The Best Home Security Cameras

Everyone feels safe when they have security in their homes. It is possible by installing security measures such as having home security cameras. These cameras show you what is going on outside or inside the house. In addition, with a secure internet connection, you can be able to keep an eye on your home even when you not around.

Security cameras use wifi to create a connection and stream videos to your phone. In addition to that, some of these cameras have sensors. When they are activated, they notify you by an alert on your phone. They also record videos that you can view later to see what happened when you were not around. They are the best way to look after your loved ones when you are not there.

Here we will find the best home security cameras to provide you with the best services in keeping you and your family safe.

The Best Home Security Cameras

Knowing the best security camera is a dilemma for most people. There are many security cameras in stores that may not offer you excellent services. We are here to give you the best that you can choose. Here is a list of the best home security cameras.

1. Vivint Outdoor Camera Pro

Vivint Outdoor camera Pro is the best home security camera to help you keep your house and lurking criminals around the house. It is equipped with motion sensors to keep intruders away. In addition, this camera can distinguish between people, cars, and animals, making it easy to know who or what is moving around the house.

With these features, the security camera sends an alert to your phone. It then sounds like a siren as it shines an LED to show that someone has been standing at your house for too long. In addition, it has a mobile app that you can control. For example, it gives you the option to zoom in 3×.


  1. The camera can distinguish between people, animals, and vehicles
  2. It has a feature that sounds like a siren and shines an LED when someone stays in your yard for long
  • Can record videos continuously.

2. Simplicam by Simplisafe

Simplicam is a house security camera that can work both indoors and outdoors. The camera connects to your SimpliSafe system to work as your house security camera. They use it indoors because it requires an outdoor kit to work when used outdoors. It usually works as a stand-alone camera for your house.

It has sensors that can sense motion and send you an alert to your phone. It can also distinguish between people and objects using heat sensors. As a result, it reduces false alarms when things move.


  1. It has encryption to keep off intruders
  2. It has sensors that differentiate between humans and objects.
  • It provides storage to save videos.

3. Abode Smart Outdoor Camera

With Abode, the house camera can work as a doorbell that can take the functions of an outdoor camera. It includes voice commands, and it has motion sensors that start recording videos when they sense a person moving through that point. It also works as a stand-alone integrated with the Abode system to work as a home security camera.


  1. It uses voice control and is compatible with smart home devices
  2. It can differentiate between a person and an object.

4. Blue by ADT Indoor Camera

This security camera offers the best indoor surveillance to frequent movers. It comes with a battery backup system when there is no power. In addition, it has sensors that sense motion, smoke, and carbon monoxide. All these send alerts to your phone.


  1. It has facial recognition of the saved faces
  2. It has a two-way audio system
  • You can customize motion sensors
  1. It can detect smoke and carbon monoxide

5. X-Sense Wireless Security Camera

X-Sense is a wireless security camera that offers the best outdoor surveillance with night vision and a spotlight to illuminate the area. The spotlight turns on when motion sensors are activated. In addition, it offers high-resolution videos in 2K.

X-Sense outdoor security camera

X-Sense S21 Security Camera

  1. It is Wi-Fi compatible and provides encryption.
  2. It is compatible with a smart home device, and you can control it with your voice.
  3. The camera Produces 2K HD videos.
  4. It has playback features.
  5. It has inbuilt storage to store videos.
  6. It is waterproof
  7. It has inbuilt sensors to detect motion and sound
  8. It has two-way audio to speak to visitors on the door.
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How to Choose a Home Security Camera

Security cameras are valuable to any home. While at work, you can have peace that home security cameras protect your loved ones. A security camera is a device that provides surveillance of your home. It records and streams a video using a wifi connection to your device wherever you are. To choose a security camera, you need to understand and select correctly because you will be interacting with them daily.

1. Motion sensors

It would help if you always chose security cameras that have motion sensors. It will help you know when a person is walking by or an intruder. It should come with unique features such as differentiating if it’s a person or an object.

2. Smartphone alerts

Gettings alerts on your phone when your camera detects something in your house are the best security you can have. However, with this, you do not need to go and check yourself what is going on when alarms ring.

Where do you want to protect?

You need to know which areas in your home have blindspots. These are the areas you need to keep an eye on. Choosing a camera that can view these angles correctly is essential. Also, ensure you know whether you are installing them indoors and outdoors. It will help you determine the camera to buy.

3. The location of your power source

It is because all cameras require a power source to function. Some of them have rechargeable batteries that you can remove to charge and return when fully charged. It is vital because you must plug the cameras into a power source and know where the cables will go if the camera is outdoor.

4. Privacy

Security cameras come with inbuilt storage, and others store their data in the cloud. It means over the internet, and other people can view this information. When choosing a camera, ensure the company is trustworthy that has good security features.

5. Budget

Home security cameras can be costly depending on the type you want to buy. It also depends on installing your entire house with the security system and how big the place is. If you require multiple cameras, the cost also increases. It comes along with the installation costs unless you are installing yourself.

Tips to Maintain Home Security Systems

Though security systems are not foolproof, error-free, or indestructible, A large portion of the American citizen is investing in them, with the belief that a sound quality security system can keep their family safe. Indeed, it can ensure safety, but you have to provide maintenance on time to keep them properly functioning. Besides scheduled maintenance, you can follow some simple tips to keep your security system in top-notch working condition.

Update and inspection of software and tools:

If something happens in your absence, your security system can only inform you if it's working correctly. So, make sure you are inspecting your security tools regularly and updating the required software.

Inspect Security Signals and Sensors

Make sure doors, windows, and outdoor lighting associate with your security system and working correctly. If batteries are fully charged and the sensors are in good condition, your security system should work fine. Also, don't forget to check your control panel to make sure everything is working well.

Check your camera placement:

To have 360-degree protection, always check the position of your cameras.

  • Working properly
  • in its proper place
  • producing a clear image
  • capturing the whole area without creating a blind spot

You can take the help of help of the residential contractor to place your cameras properly.

Additional tips:

You can take additional steps to enhance your home's safety that isn't related to your home security system. At the time of maintenance, inspect your gas lines and fire extinguishers. To avoid fire hazards, remove lint and dust around your dryer and washer.

Hopefully, these simple steps can help.

It is easier to learn and understand the camera you want for your home to suit your needs with these steps. Always ensure you have a security plan and help from a professional to guide you in the installation and to find the blind spots in your home.