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What Type of Smoke Alarm is Best for Your Kitchen

By WenSue |

Most people are often in a dilemma on the best smoke alarm they should use for their kitchen because smoke is produced from the cooking apparatus used in the kitchen. Having mentioned that; some smoke alarms can detect even the slightest of the smoke and trigger an alarm.

Below we shall discuss some of the important considerations to help users select the most suitable smoke alarm for kitchen regardless of the earlier on mentioned challenge.

Should Smoke Alarm Detectors be fitted in The Kitchen?

 Smoke alarm detectors can be placed in every room in your home and the kitchen is not exceptional. However, for bedrooms, they should be placed right outside each one of them.  Consider placing detectors in areas that may be associated with fires like the laundry, hallways and stairways.

Smoke detectors placed in the kitchen should be fitted at least a distance of 10ft from any cooking appliance. Using the interconnected type for your house is a good idea to ensure you can hear the alarm regardless of where you are.

Where Should Smoke Detectors be Placed in Kitchen?

While fitting smoke detectors into your kitchen it is recommended to have them installed at least 3 meters (10ft) from any cooking appliance. This distance has been tested to ensure that the smoke from the different cooking apparatus do not trigger alarms while cooking is in progress.

Putting that into consideration will save you from the trouble of false alarms that emanate from the little smoke particles of your different cooking appliances.

Which Type of Smoke Detector is Best for the Kitchen?

From above we have discussed the need to fit smoke alarms in your kitchen and the required installation position. Now we shall cover the discussion on the type of smoke alarm that will be the most suitable for your kitchen.

The type of smoke alarm to be used will depend on different variables which we shall discuss below. But let us look at the photoelectric smoke detector, ionization and dual-sensor detectors.

Ionization smoke detectors:

Such detectors respond quickly to fires with small combustion particles and flaming fires. A good example of such fires is a piece of burning paper. The label on their packages is associated with an “i” and they are a relatively cheap type of smoke detector.

Photoelectric smoke detectors:

They are very responsive to the long-smoldering types of fires. A good example is a piece of cigarette burning on beddings or couch. Their package is labeled with “p”

Dual sensor smoke detectors:

  This type of smoke alarms can detect both fast flaming and smoldering fires. They save you the cost of having to buy two different types of smoke detectors. They easily detect fire in its early stage and the probability of triggering false alarms is low.

Despite having mentioned the above types of detectors and being oblivious of the fact the ionization detectors are bound to trigger alarms from the minute particles of smoke that arise from cooking. It is still not easy to determine the most suitable detector for your kitchen.

This is because of different variables like detector sensitivity, different cooking activities, air currents, and positioning.

Importance of smoke detector location

Most home fires begin in the kitchen and having a detector right outside or inside the kitchen at the recommended distance will be a good choice. Using detectors with a “hush” button reduces sensitivity for a short period an example is X-Sense SD01 smoke alarm and it reduces the number of alarms triggered by cooking fires.

Using interconnected hard-Wired smoke detectors that are connected to your home security will save you and your household from catastrophic fires. If your home lacks a security system you can use the Sensaphone 400 Cottagesitter Autodialer because of the 24/7 monitoring ability and it sends immediate alerts to your phone.

 Finally device and practice an escape plan with your family to enable a swift escape in case there is a fire.

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