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The 5 Best Wireless Home Security Systems

Thu, Nov 04, 2021

What Is a Wireless Home Security System?

A wireless home security system is a set of home protection devices working together as a unit, using wireless technology communication protocols to transmit and process real-time data and offer real-time options to evaluate response. Wireless home security systems are part of the Internet of Things revolution, by which people can remotely control home devices through smartphones, tablets, or PC. These kinds of systems are usually operated through an app and can be classified into two big groups: professional wireless home security systems or DIY wireless home security systems. The first group is a paid service, which can include the systems, and other additional services like video storage, surveillance, and even installation or repair. The second group is composed of several devices capable of doing almost the same as professional systems but with really attractive customization options.

These systems can include cameras, movement and sound sensors, smart locks and doors, alarms, fire alarms, fire sensors, and many other devices, capable of registering any security breach in a home, like break-ins, fires, and even other emergencies. These security systems usually have a prevention scope, and they are non-reactive so, they are not dangerous for people. The apps that control these systems are state of the art in coding, communications, and device remote operation, but usually have easy-to-use software and interfaces.

Even if someone is not ready for a complex system, there are plenty of individual devices that can be installed as standalone units to monitor houses or departments from telephones or tablets, like motion sensors, video doorbells, cameras, and smart locks.

In this article, we will cover several issues that potential buyers need to know, regarding home wireless security systems.

The Best Wireless Home Security Systems

1. Simplisafe - Best Wireless Home Security System

This bundle can be classified as a DIY wireless home security system. It is versatile and easy to use and doesn’t require signing a contract for installation or operation.



  • Protection for every window, door, and room of your house or apartment, against potential intruders, fires, flood or indoor water damage, and medical emergencies.
  • Small-sized to guarantee its components are difficult to detect.
  • Sensors are designed to use precise human form algorithms and therefore, ignore pets.
  • Monitored by professionals and there is no need to sign a contract, but otherwise, clients can choose self-monitoring.
  • Live professional alerts, as the monitoring staff calls the client whenever trouble is detected and stays tuned in until the alarm cause is controlled.
  • Dispatch faster with Visual Verification: Because if the client includes Visual Verification on his monitoring plan lets SimpliSafe verify if the alarm is real and so police can dispatch faster.
  • Alexa, Google Assistant, August Locks, and Apple Watch’s compatibility.

Why stand out:

This is a very complete service and stands out by its monitoring system and staff of professionals watching properties and ready to help if there are security issues. It doesn’t need to sign a contract and that’s for sure, an advantage. It doesn’t need drilling or tools to install it. The size of the equipment is compact and it seems to be a very well-designed piece of technology.

2. X-Sense - Most Affordable

Beyond any doubt, this is one of the most affordable wireless home security options, and is made of a five-piece kit, and standalone units like outdoor security cameras. It provides security monitoring and remote control of home devices with the XSense Home Security app. The X-Sense Home Security Kit includes a base station, a motion sensor, two entry sensors, and remote control.



  • The X-Sense Home Security Kit package can cost over a hundred dollars.
  • X-Sense provides customers with a 30-day refund policy, 12-month warranty, and lifetime technical support.
  • Easy setup and operation.
  • Instant notifications.
  • 1 ¼ mile wireless transmission range.
  • 5 level sensor sensitivity.
  • Remote control of home devices and security units from a phone or tablet, with the X-Sense Home Security App.

Why stand out:

This wireless home security system stands out for its compact design and easiness of operation via phone or tablet interface. The lifetime technical support is beyond doubt a feature to be considered, as well as the instant notifications received directly to the phone. Its sensor sensitivity offers wide coverage and security. If customers are looking for an easy-to-install, customize and use DIY system, X-Sense is one to have in mind.

3. Frontpoint Home Security Systems

It is another DIY wireless home security system specially designed to suit homes, business, and apartments. It has been awarded as Best DIY Wireless Security.

Frontpoint Home Security Systems


  • 24/7 monitoring and state-of-the-art video technology capable of knowing the difference between actual threats and false alarms.
  • Home automation operated through Frontpoint App that can also be set for voice control with Alexa, Siri, or Google Home.
  • Automatic hourly sensor checks and notifications to keep the customer as confident as possible.
  • Cameras that never have been hacked, and safeness of the data.
  • Cameras, intrusion sensors, hazard sensors, home automation, accessories, and front point systems, all can be bought as standalone units because the system is highly customizable.
  • “Build your own system” packages, but if you want some pre-designed packages then can choose between the safehouse, the bunker, or the fortress, all of them offering diverse configurations.

Why stand out:

The professional 24x7x365 monitoring must be the best side of this system and why it stands out. Its prompt response times, environmental safety monitoring, and emergency responders prepared to be dispatched with any alarm make this security system one option to have in mind. Its customization package is amazing and the other pre-designed packages also have affordable prices and this makes them attractive.

4. Ring Home Security System

This one can be also classified as a DIY wireless home security system. Similar to other services, it has several standalone units to choose from: video timbres, video doorbells, security cameras, and accessories like a Quick Release Battery Pack, Solar Panel, Chimes, and others.

Ring Home Security System


  • All systems can be remotely operated through the Ring App from a phone, a tablet, or even a PC.
  • All its devices include a camera, speakers, and an integrated microphone for the customer to see, hear or speak with anyone at the secured home, from any place.
  • Customizable movement sensors are also capable of sending alerts direct to the phone, tablet, or PC.
  • Comprehensive Ring Protect package, and Ring Protect Plus premium package, but standalone units can be operated without buying any plan.
  • 30 day free trial of Ring Protect package and its special features.
  • 60-day video storage in the cloud.
  • Notifications activated by movement, real-time images with direct video, bidirectional communication, and anti-theft protection.

Why stand out:

Ring Home Security System's affordable prices and free features are beyond any doubt this system’s pros, as well as its directly to the phone notifications, activated by any of its customizable sensors. But an outstanding feature of this system is its bidirectional capacities, perfect for someone that needs to leave family or kids at home. Its 30 days free trial of Ring Protect package with the purchase of any standalone unit is perfect to have a try of the system before actually paying for it.

5. Abode Security

This is one of the top-rated DIY home wireless security systems in the market. It includes a system of WiFi Security Cameras and so important, is of easy installation. This system involves several wireless alarms systems and cameras ready to protect from fire, flood, and break-ins. Abode Security advertises its system to be completely installed and functioning in three big steps: 1) Build a customizable wireless home security system, 2) Install devices, and; 3) Start to watch.

In the same way, all the Abode Security wireless home security systems have 3 main components, which are gateways, accessories, and the Abode App.

Abode Security


  • The system can be completely operated from the Abode App on the phone or tablet, no matter where the customer is.
  • It is not necessary to have the Abode Security System to operate some of the standalone units, and specifically the WiFi Security Cameras.
  • WiFi Security Cameras are capable of stream, capture, record, detect motion and allow bidirectional voice communication.
  • “View live video anytime” feature, to automatically record videos and send motion detect alerts.
  • Abode iota All In One Security Kit includes a 1080p camera, a motion sensor, multiple wireless radios, built-in sirens, and support for many third-party devices and platforms.
  • Alexa’s, Google Assistant, Home Kit, and IFTTT compatibility.
  • Local storage for videos and on-demand professional monitoring.

Why stand out:

The Abode App can be used to put the system in Home, Away or Standby modes, view timeline events, view a live video stream and check the functioning of all connected devices and this is a very outstanding feature.

It also lets the customer order on-demand monitoring, change the monthly plan, and enables the Location Assistant, which lets the user see which mobile devices are located within a geofence, and add or remove devices and this is a huge advantage if a house is under attack because those devices can be reported to the police in real-time.

Reviews of iota functioning reported the system delivering clean and sharp video at different hours (day, night, afternoon, and dawns), and its voice controlling and monitoring features explain why this home wireless security system is top rated.

How to Choose Your Wireless Home Security System?

Choosing a Wireless Home Security System can be a difficult task considering that there are several options in the market, many of them good rated and having attractive features, however, there are a couple of issues to have in mind:


The more important aspect to have in mind when looking to buy a Wireless Home Security System. The budget will determine how many features or accessories you are limited to install if you are limited at all. Not all the services have affordable prices and in most cases, the expense is represented by the buy of the equipment in the first place and monthly subscriptions or payments in the second.

Area and Dimensions

Another thing to think about for sure is the area and dimension of the place, and how it can be covered by the system, no matter which one you have in mind. If a place has many potential security weaknesses like blindspots, bad illumination, or fence holes, maybe a waste of money to install a sophisticated security system, and could be better to start by addressing those weaknesses.

Monitoring Service Available

This is another relevant issue to have in mind. If someone wants to have video recordings of break-ins or sensors activations, alerts, and all this surveillance, then maybe better to let others watch your house. If the client wants to completely self-monitor the house, some systems like Ring can be better.

Cloud Storage Available

Storage for video footage generated by the system is another big concern that needs to be analyzed, even more, if you want your cameras to be recording all the time. Physical storage devices can fall short very fast and it could require to erase and overwrite video, maybe losing important things you want to check later.

We strongly recommend clients make a list of requirements and check it against each system feature before making a decision.

FAQS about Wireless Home Security Systems

1. How do wireless home security systems work?

Wireless Home Security Systems can be usually remotely operated by an app and comprehensive, dedicated software, through your phone, tablet, or Pc, depending on the system. They use different accessories like cameras and sensors to control and monitor what is happening in your home in real-time. They also use device communication capabilities and smart integration of the whole system. Some of them work by professionally monitoring your home 24x7x365.

2. Do wireless alarms need Internet?

Yes, because many of them use WiFi to communicate and Internet bandwidth to transmit real-time data between devices, and that’s how you receive a notification on your phone software or app. All this data is routed from the home wireless security hub or applets directly to your phone, tablet, or Pc as well as the notifications generated by movement, glass breaks, door or windows openings, and any other included within the surveillance.

3. Are wireless alarms better than wired ones?

Yes, wired alarms aren't supported by a comprehensive and smart wireless home security system as wireless.

4. What’s the difference between wireless and wired home security systems?

Wireless home security systems can be remotely controlled and operated through an app in your phone, tablet, or Pc in some cases, while wired systems are fixed and usually, must be operated from a panel inside the house. Some are remote controlled but they will never have the unlimited range and bandwidth of the Internet, as home wireless security systems have.

5. How far can a wireless security camera transmit?

A wireless security camera can transmit as far as the receiving device is located, because all its data, like video and sound generated by cameras and sensors, travel via Internet from the monitored house directly to a phone, or tablet.


Wireless Home Security Systems are, beyond any doubt, one side of the Internet of Things revolution. Many of them are DIY and this is a way of involving the user in the experience of creating a customizable state-of-the-art security system personally tailored to suit your requirements and that is a huge advantage. Wireless Home Security Systems can be controlled as far as the user is placed, and therefore, you can control the system from anywhere.

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