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Smoke detector vs. Heat detector

By HopeCharlotte |

Smoke detectors and heat detectors are now part of every smart home. They can give you premonitions and even save your life from a dangerous fire outburst. A smoke detector minutely checks and warns you of any smoke whereas a heat detector informs you about serious temperature changes. So the question arises that, who is the best? or what should you choose for your home? Here are the pros and cons of both smoke and heat detectors which will make your doubts clear.

Smoke Detector

In the smoke detector device two kinds of technologies are used; ionization sensor and photoelectric sensor. For optimum protection, you can combine them both. In ionization technology, a two-plated chamber is used that generates an electric current. If that current comes in contact with smoke then the alarm sounds. The photoelectric technology uses a light beam that shines inside the device. Here if the beam gets in touch with smoke then alarm sounds.

The Pros and Cons of a Smoke Detector

Photoelectric devices react best in case of long, smoldering fires whereas ionization devices react instantly for high flames. As both of them have their strengths and weaknesses thus some smoke detectors now contain both the technologies. Though researches show that both of the technologies are life-saving yet National Fire Protection Association suggests you combine both for better protection.  

Smoke detectors can alarm you much before a heat alarm as in most of the case a billowing smoke emerges before an intensely heated fire.

Heat Detector

The two types of technologies used in a heat detector are thermocouple technology and electro-pneumatic technology. Both of them react finely when heat builds up near their surroundings. It can be powered by battery or electric wires or both of them just like the smoke detectors. Also, one kind uses mechanical triggered apparatus and thus doesn't require battery or electricity. 

The Pros and Cons of Heat Detector

In the case of high flames and intense heat, a heat detector react the best. In dusty and dirty areas, where a smoke detector often creates false alarm, a heat detector can be a reliable option. Thus hear detectors are more often used to trigger the sprinkler system due to their accuracy.

Smoke Detector or Heat Detector

A smoke detector reacts when it comes in contact with combustion whereas a heat detector reacts when the temperature around the smoke detector increases high.

A smoke detector functions on ionization and photoelectric technology whereas a heat detector functions on the thermocouple and electro-pneumatic technology.

Heat detectors cannot detect small temperature changes whereas smoke detectors can react because of a little smoke.

Smoke detectors are thus more prone to give you false alarms but heat detectors are more reliable as they only react when the temperature gets very high.

Both smoke detectors and heat detectors are important to ensure safety and security of your house. It protects your house as well as family from any kind of severe disaster due to fire. You will be able to take evasive actions because of them. So, make sure that you are taking the right call by having such important equipment in your house.

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