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The 5 Best WiFi Home Security Systems in 2022

Wed, Dec 29, 2021

What Is a WiFi Home Security System?

A WiFi home security system is a wireless security system for your home. As it does not require reworking on your home’s wiring system, it is a great security option if you want to install a new security system for your home. A WiFi security system usually works with radio signals, cellular signals, or any other type of wireless technology. A WiFi home security system usually includes a number of security devices, like bells at the doors, security cameras, and so on.

The 5 Best WiFi Home Security Systems of 2022

WiFi security systems are better than wired systems in some ways. For instance, a burglar cannot cut wire and disable the whole alarm system in case it is running on WiFi. Hence, WiFi alarm systems are more preferable now. But there are some best ones among these security systems. Here are the 5 best WiFi home security systems in 2022.

1. SimpliSafe Home Security System

SimpliSafe is one of the best WiFi security systems that you will find in 2021 for homes. Even if you want to name only one WiFi home security system, that would probably be the SimpliSafe home security system. With the best security equipment, along with non-stop monitoring by security professionals, your whole home is secured by the system. Also, the system allows the user to install the system all on their own, which is the perfect choice for you if you are looking for the same.

SimpliSafe Home Security System


  • DIY Installation.
  • Non-stop live security professional alert.
  • Wireless connection through WiFi.
  • Compatible with voice assistants, including Alexa and Google Assistant.

Why SimpliSafe?

The entry-grade package of the security system starts from as low as $229. The monthly plan is also very low, being $14.99. In addition, you can install the system yourself, even if you don’t possess that much of technical knowledge. It saves up the cost of professional installation, along with the hassle it comes with. Furthermore, SimpliSafe works with its mobile application. Hence, you can monitor the system, arm and disarm it as necessary.

2. X-Sense Home Security System

X-Sense security system is the most affordable home security system in this list. If you are on a budget and looking for the best service for value, the X-Sense security system is the best choice for you. It comes with the necessary security technologies and equipment to make sure that all parts of your home is covered.

X-Sense Home Security System


  • Wireless connectivity through WiFi, the range being up to one and a quarter mile.
  • Control through the mobile application.
  • One button allows switching between different modes.
  • Compatible with smart voice assistants, including Alexa.

Why X-Sense?

The X-Sense security system allows connecting up to 24 devices in the security system, ensuring that all parts of your home are covered. In addition, there is no additional subscription fees or contract fees after the first setup. That is why X-Sense is the most affordable WiFi home security system. Additional detectors can make it even more powerful security provider.

X-Sense Home Security System

X-Sense Home Security System

  1. No additional contracts or subscription fees.
  2. Extensive wireless range of up to 1.25 miles using the latest Spread Spectrum technology.
  3. Fully compatible with Amazon Alexa.
  4. Internal backup battery keeps the system running during power outages.
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3. Ring Home Security

Ring home security system is a security system by Amazon, which has made our list of the top 5. Being a part of Amazon, it supports integration with Alexa, the Amazon voice assistant. The security system offers nonstop professional monitoring that comes with an additional $10-fee per month. To secure your home above the basic limits, you can add devices from a vast range of options to the security system.

Ring Home Security


  • DIY installation.
  • Comes with a built-in alarm sound of 100+ decibel.
  • Offers a wide range of wireless protocols.
  • Supports Amazon voice assistant- Alexa.
  • Security alerts through the mobile application.

Why Ring Home Security?

The Ring home security system comes at an affordable price. Once you have installed the system, you will have to pay only an additional $10, that too for the nonstop monitoring service by security professionals. Moreover, you can install the system yourself since it supports DIY installation. You can also add further security devices to the security system to ensure even more safety.

4. FrontPoint Home Security

The best thing about the FrontPoint WiFi home security system is that it can be installed within minutes. The security package offers a free doorbell camera, which can further increase the safety in and around your home. Also, as the packaging of the security system starts from only $99, it is a perfect choice for everyone.

FrontPoint Home Security




  • Advanced voice activation system.
  • Nonstop professional monitoring- 24/7, offered in all packages.
  • Allows customization just the way users require.
  • Offers 3-year warranty.

Why FrontPoint?

The FrontPoint home security system is quick and easy to install. You can choose from the packages according to your requirements. Furthermore, the costs start from $99 only, that too include a free doorbell camera. Above all, the security system offers customization just the way you want it to be.

5. ADT Home Security

As a company, ADT has proved itself to be one of the top WiFi home security systems that you can try in 2021. One of the reasons for this is its affordability. The starting price is only $179, which makes it one of the best choices as a home security system. You can add devices to the system according to your requirements and later control and monitor them as a whole.

ADT Home Security



  • Monitoring and controlling through the mobile application.
  • Strong wireless connectivity with a long range.
  • Offers recording video clips.
  • Requires professional installation.
  • Nonstop professional monitoring- 24/7.

Why ADT?

Brands somewhat matter whether you agree or not. Installing the ADT home security system gives you that advantage as the ADT company is among the top ones in this field. Also, it allows you to add additional security devices from a vast range of options to the system. Above all, the wireless range is three times longer than other systems, making sure your home is protected no matter how big it is.

How to Choose a WiFi Home Security System?

When it comes to securing your home, you can never be too sure about your choice. However, the best you can do is choosing a WiFi security system that is among the best ones. But how to do that? Here are some of the factors that will help you choose the best WiFi home security system.

Professional or DIY installation

Some security systems require professional installation, while some others allow DIY installation. Usually, the better option is a DIY installation since it costs lower than the professional one as well as allow users to add new security equipment themselves.


A security system costs quite an amount. Hence, you may need to be ready to pay quite some money. However, some home security systems come at a low price while maintaining the best quality for value. You may go for those if you are on a budget and still need a high-quality home security system for your home. When choosing a WiFi home security system, you have to keep two costs in mind. One of them is the installation fee, and the other one is the additional monthly fee, usually paid for the professional monitoring service. Some companies may cost additional subscription or contract fees. Choose a security system that does not require any such additional fees.

Wireless range

As you are going to choose a WiFi home security system, the wireless range is something that you must check before choosing the system. Usually, the best DIY WiFi home security systems offer similar range. Hence, it should not be a problem. Nevertheless, check it before purchasing.

Security equipment

A security system comprises of a number of security equipment. Some common home security equipment is door and window sensors, doorbell cameras, security cameras, smoke detectors, temperature sensors, glass-break detectors, and so on. When choosing a security system for your home, check out the equipment included in it. Also, check the number of security devices the system allows you to install in the system. The larger the number of devices the system allows you to add, the better the security of your home is.

FAQs on WiFi Home Security System

1. How does Wi-Fi home security work?

Wi-Fi home security system is one type of wireless security system. Wireless systems usually work through Wi-Fi and radio signals. A Wi-Fi home security system usually involves a number of devices, which are connected with each other via a Wi-Fi network. The devices communicate with each other through the Wi-Fi connection and respond simultaneously to secure your home.

2. Do wireless security systems use WiFi?

Wireless security systems do not necessarily use Wi-Fi. They can use radio signals and other types of connectivity to communicate between devices. However, Wi-Fi can also be used, and in a Wi-Fi security system, the security equipment gets connected through the Wi-Fi connection.

3. How can I prevent jamming to my WiFi home security system?

A major disadvantage of using wireless systems is their jamming. The jamming can be due to presence of near-by devices that work on the same wireless frequency as that of the Wi-Fi router. Or it can be due to a jammer used by burglars. To prevent jamming, you can do a couple of things. Firstly, you can place the router somewhere away from other wireless devices as well as away from your boundary. Hence, jamming devices won’t have effect on your Wi-Fi system. Secondly, you can use a different wireless frequency, which will make sure that your Wi-Fi system doesn’t get jammed. Another thing you can try is unplugging the appliances not in use. Finally, don’t use too many wireless devices at once nearby.


A good Wi-Fi home security system can ensure proper safety of your home. By choosing the best Wi-Fi home security system, you can make sure of that. Follow the choosing process mentioned in this article and protect your home in even a better way.

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