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What is a Photoelectric Smoke Detector

By ClayboxXsense |

Photoelectric smoke detectors are smoke alarms fitted with sensors that can detect smoldering fires as soon as possible. When smoke particles from smoldering fires reach the sensor in the detector an alarm is triggered. They are better at detecting smoldering fires when compared to other detectors for the same purpose.

What is a Photoelectric Smoke Detector?

These types of smoke alarms are well known for their ability to detect smoldering fires within a shorter time frame compared to ionization detectors.  They are fitted with light-sensitive sensors and light-emitting diodes. When smoke particles enter the chamber in which the sensor and diode are fitted. Beams of light emitted from the diodes are deflected to the sensor which triggers an alarm.

How Does Photoelectric Smoke Detectors Work?

They are characterized by the ability to use beams of light and light sensors in fire detection. Photoelectric smoke alarms are manufactured with a chamber in which there are two compartments. The two compartments are fitted with an LED light sensor and a photosensor in the other. In the first compartment, the beams of light from the LED are shot across to the other end of the compartment in a straight line.

When smoke particles enter the first compartment they cause deflection of the beams of light into the second compartment. The light hits the photosensor and an alarm is triggered immediately.  That is basically how photoelectric smoke alarms work in detecting smoldering fires

Are Photoelectric Smoke Detectors Better?

Photoelectric smoke detectors are better at detecting smoldering fires. However, this may not be the case when it comes to fast flaming fires. Other sensors like the ionization and dual type sensors may be applicable in detecting other types of fires, or both for the dual-type detectors.

Comparison Between Photoelectric and Ionization Detectors

Other than photoelectric detectors we also have the dual sensor and ionization smoke alarms. The ionization alarms are fitted with a sensor technology with the ability to detect fast flaming fires. For the dual type of detectors, they are fitted with both types of sensors hence the ability to detect fast flaming and smoldering fires.

Photoelectric and ionization alarms can detect efficiently smoldering and fast flaming fires respectively. It is therefore recommended to invest in both types in your home or consider using the dual type of detector.

The Best Photoelectric Smoke Detector (X-Sense Smoke Alarms)

The X-Sense smoke alarm is one of the best photoelectric smoke detectors. This is attributed to the different features we shall look at. To begin with, it is fitted with sensors (electrochemical and photoelectric) that can detect smoldering fires and Carbon Monoxide. It, therefore, can detect fast flaming fire even though it may not be as efficient as the dual sensor type. It comes with a 10 years battery life.  It has a low battery alert alarm, a test button, LCD screen and LED detector lights. It can also be connected to an autodialer in your security system to send alerts to your phone irrespective of your location.