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Fire Safety Equipment for Home

By ChenDenny |

The irony is with advanced technology; also, you can't predict the future, and it is impossible to prevent things from happening. We always want to protect everything which belongs to us. No need to mention our shelter is one of them. However, it is true you can't predict the things, but you can be well prepared to face disasters or minimize its fatality. 

When it comes to accidents, the most common disaster that can happen in any house is fire. The detection and acting early can help to make damage control, and this is where fire safety equipment comes handy. In this article, let us see the most necessary fire safety equipment for every home. So, allow us to begin with one by one. 

Essential Fire Safety Equipment For Your Home

The below-provided equipment is a must for home fire prevention.

1.Smoke Alarms

Smoke alarms are the top home fire safety equipment to have in every home. They will trigger the alerts in case of any event of fire occurrence. It is the basic necessity, and hence you need to install the smoke alarms in all the places of your home. You can get a wired or wireless integrated smoke alarms system to make your home more secure. You need to test the fire alarms once installed to check whether it is working or not. The other vital thing to remember is you need to test the bell once in a month and change its batteries every six months. The integrated smoke alarm system is recommended since they interlink all the fire alarms and lets you know even in any corner of your home catches fire. 

2. Carbon Monoxide Alarms

Carbon Monoxide is a dangerous gas because it is an odor and colorless gas. So, without the right detector, it is hard to find whether the level of CO is exceeding the standard limit or not. This is where CO alarms become critical. It is produced any time, such as while you are lighting a grill, using a fireplace, using a furnace, turning on a gas range, and many more. If the level of carbon monoxide exceeds the permissible limit, then it can become deadly. It can create the flu-like symptoms for you and your members. The inhaling of more CO will not make any good to your body and health. Hence installing the detector, which helps to find out the high level of CO, is one of the needed home fire safety equipment. For the same reason, you need to install the CO detecting alarms in all parts of your home to get safety. 

3. Home Fire Extinguishers

In some cases, home fire prevention is not possible. But you should do whatever it takes to control the fire in the initial stage; if not, it can burn the entire house. To prevent these nasty things, you need to keep fire extinguishers in all possible places of your home. The most probable areas of catching fires such as garage and kitchen should always have a fire extinguisher to curb the fire eruption. If the fire extinguishers are placed in handy places, you can find and extinguish the fire. 

But you should remember that it should be used only on the small amount of fire and in the initial stages of fire eruption. It cannot be able to handle the massive flames. And to use the equipment, you must know the basics about how to use the fire extinguisher in case of a fire breakout. You must check the pressure of the equipment at least once a month. 

4. Fire Escape Ladders

You never know what will happen if any case fire catches your home. Hence it is always recommended to be ready with all your safety measures for protecting you and your family members. In case of extreme fire eruption, you cannot be able to save the things of yours, but you can save the lives around you. But to do that, you need the home fire safety equipment such as fire escape ladders. If you are living in a multi-story house, it is a must. These are ideal for the homes which are situated on either the second or third floor of the building. It is essential because fire can block your primary way, and you must find a new way to escape, and escape ladders will allow you to exit from windows and such exit points. 

The best thing about escape ladders is they are collapsable. Hence you can fit in any small place. You need to keep these escape ladders in all areas, especially in bedrooms; it is essential. 

5. Fire Blanket

The thing is if you equip your home with the above said fire safety equipment, then you probably will not end up in a situation of using a fire blanket. But crazy things do happen. If you are having a bad day, all your safety measures can fail. So, you need to prepare for such extreme scenarios as well. The fire blankets are made with two-layer of woven glass fiber to reduce the effects of fire. They are made to extinguish a minimal amount of fire and as well as to protect the people who catch fire by wrapping the blankets around them. 

These are the leading fire safety equipment you should have in your home.

Fire Safety Tips

The prevention of fire is more important than combating it. To avoid such scenarios, you must follow the below tips.

  • You need to install the fire alarms in all parts of the home to keep the things and, most importantly, the lives of you and your loved ones safe. Fitting the alarms are not enough; you need to check and test them periodically.
  • Educate all your house members on the course of action and procedure to follow in the event of a fire. It will reduce the panic and also your effort in saying them. 
  • You need to be very careful while cooking, especially while using the oils. You can have a thought of considering thermostatically controlled deep fat fryers.
  • Don't leave the candles unattended. If you are going from that place, turn it off and go. 
  • If you or any family member are using cigarettes, make sure it is stubbed out and disposed of with proper care. 
  • Do not smoke in the bedroom are any area where highly flammable things are stored.
  • Never leave lighters and matches near to the kids. Always keep those things in inaccessible places to kids. 
  • Store and keep away clothes from the heating devices and appliances. 
  • The kitchen is the main area that is prone to fire occurrence. Hence take care while cooking and placing the things near the stove and ovens.
  • When you are tired, or at times you are drinking, you need to be more careful because, in those situations, you cannot act quickly to dave from the fire.

Indeed, it is impossible to foresee the future, but what we can do is prevent the fire. If that is not possible, we need to control its damage. But if you follow all the safety tips and equip your home with the fire safety equipment, then catching fire accidentally is a remote possibility. However, be prepared because it is better to be safe than sorry!

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