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The Difference Between Smoke and CO Alarm Sound

By Hope Charlotte |

In a house during winter, where the fire is lit in the house, heaters are on, and windows closed, there are high chances of the house losing oxygen at a faster rate. It is advisable to install carbon monoxide detectors and smoke detectors.

In an industrial setting, detectors have loud sounds of about 85 decibels to even wake someone asleep. 

A smoke detector beeps three times in a repeating pattern, and a carbon monoxide detector beeps four times in a repeating pattern.

Emergency Smoke Alarm: 3 Long Beeps

Alarm Mode: In the event the alarm detects smoke, it will beep 3 times every 1.5 seconds as its LED flashes red. As the alarm is beeping, the escape light lights up to guide you to safety

What to Do in Case of a Smoke Alarm

When a smoke detector has detector the presence of smoke in the room, it sounds an alarm. A standard smoke detector has been set such that it produces loud sounds which a person who is asleep can hear.

In case of these emergencies, here are the steps to take.

  • Stay calm at all times and follow the escape plan.
  • Find the exit route and get out. Never go back for anything, just leave as you are.
  • Before opening any doors or windows, feel them with the back of your hand to make sure they are not hot. If they are cool, open slowly. 
  • When walking through the smoke, take shallow breaths and cover your nose and mouth with a damp cloth.
  • Using the fire escape plan, meet outside at the designated place and do a headcount to make sure everyone is safe.
  • Always stay outside until it is safe to go back inside.

Emergency carbon monoxide (CO) Alarm sound: 4 loud beeps, repeating.

Alarm LED: High carbon monoxide concentration in a house of 30 to 999ppm within a certain time is high for a particular space. In a CO detector, a blue backlight lights up, followed by the red LED flash 4 times at intervals of 5.8 seconds. After about 4 minutes, the red LED flashes 4 times in a minute.

Alarm Sound: It beeps 4 times every 5.8 seconds and after 4 minutes, it beeps 4 times in a minute.

Unit Status: During this period, it shows that the concentration of carbon monoxide detected is harmful.

What to Do if the CO Alarm Sounds

When a carbon monoxide detector detects CO in the house, the alarm beeps 4 times to alert everyone in the building. Do this when you hear the alarm

  • Turn off the alarm
  • Seek emergency personnel from nearby stations.
  • Use the emergency by going outside and doing a headcount, and make sure everyone is available. In other cases, you can open the window for fresh air. Do not close the window or enter the house until the condition is clear and it is safe.

If your alarms beep again within 24 hours, follow steps 1-3 and call the technician to find the source of CO and inspect if the equipment is working properly.

Alarms are always serious, and never underestimate them. There should be protocols in every house in case an alarm goes off. Although sometimes factors like electric disturbances, dust, or insects can cause an alarm, that should not be a reason to take them lightly.

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