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CO03D Carbon Monoxide Alarm
CO03D Carbon Monoxide Alarm
CO03D Carbon Monoxide Alarm
CO03D Carbon Monoxide Alarm
CO03D Carbon Monoxide Alarm
CO03D Carbon Monoxide Alarm
CO03D Carbon Monoxide Alarm
CO03D Carbon Monoxide Alarm
CO03D Carbon Monoxide Alarm
CO03D Carbon Monoxide Alarm

CO03D Carbon Monoxide Alarm

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CO03D Carbon Monoxide Alarm



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Learn more about the CO03D Carbon Monoxide Alarm

10-Year Product Life
A long-lasting design ensures 10 years of stable, reliable performance.
Replaceable Batteries
3 replaceable AA batteries continuously power the CO monitoring device.
Informative LCD, Always Informed
The constant reading on the LCD will determine if you have an ongoing, low-level CO leak that is not at a dangerous level yet, always ensuring you are well-informed.
Easy, Efficient Test/Hush Button
The Test/Hush button helps maintain excellent device condition 24/7 with a simple press, and can mute a test warning with another quick and easy press.

3 LED indicators with clear, intuitive instructions inform you when and how to act.

A regular self-check function helps detect faults and ensures product integrity.

An advanced, precise Figaro sensor makes the device respond fast to CO levels in the air.


Item Model Number


Silence Duration

≤ 6 minutes

Operating Life

10 years

Indicator Light

LED (red/yellow/green)

Power Source

3 × 1.5 V AA alkaline batteries (replaceable)



Sensor Type




Safety Standards

EN 50291:2010




Kitemark and CE listed

Installation Method

Screw fixings and mounting bracket supplied

Standby Current

< 20 µA (avg.)


Indoor use only

Alarm Current

< 45 mA (avg.)

Product Weight

0.29 lb (133 g)

Operating Temperature

40–100°F (4.4–37.8°C)

Product Dimensions

4.3 × 4.3 × 1.5 inches (110 × 110 × 37 mm)

Alarm Loudness

≥ 85 dB at 3.28 ft (1 m)

Package Contents

1 × Alarm Unit + 1 × Mounting Bracket + 3 × 1.5 V AA Batteries + 2 × Screws + 2 × Anchor Plugs + 1 × User Manual


Does it also display the peak CO level?

It just shows current CO levels from 30–999 ppm without peak level memory function.

What is the minimum CO level this alarm will show?

30 ppm.

How long do the batteries last?

At least three years under normal conditions. It needs three 1.5 V AA alkaline batteries and you can replace them.

Can I forgo the drill when installing?

No, you need to drill three holes and complete the installation with the included anchor plugs and screws.

Can this alarm be installed on a standard round electrical box?

No, the distance of the screw holes in the mounting bracket is 2.7 inches (68.6 mm). If you want to know whether this alarm can cover your existing electrical box, please check the size of the electrical box.

What is the recommended installation location and height level?

A wall is the ideal location for this alarm, as carbon monoxide is slightly lighter than air, and it is found with warm, rising air. The alarm should be placed on a wall about 59 inches (1.5 m) above the floor. Keep it at a horizontal distance of 60 inches from the potential CO source.

How do I know if the device is functioning properly and monitoring for CO leaks?

If the alarm senses a dangerous CO concentration level, the LCD will display the CO level from 30–999 ppm. This unit will alarm in the following time range when exposed to the corresponding levels of CO: 70 ppm for 60–240 minutes, 150 ppm for 10–50 minutes, and 400 ppm for 4–15 minutes.

Do I have to manually run a weekly test, or does the alarm automatically run the test?

The carbon monoxide alarm has an automatic self-check function that ensures that the key sensor and critical circuits are working properly. However, we recommend that you also press the test/silence button once a week to verify that the alarm is still working properly.

Will cooking trigger false alarms?

False alarms are highly unlikely. Unlike smoke alarms, CO alarms are not affected by factors such as dust, steam, or cooking fumes.

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CO03D Carbon Monoxide Alarm
CO03D Carbon Monoxide Alarm
CO03D Carbon Monoxide Alarm
CO03D Carbon Monoxide Alarm
CO03D Carbon Monoxide Alarm
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