X-Sense Interconnected Smoke Detectors

FAQs for Interconnected Smoke Detectors

  • Which models are wireless interconnected smoke detectors?

    We will launch X-Sense Link+ wireless interlinked smoke detectors later this year. Please stay tuned to hear about our latest updates.

  • How do wireless interconnected smoke detectors work?

    These wireless detectors contain a built-in RF wireless communication module that enables you to wirelessly connect 2 or more interlinked detectors and create an interlinked network. When one unit is triggered, all interconnected detectors will sound.

  • How many X-Sense wireless interconnected alarms can be integrated in one network?

    Up to 24 X-Sense wireless alarms can be interconnected.

  • Do all X-Sense wireless interconnected smoke detectors use photoelectric sensor technology?

    Yes, X-Sense interconnected wireless smoke alarms feature an advanced photoelectric smoke sensor that accurately detects dangerous smoke concentrations and quickly warns you of fire hazards.

  • How do I determine which alarm is the source alarm?

    For X-Sense wireless interlinked alarms, you can find the source alarm using the test/silence button. Only the source alarm will be able to silence all wireless interconnected alarms. Press the test/silence button on any interconnected alarm. If all alarms are silenced, then the alarm you pressed is the source alarm. If not, then one smoke alarm will still be sounding, and that alarm is the source alarm.