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What is the Benefit of Wireless Interconnect Smoke Alarm

By HopeCharlotte |

An interconnected smoke alarm is an interlinked system that linked all the smoke alarms of your house with each other. Thus whenever one smoke alarm detects the presence of smoke and carbon monoxide every smoke alarms connected with each other will ring at the same time. Modern house owners now prefer these instead of a standalone smoke alarm due to the benefit wireless interconnected smoke detectors offer. Here you will get some information about the benefits of interconnected smoke alarms. So let’s start.

Why the Smoke Alarms Should Be Interconnected?

Smoke alarms of your home should be interconnected because the NFPA recommended that the smoke alarms should be interconnected so that when one sounds, they all sound.

The interconnected smoke alarms can communicate with each other. This will create an integrated protection system in your home. You can create a connection between the smoke alarms via wires if you are using hardwired models. Otherwise, you can connect them wirelessly via radio signals if your smoke alarm is battery-driven. Whatever model you use the duty of an interconnected smoke alarm is to ring all alarms together whenever it detects smoke or CO.

If one smoke alarm will sound then immediately all interconnected alarms sound. For instance, you may not hear the sound of a smoke alarm in the basement if there is any fire occurs. But if you use interconnected smoke alarms then they will signal all alarms immediately when any part of your house catches fire. This will let you know about the danger of fire then and there. You can get away from the house at once. Thus interconnected smoke alarms are necessary for your safety.  

The Benefits of Interconnected Smoke Alarms

Some of the benefits of interconnected smoke alarms are

1. Full Home Coverage

Amidst the incident of a home fire one cannot get much time to escape it. You may probably get a few minutes to save yours and your family's life. If your house’s upper floor catches fire and you have gone to the basement then you can surely miss the individual smoke alarm on the top floor. But if you install an interconnected smoke alarm in the entire house then the basement alarms will go up as the upper floor alarms go off. Then you can sense the alarm of fire no matter which place you are in your house in comparison to the first alarm. The NFPA (National Fire Protection Association) reports that most of the fatalities of homes catching in the US occur in various places from the place where the fire began. Thus, with an interconnected system for smoke alarm, you will give not only safety but mental peace as you know that your house in double protected entirely.

2. Wireless Connection

Previously the system of smoke alarm of our homes was hardwired. That means they were linked with each other by the electrical system of the house. But now things are simpler. The advancement of technology enables us to install this interconnected and wireless system of smoke alarm in our house. These smoke alarms are operated by battery and extremely simple to connect. This will make you protected even in the power outage. You can also get location and voice alerts in some of the modern smoke alarms now. This will give you information on where the danger is or what kind of crisis is this. Thus you can choose the most secure clearing route of your house easily with it.

3. Interconnected alarms are safer

An interconnected smoke alarm is safer than a standalone one because it will let you know about danger soon. Even you are present in the house still you may not be close to the place where the fire began. If your bedroom is in a fire you cannot sense it from the basement. So for the safety of your family, you should install interconnected smoke alarms.

4. Required for new home constructions

Many states now demanding interconnected smoke alarm system to be installed in every new construction because of its safety and early warning benefits.

So if you are constructing your house or buying a new one make sure that the fire alert system is interconnected. You will surely not want to neglect the benefits of interconnected smoke alarms risk your safety.

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