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4 Best Wired Home Security Systems of 2021

Thu, Nov 11, 2021

A wired Home Security System, as the name suggests, utilizes wires spread throughout the house to transmit the information into the main control panel of the house and at times to the monitoring system of the security company as well. In a hard-wired security system, several components of a security system like sensors, cameras, etc are attached using actual wires. It employs the wiring of a landline telephone. There are ample choices available when it comes to selecting a wired home security system. 

Best Wired Home Security Systems

1. Swann Hardwired Security System

Swann Hardwired Security System

Swann had its modest beginnings in Melbourne, Australia, and rose to become a leader in security-centric solutions and monitoring, internationally. With its presence in more than 40 countries spread over 6 continents, Swann initiated the Do-It-Yourself security. It is a part of the Infinova Group and is actively involved in enhancing security and networking solutions, globally.


  • Swann provides one of the most pocket-friendly hard-wired security systems available in the market. Its pricing is competitive as well.
  • Swann presents a range of packages beginning from a two-camera basic package costing a few hundred dollars to a complete 16 camera package priced at a couple of thousand.
  • Providing weatherproof cameras, these are ideal for outdoor use.
  • With its color-coordinated wiring, one can save money on installation, making their DIY mantra a reality.
  • It has Alexa and Google Assistant integrated into it proving Swann hard-wired security system an apt choice for smart homes.
  • Swann cameras contain up to 2 TB of storage space with 1080p HD video.
  • One can check live feeds and recordings using Alexa or Google Assistant. It can detect human heat and send an alert immediately.


  • 16 Channel 4k Ultra HD Network Video Recorder (Plain Box ) Package- $899.95
  • 8 Camera 16 Channel 4k Ultra HD NVR Security System Package- $1879.95
  • Enforcer 4 camera 4 Channel 1080p Full HD DVR Security System- $599.95
  • 4 camera 4 Channel 4k Ultra HD DVR Security System- $799.95
  • Master Series 6 Camera 8 Channel NVR Security System- $1249.95

Why Stand Out?

Swann happens to be the best wired security system as it has something to offer for everyone. Right from a buyer looking for a robust security system to a basic package optimum for apartment dwellers. You can be living in any part of the world and still keep an eye on your house. Swann hard-wired security system is a one-time purchase and does not charge any monthly or cloud fees.

2. Lorex Wired Home Security System

Lorex Wired Home Security System

Lorex Technology as a company was founded in 1991 and since its inception, it continues to transform the security solutions both for home and commercial purposes. Built-in storage space and clear high definition videos are some of the important features of this single app-based smart home monitor system.


  • Lorex is a self-sufficient and self-contained smart monitoring system. A one-time purchase, the user can install it themselves using the videos provided for guidance or can employ the services of professional installers the company provides.
  • Lorex offers ample camera choices, high-definition 4K video, and a voice-controlled home hub. Talking about multiple camera choices Lorex wired home security system has something for everyone.
  • One can add different types of cameras to their package. It offers cameras ranging from color night vision, infrared night vision, dome cameras to optical zoom, digital zoom, bullet cameras to name a few.
  • Lorex doorbell is an added feature that can be included in the package as well.
  • A unique feature with Lorex is that it has integrated motion sensors that can activate a camera. Therefore, a user doesn't lose storage space due to continuous recording.
  • Lorex can work with Alexa and Google Assistant. However, a consumer can purchase an add-on to use the company's hub center to control the entire system.
  • Lorex wired security system's video display is touch-sensitive and recognizes voices too.


  • 2K Wire-free, Battery operated Security System (2 cameras)- $269.99
  • 2K WiFi Video Doorbell with Person Detection (wired)- $149.99
  • 32 Channel NVR System with sixteen 4K (8MP) Nocturnal Varifocal Zoom IP Cameras, 250FT Night Vision- $3,999.99
  • 16 Channel Fusion NVR System with Eight 4K (8MP) IP Cameras- $799.99

Why Stand Out?

Lorex happens to be a one-stop-shop to satisfy many consumer needs purely due to their customize packages and plethora of camera choices. Add-on features and sensor integration is a plus point too.

3. Reolink Wired Home Security System

Reolink Wired Home Security System

Reolink kicked off in 2009 with its first product launched in July the same year. Since then it has further developed technology making security a hassle-free issue for home and business owners.


  • With its 'Plug and Play' installation, this wired home security system is consumer-friendly. One need not get into the complexities of installation. They can have their system up and running by simply connecting the DVR to the Router and plugging in the cords to the cameras.
  • It offers up to 3 TB of storage space and its DVRs and NVRs allow video monitoring a continuous affair. To put it in other words a consumer can record about 2000 odd days of footage before erasing any feed.
  • Its user-friendly app lets a consumer change and customize notifications from any corner of the world.
  • An added advantage of the app is the timeline. It permits a user to jump to the exact second the motion sensors had picked up any moment. This way one doesn't waste time skimming through the entire footage.


  • 4K Person/Vehicle Detection Outdoor PoE Security Camera System with 2TB HDD 8-Channel NVR for 24/7 Recording- $899.99
  • 5MP Person/Vehicle Detection PoE Waterproof Security Camera System with 2TB HDD 8-Channel NVR for 24/7 Recording- $679.99
  • One Complete 24/7 PoE Security Camera System Solution! With 4 Dome 4MP Cams & 2TB HDD 8-Channel NVR- $555.99
  • Most Stable 5MP/4MP Super HD PoE Security Camera System! 8-Channel PoE NVR Kit with 2TB HDD for 24/7 Video Recording- $599.99

Why Stand Out?

Reolink wired home security system with its no-frills installation makes it a consumer-friendly product and an absolute breeze to use. They offer Wire-free security cameras, Indoor smart home cameras, Security camera systems, and Wifi/PoE cameras and NVRs.

4. Ring Retrofit Alarm Kit

Ring Retrofit Alarm Kit

Ring retrofit alarm kit is described as the best-hardwired security system for existing sensors. Started by a company called Ring, it is not a hardwired security system per se but can be connected to the wifi package of an existing hardwired security system.


  • Ring retrofit alarm kit neither burns a hole in the pocket nor requires any new piece of equipment. It is an affordable package for those looking to connect their high-quality contact sensors to an alarm system.
  • It is equally suitable for both small apartments and larger home dwellings. The kit doesn't offer a DIY advantage but can be installed by a professional.
  • In addition, it offers professional monitoring at dirt cheap prices.
  • Although self-monitoring is permitted by using their free app that sends real-time alerts. Ring can even alert the police or the fire department in case of an emergency.


  • Battery Video Doorbells- $149-$349
  • Wired Video Doorbells- $199-$499
  • Doorbell Camera Bundles- $169- $478
  • Outdoor Security Cameras- $289-$379

Why Stand Out?

Its affordability is its USP. One can customize their package by selecting from a range of services and products like Ring Video Doorbells, Ring Video Doorbell Pro, Ring Peephole Cam, etc. Ring is expandable as well. A consumer can upgrade by purchasing more products in case they happen to shift to a larger dwelling.

How to Install Wired Home Security Systems?

In case a consumer is leaning towards a wired home security system instead of a wireless one then the process is a tad bit tedious. A whole range of tools are required starting from Ethernet cable, Baluns, a Power drill to Steel fish tape, Masking tape, a mouse, keyboard, monitor and last a friend to help you. Before plunging into the installation process it is important to understand that every security system consists of cameras and a DVR box. The cameras connect directly to the DVR box and this gets connected into a power outlet. Finally, to manage the complete security system connect an external monitor to the DVR box.

Step 1. Decide the location of the cameras. Keep in mind the factor that the wire has to travel to the DVR box. Therefore, it is imperative to select a feasible and easy-to-install place.

Step 2. Getting the cameras ready for installation. Begin by marking the area where the camera will fit and the cables shall run through. Next, use a drill to make the necessary holes where the screws will come in and the hole for mounting the camera.

Step 3. Connect the cables to each camera. For this, a consumer might require a fish tape that helps you run cables through cramped places like an attic.

Step 4. Connect the cables to the DVR box. This is a complicated process because it requires all the cables to merge at one place where the DVR box is located. A drilling machine and a fish tape can help here and of course, the services of a friend will come in handy too.

Step 5. Install the cameras. Once the cables have been laid, connect each cable to the camera and mount the same. Using a drilling machine drill the screws and make the necessary adjustments.

Step 6. Connect everything. Connect the cables to the DVR box using adaptors like baluns, then connect an external monitor along with a keyboard and a mouse to the box.

Step 7. Get the interface up and running. By creating a password and setting the time and date the hard-wired security system is good to run. A consumer can play around with the settings and personalize according to their need.

How Motion Sensors Are Wired into Home Security Systems?

Motion sensors are wired using 4-wire connections. Two wires are for the power and two are for the data. The power wires are connected to the ECP bus for the panel and the data wires connect to the zone terminals.

Motion sensors that are wired into the home security system operate on 12V DC power.

How to Use Wired Home Security Systems Without Monitoring?

Wired home alarm system is the answer here. At times one might plan to cancel the existing home monitoring services and format the same. However, the functioning of the existing home security system is fruitful only if alerts can be dispatched in case of an emergency. A major advantage of self-monitoring is the big bucks one can save by avoiding professional monitoring. But it's important to note that self-monitoring works only when a house has a strong wifi connection.

Is Wired or Wireless Security System Better?

A home security system connects with the world outside using a cellular or landline connection. A wired home security system connects the wires of the house to the outside world utilizing the landline connection. On the other hand, a wireless home security system uses motion sensors to transmit wirelessly.

A wired security system is more reliable to use but it is a hassle to install it. While a wireless one is easy to install and can be fixed in places where a wired system can't reach but it isn't a dependable one.

Using a wired home security system, one can avoid issues like network outages and false alarms but if a house isn't already equipped with a hardwired security system, getting one done is a pain. On the other hand, installing a wireless security system is a breeze and can be connected to a phone as well. On the downside, wireless systems work on internet connection and may not cover many areas in the house.

The X-Sense home security system is a recommended wireless system that happens to be quite accurate when it comes to sending alerts. Entry sensors protect the home from any kind of intrusion. A remote control people to change modes easily.

Both a wired and wireless home security system has their pros and cons and it all comes down to the personal choice of the consumer.

FAQs on Wired Home Security Systems

1. What is the best-wired alarm system in the market?

There are many in the market however, Swann hard-wired security system has more to offer. Therefore, it’s the natural choice.

2. How much does a wired security system cost?

An efficient and effective wired security system can cost anything between $149.99 to $5999.99. The cost can vary depending on personal choice and needs.

3. Can wired security cameras be hacked?

To some extent, yes. Professional hackers can easily hack into the system by taking advantage of insecure passwords. Also, burglars can knock out the wired security system by cutting the landline connection.


Wired home security systems provide a security blanket keeping the home safe. It is like buying insurance for your house, keeping it secured, and leaving you stress-free. The above discussion amply reveals that deciding on a security system is a matter of personal choice and requirement.

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