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NightHawk Carbon Monoxide Detector

By HopeCharlotte |

Everybody knows the value and importance of having a device that detects the fire calamities. Nighthawk Carbon Monoxide Alarm is a device that detects the fire calamities and carbon monoxide. So here on this page, you will get the information about the Nighthawk Carbon Monoxide detector. You will get the information regarding its features, price, performance, design, etc. And you will get to know whether this Nighthawk Carbon Monoxide detector is a good device or not.

Overview of Nighthawk Carbon Monoxide Detector

At present, it is very important to have a safety device in our homes. It is very difficult to identify things such as hazards that you won’t be able to smell or see. Kidde Nighthawk Carbon Monoxide alarm detectors are considered to be good in the market with longer capacity.

These Kidde Nighthawk Carbon Monoxide alarm detectors are battery-operated CO alarms. And these alarms can be operated by both hardwired and plug-in AC. The technology used in these CO Alarms is electrochemical sensing. They are making these CO Alarms from years and they prepare both basic level and premium level of CO alarms.

How Long Do Nighthawk CO Detectors Last?

These Nighthawk CO detectors have a life span of five to seven years. You can change the batteries of these alarms. Even though you change the batteries of Nighthawk Carbon Monoxide detectors it lasts only for five to seven years. So it is better to check the lifespan of the products that you buy.

How do Nighthawk Carbon Monoxide Detectors Work?

When the Nighthawk Carbon Monoxide detector detects something, it alerts you by giving a beeping sound. If you are not sure whether is it working or not? Then test it by checking the wall outlet’s power or with batteries.

Where Should I Install a Nighthawk Carbon Monoxide Alarm?

Nighthawk Carbon Monoxide alarms should be placed in the common area in your home. But you should place them in the kitchen and bedroom. It is better to take an expert’s opinion and instructions where to place them in your home.

What to do if your Nighthawk Carbon Monoxide Alarm is Beeping?

If you hear your Nighthawk Carbon Monoxide Alarm beeping, please don’t ignore it. Leave that place immediately as early as possible. As we all know that CO Alarms beep only if they sense the fire and carbon monoxide gases and carbon monoxide has no smell. Carbon monoxide is very dangerous to health and its exposure can lead to health risks including heart failure.

So as soon as you hear that beeping sound take everyone out. Call 9-1-1 and take everyone to the hospital for the treatment. Do not enter that place unless the emergency responders say it’s safe to enter. If the emergency responders do not find any traces of carbon monoxide in your house, reset your CO alarm. If the CO alarm doesn’t stop beeping, try to contact the service number of your Nighthawk Carbon Monoxide Detector.

How to Troubleshoot a Nighthawk Carbon Monoxide Detector?

If you feel like your Nighthawk Carbon Monoxide alarm is not working. In that case, you should run general troubleshooting to check the device. You can also, verify it by checking your sensor functionality if you find something wrong with it.

1. General Troubleshooting

Step 1: After clicking on troubleshoot, you should verify for the dark red blinking spot in the right corner of your LCD screen. If that spot is not there or not blinking, then you should unplug it. Later on, wait for 3 minutes and plug in to reset the device.

Step 2: Press the test/ reset switch for some time to check the alarm. If it is working, you will see 888 on the screen and it displays a number which is around 200. Then it will issue 4 continuous beeps, wait for 5 seconds, and issue 4 more beeps. Then it will display 888 again. If the above things don’t happen, reset your device again.

Step 3: Later on, do check for battery indicator. If it displays LB on your screen it means low battery. Then replace the battery with a nine-volt unit.

2. Verify the Sensor Functionality

Step 1: Light a match stick or cigarette and try to hold it for ten to fifteen inches directly below the air vents of the Nighthawk Carbon Monoxide detector.

Step 2: Try to hold it for 3 to 5 minutes until your CO alarm beeps. Don’t hold the match stick or cigarette too close to the device. There are chances of device getting spoiled if you hold them too close to it.

Step 3: Press the test/ reset switch for some time to check whether the alarm is working or not. If the alarm makes a beeping sound then it is in working condition. If it doesn’t make any sound then it is not. Try to contact the service customer if it is not making any beeping sound.

How to Reset Nighthawk CO Detectors?

We all know that CO detectors beep if there is any trace of carbon monoxide in the air. It alerts you with its beeping sound. Basing on the model and brand of your detector, it has the reset switch. And some may have the automatic reset system itself. If it is the automatic one it resets itself within ten minutes, if not you should press on the reset switch.

Step 1: Press on the reset switch, you can see it on the anterior panel of your device. The position of the switch varies from one to another based upon the model and brand of the nighthawk carbon monoxide detector.

Step 2: Hold the reset switch for about 5 to 8 seconds. Please pay attention when you are holding the reset switch and note the time.

Step 3: Release the switch. Now it will either beep or displays a light on the screen. It means that your device is working now.

The Competition: A Good Standalone Option of Smoke Alarm

1. Nest Protect Smoke and Carbon Monoxide Alarm

The Nest gives you the detection for both fire and carbon monoxide, which implies fewer gadgets in your home. You can set it with your mobile to get alarms while you're apart from your home. It's a decent decision to replace your older smoke alarms with this duo alternative, yet it will cost you around $120.

2. First Alert CO65 CO Alarm

This alarm consists of a wall-mounted or plug-in model. In this alarm, it doesn’t contain any installation choices or any advanced display of the nighthawk. In any case, it can't be disregarded when it gets set off. It's noisy and outfitted with a finish of life signal so you're rarely left unprotected. It will additionally cost you around $20.

3. X-Sense CD01 Carbon Monoxide Alarm

X-Sense CD01 carbon monoxide detector and CO alarm displays the actual and correct CO concentration on your LCD screen. It got certified by BSI and ETL. Its battery life is about 10 years, which ensures 24/7 support and protection for your family. This is an automatic self- check the alarm, which checks it, senor, for every ten seconds. And it is a super-fast detector of carbon monoxide.

X-Sense CD01 Carbon Monoxide Alarm
  • Real-time display of accurate CO concentration levels on the LCD.
  • High-capacity lithium battery for 10 years of reliable operation.
  • FIGARO® CO sensor for high sensitivity, accuracy and reliability.
  • Approved by the ETL and BSI.

It is better to have a Nighthawk Carbon Monoxide detector in our houses because we never know what happens. There might be a leakage of dangerous gases like carbon monoxide etc. And we won’t be able to smell it because it is odorless and colorless. So it is a better option to have a Nighthawk Carbon Monoxide detector in our houses for your safety.

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