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Wi-Fi Smoke Detector in 2021

By Hope Charlotte |

Smoke detectors have been in use for many years. These devices detect smoke and sound an alarm to inform people about potential fire or smoke. They have saved many lives and it will continue to save many lives in the future. To ensure better protection, new devices are more advanced and built to work smarter.

People are now replacing older models with Wi-Fi smoke detectors. They are smart, efficient, and way more useful than an ordinary smoke detector. You must be wondering what a smart smoke detector is and how it works. So, continue reading to learn more about this advanced smoke detection device.

What is a Wi-Fi Smoke Detector?

A Wi-Fi smoke detector is a smart device designed to detect smoke. As you may guess, it is smarter and more effective than old-school devices. It uses the same photoelectric sensors that old devices do, but that’s the only similarity you will find between the devices.

People are switching to smart home technologies to make their lives more secure and safe. A smart smoke detector comes with self-testing features to assess sensor performance and battery power, and can also send notifications to your mobile phone if there is a problem. 

Many top-rated models also come with the ability to detect carbon monoxide. This is a vital feature if you want to maintain a safe environment in your home or workplace. It is even possible to integrate Wi-Fi smoke detectors with your home automation system. It will detect heat or light and send an alarm to your device. It will make your home smarter and safer!

How Do Wi-Fi Smoke Detectors Work?

A Wi-Fi smoke detector connects to the smart home hub through the home Wi-Fi network. Whenever it detects smoke, it sends an instant signal to your smartphone through an app, and the alarm will be triggered instantly to inform you about potential danger. If you have intentionally burnt or overcooked something, you can simply turn off the alarm through the app.

If you have installed several smart smoke detectors in your home, all of them will sound during an emergency. You will also get an instant notification on your phone, allowing you to take appropriate actions or inform the authorities about potential danger if you are away. 

Such a smart, efficient smoke detection system is quite vital for people who often spend time outdoors or away from home. It will prevent severe fire incidents and potential injuries if there are people or pets at home!

How to Choose the Best Wi-Fi Smoke Detector?

Consider the following factors when looking for the best Wi-Fi smoke detector:

1. Power type

Wi-Fi smoke detectors can be powered via battery or through the main power supply of your home. You can also pick a combination of both types. Hardwired smoke detectors seem better at first glance because you won’t need to worry about battery power. However, they may stop working during power outages!

Battery-powered smoke detectors come with an onboard battery that powers the device. These devices work as long as the battery is powering them, but they will stop working if the battery dies. For maximum protection, choose a model that uses a combination of the main power supply and battery power.

2. The type of detector

You will find smoke detectors that use photoelectric, ionization, or both types of detectors. A photoelectric detector is capable of detecting slow-burning and smoldering fires. However, ionization smoke detectors only sense fast-burning fires. Some brands offer models with dual sensor alarms, which are perfect for protecting your home.

3. Other important features

Some modern smoke detectors also come with built-in LED lights and CO detection feature. The LEDs turn on whenever the detector detects fire, and will illuminate the surroundings, offering you a safe passage to get out of the building. CO detection capability is also quite essential, as this toxic gas can cause severe damage to your health!

X-Sense XS01-WT Wi-Fi Smoke Detector

You will find many advanced smoke detectors available on the market, and it will take some time to assess each important feature and choose the best Wi-Fi smoke detector. Therefore, we have made the search easier for you. Pick the X-Sense XS01-WT Wi-Fi Smoke Detector. It has an 820 ft. transmission range, full home protection, and a battery that lasts over five years. This battery-powered smoke detector will secure your home or workplace against fire for many years!

Millions of people are enjoying a safe, worry-free life because they have smart smoke detectors installed in their homes. You should buy and install a Wi-Fi smoke detector now if you haven’t yet. It will make your life much safer than an ordinary smoke detector ever can.

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