smoke detectors in all sleeping rooms (No Exceptions)
  1. All split-level units are required to have at least one working smoke detector on each level within the unit
  1. Each detector installed must make an alarm that is clearly audible in all bedrooms over background noise with all intervening doors closed

The Best Ceiling Smoke Detectors

    1. Wi-fi Smoke Detector:
X-Sense XC01-WR Wireless Carbon Monoxide Detector

X-Sense XS01-WT Wi-Fi Smoke Detector

  1. Wi-Fi Smoke Alarm with Replaceable Lithium Battery and Test/Silence Button, Smart Fire Detector, Auto Self-Check Function, Conforms to UL 217 Standard.
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