The Best Security Cameras

In modern times, as the number of crimes is increasing installing security cameras could be one of the best ways to surveillance of your property in your home or office. Besides that security cameras make you feel much more secure and safe. In the event of any untoward incident, the security camera can capture it all as proof or evidence.

In this article, we are going to discuss different types of security cameras and the top brands available in the market that you may consider buying. In addition, we also provide you with some tips that you may follow to buy the best cameras that suit your requirements.  

Part 1. The Types of Security Cameras

1. Wireless Security Cameras

These cameras can transmit the audio and video signal to a remote wireless receiver through a radio frequency. It needs a power source but some of them are battery-powered making them truly wireless in the actual sense of the word.

2. Outdoor Security Cameras

Installing an outdoor camera can be the best way to keep a watch on your property. The good news is now there are some plug and play security cameras with HD resolution available in the market with customizable motion zones.

3. Indoor Security Cameras

Whether you want to keep an eye on your kids or want to keep a watch on your valuable and expansive items an indoor security camera is a great option. There are modern indoor security cameras in which you can watch a live or recorded video to know what’s going on in your home.

4. Monitored Security Cameras

These surveillance cameras can be installed anywhere like in a retail store to keep an eye on all the staff or in a hotel for the safety of the visitors. All the activities can be monitored on a high-resolution screen where you can see all the CCTV footage in one place.

5. Doorbell Cameras

These cameras can connect with the Wi-Fi network in your home and can be configured to send alerts or notifications when someone reaches your doorstep. Some of the doorbell cameras also provide a two-way communication facility and have motion-activated sensors for motion detection.

6. Floodlight Cameras

One of the most important features of these cameras is the presence of bright floodlights that can scare away potential intruders when they try to enter certain areas that have motion sensors.

Part 2. The Best Security Cameras

Let’s have a look at some of the popular brands of home security cameras and their features.

1. Floodlight Cam Wired Pro

You can install these cameras to keep an eye on your parking lot or yard. The Floodlight cameras provide an added security as they can scare away the intruders if they try to enter your house. It comes with two oval-shaped floodlights that can be adjusted to light up the right spot outside your house.


  • It has advanced security features that include 3D motion detection for Bird's Eye View.
  • It comes with a 2000 lumens flood light and 110db siren that helps keep the intruders stay away from your property.
  • It also includes Two-Way Audio talk, 1080p HD video, and color night vision.

2. Google Nest Cam IQ Indoor

The Google Nest Cam IQ Indoor captures high-quality images, sounds, and videos. Built-in Google assistant lets you manage your smart home. It is capable of sending instant alerts and notifications. You can watch the live videos by log in to your computer or on your phone by downloading the free nest app for iOS and Android supported devices.


  • It can very well recognize a person from a thing and have 12x auto-zoom functionality to track intruders.
  • It provides 24/7 live streaming and has a large viewing angle of 130 degrees with 1080p resolution.
  • It has a built-in Google assistant that you can use to manage and control your home security camera.

3. Arlo Pro 4

If you are looking for a wireless security camera that doesn’t take much time to set up with multiple cameras and provides excellent video quality then Arlo Pro 4 is one of the best options you can go for. It is battery operated so it doesn’t require any power cable that makes it truly wireless in the actual sense. The magnetic wall mount it has makes the installation process easy and fast.


  • It can record videos in high 2k resolution for a clean, undistorted picture.
  • The color night vision allows you to read license plates and other finer details even at night.
  • Provides smart alerts and notifications when it spots people, vehicles, and other stuff so that you can take quick action like to call the emergency services, sound the siren, etc.

4. Blink Camera

Blink camera has a sleek design and is compact in size. It can be installed anywhere inside or outside your home. Blink outdoor cameras are designed to be used anytime throughout the year. They have a good IP rating which means they are well protected against water and dust. This camera generally has a good shelf life so you can install your security device and forget the rest.


  • Blink outdoor cameras are weather-resistant and generally have a shelf life of up to 2 years.
  • Blink Home Monitor app lets you hear, see, and speak on your phone. It sends an instant alert to Blink App whenever motion is detected.
  • The camera can be integrated with Alexa so that you can watch live videos, record & play videos, get instant alerts by giving a voice command over Alexa.

5. Wyze Cam v3

The Wyze Cam v3 comes with some extra add-on features for outdoor surveillance as compared to its previous v2 version which was meant for indoor usage. It has night vision sensors to see in the dark and a built-in siren to stay away from intruders. A higher frame rate of the camera provides extra clarity in the recorded videos. 


  • Wyze app lets you control the camera remotely as well. It can rotate from left to right 360° and provides a tilt angle of up to 93° vertical.
  • It allows you to do motion & sound recording and provides a free cloud storage facility as well. You can also record on a MicroSD card (8GB, 16GB, or 32GB) that can be bought separately.
  • It accepts voice commands over Alexa and Google Assistant so that you can monitor your home or office. It is compatible with all Android mobile devices.

6. X-Sense Wi-Fi Spotlight Camera

This spotlight camera is one of its kind outdoor surveillance cameras. It illuminates the area when someone trips over its motion detection sensors. It is capable of capturing colorful and high-quality images and videos as compared to ordinary cameras as it illuminates the area where some motion or activity is detected.

x-sense outdoor security camera

X-Sense Outdoor Security Camera S21

  1. This camera has a built-in spotlight and 110 siren alarm that can be triggered manually or automatically to scare away any intruders. It comes with PIR sensors to avoid false alarms.
  2. It has an extra-wide 121° viewing angle to cover the maximum area for viewing. The pre-installed microphone and speaker lets you talk to visitors.
  3. Dual Band 2.4/5Ghz WiFi chipset has a long transmission range and WEP/WPA/WPA2 encryption.
  4. Supports voice command over Alexa and Google Assistant. Allows you to save alerts and videos on the cloud platform. Supports MicroSD card up to 128G, NRV/FTP is also supported.
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Part 3. Tips for when buying a security camera

Thinking of buying a security camera? Here are a few things you must consider before making your final move.

1. Video Resolution

One of the most important things to look for when buying security cameras is the camera resolution it has. The quality of the recorded video is determined by the resolution of the camera, the more the resolution clearer the pictures would be. Generally, most CCTV cameras provide a video resolution of at least 1080p that is considered good.

2. Field of View

Field of view or the maximum range of a camera is the area in which it can capture clear images of the object.  The Field of view is directly proportional to its focal length.  Greater the focal length of the camera more is the range of the camera.

3. Motion Detection

In certain scenarios, you may require to take some action when some suspicious activity (motion or sound) is detected around a certain area. Buying a CCTV camera having motion and audio sensors is the best option as they can send you alerts or notifications in case any such activity is recorded.

4. Night Vision

Some cameras also have infra-red sensors that can record any activity in the dark. In these cameras, Infra-Red LEDs are present on the sides of the lens and are capable of capturing any activity that takes place during the night.

5. Two-way audio

Some of the cameras like the doorbell cameras come with two way audio feature that allows you to communicate with the visitor at your doorstep. You can install a doorbell camera at your home to make it a smart home.

6. Pan and Tilt

If you are looking for a CCTV camera that can cover a large space with a 3D view then you must check for the pan and tilt of the camera. Pan is the maximum angle by which a camera can rotate horizontally whereas a tilt is the angle of motion in the vertical direction. Some of the best cameras in the market come with a pan of up to 360 degrees and provides a tilt of up to 90 degrees.

The type of camera you choose entirely depends upon your requirement. Like if it is required for indoor or outdoor surveillance, motion detection, extra features like voice control, and many other parameters.