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SimpliSafe Home Security System Review in 2021

Wed, Nov 03, 2021

What Is SimpliSafe Home Security System?

SimpliSafe is an inexpensive DIY home security system. It does not require a long-term contract or even a monthly subscription if you choose to do the monitoring yourself. SimpliSafe is all-in-one systems are noticeable by their sleek and distinct design. It is completely wireless and particularly easy to install. The SimpliSafe home security system is designed as a DIY security system, that's designed for you to be able to install it yourself in just an hour or two so that you can protect your home with a security system without the need for a professional contractor.

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The SimpliSafe packages can be adapted to suit your either a small apartment to a home office or a small to medium-sized business. The cost can economize if you choose to self-install and self-monitor. Professional monitoring is, however, available for a monthly fee.

Key Features of SimpliSafe Home Security System

The Simplisafe security system has a base station keypad and sensors when one of these sensors is triggered, the base station will alarm which has a siren in it and will alert you if there is an intruder or one of the sensors has tripped.


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With the keypad code, you are in a position to set up and arm or disarm the system. Using the keypad you get connected with all the sensors which are then are linked to the SimpliSafe base station that is the brain of the operation.


The one big advantage of the SimpliSafe Home Security System is that all of these sensors offer easy DIY installation, most of them have a peel and stick adhesive on the back, and you just peel off that adhesive and stick it to your window or door or wherever you want to protect it with a sensor. The adhesive is strong enough to hold these sensors on the wall. These devices that you put on your windows and doors would alert you, if a window or door is opened up and also will detect motion if there is any.

Glass break sensor

Then there is a glass break sensor which can be used to detect if someone is breaking a window to try and get into your home.

Panic buttons

The Simplisafe system also has panic buttons with additional sirens, so if you have a big house, you can use an additional siren to instigate the alarm system to sound, throughout the home or alert even your neighbors.

Keychain features

Simplisafe system also has a keychain feature or sensor. You can arm or disarm your system right from this keychain remote and on top of it this has a panic button, if you press this, the alarm system will go off and if you have the professional monitoring it will alert the alarm center and they would contact you to make sure that everything is okay. If they don't get a response they send their first responders.

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The Simplisafe system also has smoke detectors, carbon monoxide detectors, flood sensor and, a temperature sensor to alert you if your home gets outside of a designated temperature range, so it could alert you from any of these calamities. The wide range of Simplisafe system sensors can help you customize your alarm system to your specific needs.

Video camera

The Simplisafe Home Security System also has a video camera that connects to your Wi-Fi network and allows you to view live footage of the video camera on the Simplisafe app. It will also trigger a recording and video footage anytime motion is detected and then you can review that footage at a later time on the Simplisafe app.

Motion sensor

The Simplisafe home security camera has a built-in motion sensor and works both during daytime and has a night vision setting for nighttime viewing of the camera.

Simplisafe camera is actually meant for indoor use, but they have a wetsuit jacket that allows the camera to be used outside also. The camera has a 1080 HD resolution. It has a built-in microphone and two-way communication, for you to communicate.

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Video Verification

One unique feature the Simplisafe system camera is it allows video verification, when connected to a professional alarm monitoring service. It allows the Simplisafe alarm response center to view live video footage from your camera to confirm that there's an actual security incident going on and provide a quicker response to the first responders.

Alarm Monitoring

Alarm monitoring options for SimpliSafe alarm can be self-monitored, the alarm system goes off if one of the sensors is triggered. A loud sound alarm will go off in your house, and you are alerted through the Simplisafe base station.

Pros and Cons of SimpliSafe


  • It is not compulsory for you to enter into a contract for monitoring.
  • The Simplisafe home security system is easy to install and use.
  • A wide range of customization options are available.
  • You can connect the system to your Wi-Fi and Cell for monitoring which is optional.
  • Reasonable monthly monitoring fees.
  • No contract required.
  • Affordable hardware.
  • Connected without wiring.
  • The video alarm is verified by the police for dispatching investigators.


  • There is very limited integration with your home automation equipment.
  • A few competitors can provide you monitoring costs at a lower cost.
  • Camera selection is limited.
  • The Indoor camera does not have the feature of person detection.
  • Starter package is bare minimum and doesn't come with much equipment.
  • Home automation features is not available.
  • Touch screen panel is not included.
  • Alerts and video recording not available with the basic monitoring plan.
  • Given only one smart device with the purchase.

SimpliSafe Packages

The SimpliSafe Home Security System offers five packages, namely the Haven, the Knox, the Hearth and the Essentials.

1. The Haven

For complete disaster protection the Haven package that costs $391, though the price is slightly at the higher-end range, it suits customers who want protection against break-ins, security breaches and also for fires and water damages. In addition to the critical intrusion protection, it provides a panic button to call for immediate help in the event of a disaster or medical emergency.


The SimpliSafe package is provided with a base station, one Keypad, four Entry Sensors, two Motion Sensors, one number 105dB Siren, one Smoke Detector, one Water Sensor, one Freeze Sensor, one Panic Button, and One Key Fob. The package covers security and disaster monitoring and has a 24/7 alarm monitoring system. It has no contracts.

2. The Knox

The Knox is intended to protect large homes with more than four bedrooms at a price of $359. The Knox has six entry sensors to protect all the doors of a large home and two motion sensors to cover big areas. However, this package has fewer disaster detectors.


The Simplisafe package contains a base station, Keypad, 6 Entry Sensors, 2 Motion Sensors, one number 5dB Siren, 1number Smoke Detector, and 1 Key Fob. It is best suited for homes with four or more bedrooms and covers security, smoke detection with 24/7 alarm monitoring. It has no contracts.

3. The Hearth

The SimpliSafe Home Security System has a Hearth system that costs $299 for your home. The Hearth package is provided with three entry sensors, a motion detector, a smoke detector, and an alarm. The system has an upgraded 105 dB siren loud enough for the intruder to scare.


The package contains a Base Station, a keypad, 3 numbers entry sensors, one number Motion Sensor, one number 105 dB Siren, one number Smoke Detector, and 1 Key Fob. It covers security and smoke detection, gives 24/7 alarm monitoring, but has no contracts.

4. The Essentials

SimpliSafe home security has a popular package known as the Essentials for residents available at an affordable price of $207. Provided with three entry sensors, one number motion sensor, and 24/7 alarm monitoring.


The package contains a Base Station, a Keypad, 3 numbers Entry Sensors, and one Motion Sensor. The basic package for home security b comes at an affordable price. Available for 24/7 alarm monitoring. It has no contracts.

5. The Foundation

The Foundation package is just appropriate at $183 for renters and owners of smaller homes. For those with more than one door or window, the Foundation package is rightly affordable.


The Foundation package comes with one base station and siren, a keypad, a motion sensor, with one entry sensor. It is suitable for apartments with 24/7 alarm monitoring. It has no contracts.

SimpliSafe Cost

Standard plan:

The SimpliSafe Home security System Standard plan costs $14.99 per month that covers monitoring 24 /7. It covers the basic needs as far as security coverage but is short of some of the more advanced monitoring capabilities. Overall, it’s a monitoring plan that meets the basic requirements.


SimpliSafe Interactive plan costs $24.99 per month monitors your home from intruders, flooding, and fire outbreaks. It is provided with rapid response from police, paramedics, or fire department personnel if a hazard occurs.

SimpliSafe Installation

Base Station

Attach the power cord to the base station from the bottom of the device, Take the base of the unit to your predetermined location, Pull out the battery tab. Plug in the base station into a dedicated outlet, so that you don’t want to accidentally turn off the power to the one gadget. If you hear a calm voice say, “Alarm off.” Then you have set it up correctly.

SimpliSafe Keypad

The keypad will automatically start searching for the base station and pair up. You will be prompted to set up your master PIN number that is very important, that lets you control the other elements of your SimpliSafe home system.


All of the sensors are individually labeled inboxes. At the door or window where you want to install, follow the installation that prompts on the keypad, it would guide you through the installation process. Pull out the battery tab.

Test the Sensor

After you remove the battery tab, you need to test the sensor to make sure it’s working. The test button is small and round and located on the side of the sensor. If flashes a blue light it means the sensor works.

Glass Break Sensor

Curtains can muffle the sound of breaking glass; keep the sensor 10 feet from the window.

The Best Alternative to SimpliSafe: X-Sense Wireless Home Security System

X-Sense Wireless Home Security System

This home security kit, consisting of a base station, motion sensor, entry sensor, and remote control, is intended for the detection of unexpected break-ins and abnormal motion in designated areas. With the X-sense home security online, you can easily keep up with what’s going on around your house, conveniently manage devices, and quickly respond to any changes in your home security system. Easy setup and operation, instant notifications, 2 Km wireless transmission range, base station, motion sensor, an entry sensor, remote control, X-sense Home Security app. The package costs $99.99

Hence, X-Sense home security system gives you full value for your money and your data is safe.

FAQs on SimpliSafe

1. Is SimpliSafe worth the money?

SimpliSafe costs make it one of the best home security systems. SimpliSafe offers kits to provide you with a secure home.

2. Is there a monthly fee for SimpliSafe?

Depending on the professional monitoring plan chosen there is only one monthly fee to be paid for the SimpliSafe home security systems.

3. Can SimpliSafe be used without monitoring?

You can continue to use SimpliSafe without any professional monitoring; however, you would not be in a position to get the benefit of all of the system's features.

4. Is SimpliSafe easily hacked?

SimpliSafe had been the victim of hacking earlier. The new encryption codes would prevent any more hacking.

5. Does SimpliSafe work if Wi-Fi goes out?

The SimpliSafe security System does not depend on Wi-Fi, but on cellular networks, so it would function even when Wi-Fi goes out.

6. What happens if you unplug SimpliSafe?

All the sensors are battery powered and the Base Station has a built-in rechargeable backup battery that provides power for 8 hours during the unplug stage.


SimpliSafe Home Security System is a simple, low-cost, do-it-yourself home security solution. It is equipment ideal for small living spaces and apartments.

SimpliSafe Home Security does not require long-term contracts. The SimpliSafe DIY installation and seamless wireless devices make up for the upfront costs.

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